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2018-07-20 23:00:14 UTC

@everyone Since not everyone on here is very active, nor do we have a great sense of community on this server, I’ve decided to make this text server so that people may introduce themselves when they first enter the Discord.

So if you guys would, please write a paragraph or so describing yourself, divulging as much or as little information as you want, just so nobody on here is a total stranger.

2018-07-20 23:00:21 UTC

2018-07-20 23:00:37 UTC

Name Willy, got gecko

2018-07-20 23:01:23 UTC

@Willy that’s not a paragraph you autistic swine

2018-07-20 23:01:39 UTC


2018-07-20 23:02:57 UTC

I'm The Bartender over on Chaos 120. I like games, politics, and philosophy.

Currently enjoying Borderlands 2 having a healthy modding community, waiting for Postal 2 to download because it's $2 on Steam, and am a regular Johnny with several video game fever dreams scattered on Google Docs..

2018-07-20 23:03:05 UTC

Name Willy, got leopard gecko, leachie gecko, Central American banded gecko, Hainan cave gecko, crested gecko, Fowler’s toad, two guinea pigs, 4 cats.

2018-07-20 23:04:24 UTC

Don't feel comfortable using my real name so call me Trini.
I'm an amateur artist, and a bit of a weeb. I like some games(Mostly rhythm, fighting and god games)
Fave series are dragonball, sailor moon, lucifer and The Good Doctor
I mainly like mostly rock music. But I'll venture out to any genre that's not rap, hip hop, cuntry, or dubstep.
I draw some of the art Foster uses for his vids
I'm nicer than I appear

2018-07-20 23:05:21 UTC

Alright, alright... we already got some people lying in here... ok

2018-07-20 23:05:57 UTC


2018-07-20 23:06:58 UTC


2018-07-20 23:07:03 UTC

Hello I guess I enjoy video games and talking about politics.
I think I'm a good person who's very pro free speech and freedom of expression .
I call myself a centrist because i find that i'll agree with both the right and the left on a lot of things but if I was one or the other i'd say i'm more liberal.
Sweet dreams are made of memes.
Two bombs weren't enough, anime is trash.
Love Star Wars and DC stuff. Most well known for pissing off a popular Youtuber because i defended our good friend Pepe.
Hopefully going to start a Youtube channel in the future about with political stuff and/or video games.

2018-07-20 23:07:38 UTC

who was the youtuber?

2018-07-20 23:13:53 UTC

One of the members of the Yogscast

2018-07-20 23:14:03 UTC

One of the most prominent ones

2018-07-21 01:28:24 UTC

my name is fate, im 19 and ive already wasted my entire life. she/her, big science nerd who likes good grammar and cartoons. i like fantasy and cyberpunk and cats. im everyones mom/big sister basically and also a bitch i guess so uh, prepare for insults up the wazoo. i promise im not angry if i respond with 4 angry paragraphs about why you're wrong about x thing, that's just how i talk :3<

2018-07-21 03:58:44 UTC

I'm Silver, I'm 18.
I've been involved in Republican politics my entire life. I've recently turned to more of a libertarian aspect, but still vote Republican because, let's be honest, a Libertarian is never going to get elected. However, if a Republican is wrong, I'm not afraid to call them out.
I'm also a huge nerd. Anime, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and video games are my weaknesses
I started getting into anti-SJW channels in freshman year. I think the first one that I ever watched was Undoomed, and I only went downhill from there. Now I follow @Dick Daddy Foster's autistic ass.

2018-07-21 04:03:09 UTC

You're all my bitches and you love it!

2018-07-21 04:09:46 UTC


2018-07-21 19:19:45 UTC

I'm Galaxy, I'm [redacted] years old and I like to play video games and spend time messing around with cars.

2018-07-21 19:34:11 UTC

Holy shit I forgot you existed

2018-07-22 19:35:25 UTC

Hi, I'm King_Cholera and I'm an alcoholic.

2018-08-09 21:53:14 UTC

Hello, I am Louis XIV. I'm 22 years old and I am a right-wing reactionary that talks to Christian Traditionalists the most often. I also watch anime occasionally (which is deemed degenerate by the Traditionalists thanks to the huge amount of fanservice) and I am training myself to become an amateur music composer.

2018-08-09 21:55:01 UTC

I also love playing _Mario_ games.

2018-09-01 17:30:03 UTC

I am DrunkenSails, I am 19 and someone who has been in and out of this server before because I was being indecisive

2018-09-01 18:21:20 UTC

β€œWas”? Does that mean you’ve made a decision?

2018-09-01 18:30:24 UTC


2018-09-01 18:30:39 UTC

although I will stick around for a bit

2018-09-01 18:31:09 UTC

that is all I can guarentee

2018-09-01 19:08:46 UTC

Hopefully. I enjoy having you here.

2018-09-01 19:13:07 UTC

I am not the most active on here but hey I appreciate having my company enjoyed πŸ˜„

2018-09-04 19:54:09 UTC

I am bored

2018-09-04 19:54:31 UTC

Hello bored.

2018-09-04 19:56:33 UTC


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