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2019-02-18 07:00:09 UTC

i noticed the q'd trump tweet actually has high ranked responses by q army and maga

2019-02-18 07:00:23 UTC

not all anti trump shilling for pages and pages

2019-02-18 07:00:55 UTC

re: barr

2019-02-18 08:22:40 UTC

I noticed that too. I think the left is too busy cleaning their soiled panties πŸ’© to put out their queen bee sound bytes for the hive to pick up. Or the Twatter employees have been silenced. Or we defeated an algorithm. πŸ˜†

2019-02-18 08:24:35 UTC

mama, 2 things ...1 the code was never theirs to begin with...they just thought it was

2019-02-18 08:25:04 UTC

and 2nd thing is ....look in qanon documents chat

2019-02-18 08:25:13 UTC

i've been a bad puppy

2019-02-18 08:54:13 UTC


2019-02-18 08:55:00 UTC

I think Q is Darth Vader 😎

2019-02-18 09:24:05 UTC


2019-02-18 09:30:43 UTC

@LowLandsPete pete, in case u haven't noticed...Q posted

2019-02-18 12:10:30 UTC

Diane Feinstein should be in that CA diagram.

2019-02-18 12:54:41 UTC

Good morning @everyone. Have a great day

2019-02-18 14:35:02 UTC

fyi: the search for all 8chan qresearch posts is moved to its own domain: https://qresear.ch

2019-02-18 16:16:28 UTC

Oh my god Q has posted so much

2019-02-18 16:36:19 UTC

more Q!

2019-02-18 16:37:19 UTC

@ResignationAnon That is a great link for specific word search. It saves a ton of time and eyewash. πŸ™‚

2019-02-18 16:40:37 UTC

It has became obvious that McCabe will be the first one behind bars

2019-02-18 19:08:38 UTC

Not sure where I found this, if already in here, let me know . Brings Q into the conversation.... totally supports Q. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhOFtKhIxH4&feature=youtu.be

2019-02-18 19:59:55 UTC

from @Annonmomm tweet https://t.co/yh4j2ep8TV

2019-02-18 20:01:23 UTC

they've had 2 ports

2019-02-18 20:01:43 UTC

one in florida ...the other one they weren't supposed to have...long beach

2019-02-18 20:02:11 UTC

long beach for the time i was in the military was a military use only port...

2019-02-18 20:02:36 UTC

i only found out after 9/11 they started to use it for non military

2019-02-18 20:03:10 UTC

it was where most of the navy ships on the west coast go to re-arm

2019-02-18 20:23:05 UTC

Whenever Q posts especially with lots of proofs that nathan guy from lift the veil does a twitch live stream attacking Q and the community basically I just went in there trolling hard.

2019-02-18 20:32:37 UTC

@Bleezer - Thank You for speaking up on this. If more people would point this type of stuff out new folks coming along might night get as fooled as they have been with obscure ytbe videos. Thanks again Bleez.

2019-02-18 20:33:09 UTC


2019-02-18 20:34:50 UTC

Same applies for Ytbe vids ☝claiming to be pro maga and Q savvy... this is a war.

2019-02-18 20:37:31 UTC

only defense against them shills is - show me the sauce

2019-02-18 20:38:07 UTC

so unless they have sauce on hand..its only shilly science or some weird theory

2019-02-18 20:38:40 UTC

Ya lift the veil always been controlled op. I think hes Mossad

2019-02-18 20:38:44 UTC

not all the theories i deduce have sauce behind them...but eventually the sauce shows up without me even looking for it

2019-02-18 20:40:41 UTC

u could say i could smell patterns forming

2019-02-18 20:41:58 UTC

You a trumpet player Woof?

2019-02-18 20:43:48 UTC

no, was forced to play violin

2019-02-18 20:44:03 UTC

but i do get ur meaning

2019-02-18 20:45:27 UTC


2019-02-18 20:50:08 UTC

post 9/11 i saved some former neighbors from their burning apartment ...i even put out the fire for them with a garden hose

2019-02-18 20:50:28 UTC

my own garden hose and water

2019-02-18 20:51:31 UTC

race, religion, gender, sexual identity didn't matter at that point....there was ppl in danger and needed saving

2019-02-18 20:58:38 UTC

@LowLandsPete - take a close look at that latest drop 2793 - that is pretty well saying, "get ready" to me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_cross-ownership_in_the_United_States

2019-02-18 21:01:06 UTC

scary stuff

2019-02-18 21:03:15 UTC

its from the next Q post incase ur wondering

2019-02-18 21:08:01 UTC


2019-02-18 21:09:15 UTC

2 corinthians walk into a bar

2019-02-18 21:20:03 UTC

Q posting like crazy.

2019-02-18 21:21:05 UTC

yep....have to keep reminding the mods and researchers to keep up with the Q posts

2019-02-18 21:21:44 UTC


2019-02-18 21:26:07 UTC

we got pics too

2019-02-18 21:26:26 UTC

the next post....again

2019-02-18 21:30:41 UTC

bot is acting up won't let me post

2019-02-18 21:31:07 UTC

I can post. are you able to add graphic links so pic can be enlarged?

2019-02-18 21:31:30 UTC

i'll try

2019-02-18 21:32:07 UTC

If not, i can add. Thanks for posting Q drops. πŸ‘

2019-02-18 21:33:47 UTC

ok, i'm going to dm u 2 an invite to a working bot

2019-02-18 21:34:20 UTC

clyde the bot is not letting me post if you could take over that would be great πŸ•΅πŸΌ @lmbd

2019-02-18 21:34:24 UTC


2019-02-18 21:35:09 UTC

trying from another link to get last part of that drop

2019-02-18 21:35:15 UTC

mama has access to this server i gave u 2 invites to

2019-02-18 21:35:46 UTC

at the time i didn't know she had access as well when i got on it

2019-02-18 21:36:52 UTC

but i got access to 2 other servers that have way better bots for Q drops but they don't allow ppl in unless they want them in themselves after checking them out first off their servers

2019-02-18 21:37:17 UTC

Q is unloading

2019-02-18 21:37:30 UTC

Q is exhaling

2019-02-18 21:38:03 UTC

unless Q is talking about msm, then Q is taking a dump

2019-02-18 21:38:28 UTC


2019-02-18 21:39:28 UTC

@lmbd @LowLandsPete - sure would be interesting to see if Halper or Simpson just happened to be staying at the Royal Horseguard at the same time as the 2 Corinths

2019-02-18 21:41:02 UTC

"This is the case with Halper, who is now proven to be a spy, possibly with (Australian Ambassador) Alexander Downer” who her husband met with in London."

2019-02-18 21:41:31 UTC

you could be right @Irshmun

2019-02-18 21:42:25 UTC

everybody has access to everybody else's 'networks'

2019-02-18 21:42:55 UTC

Just a Q uery.... away from the Ministry of Defense.

2019-02-18 21:43:04 UTC

it's just the level of security on them that protects them from novice networkers vs advanced access networkers

2019-02-18 21:44:35 UTC

it's 5eyes working/colluding as a team

2019-02-18 21:44:49 UTC

it's live

2019-02-18 21:46:11 UTC
2019-02-18 21:46:22 UTC

Which post are you on?

2019-02-18 21:52:00 UTC

If you mean which Q drop link: https://qanon.pub/ is the one I had the warning from for the last pic of # 2798 But, I was able to access it shortly after.

2019-02-18 21:52:31 UTC

same here πŸ‘†πŸΌ

2019-02-18 21:54:18 UTC

mirrors tend to take longer to load depending on the load on the servers

2019-02-18 21:55:16 UTC

basically the last 1/2 dozen posts was Q trolling the ds/cabal

2019-02-18 22:01:02 UTC
2019-02-18 22:03:09 UTC

Good luck with that☝️ whole darn QArmy is watching.... these people are stupid.

2019-02-18 22:25:32 UTC

Thanks for POTUS speech link. That was so good!

2019-02-18 22:30:00 UTC

@lmbd I only meant which q drop #. Usually I get warnings or no access due to level of traffic at that moment.

2019-02-18 23:29:14 UTC

the 8chan research search is getting updated massively: new domain (https://qresear.ch), new layout, search through 8chan posts AND resignations at once, ... https://qresear.ch/beta

2019-02-19 01:16:53 UTC
2019-02-19 01:22:27 UTC


2019-02-19 01:23:19 UTC

Connection of Corinthia hotels and Clinton crisis actors (tripoli 2015)

2019-02-19 01:25:02 UTC

Connection to benghazi?

2019-02-19 01:25:05 UTC

Still digging

2019-02-19 01:29:08 UTC

Omg Possible connection to betting on 9-11 real life snuff film

2019-02-19 01:36:16 UTC

United States Marine Field McConnell
Plum City Online – (AbelDanger.net)
September 12, 2016
1. Abel Danger (AD) claims that MI6 agents with the brothers James and Peter Comey have been using β€˜jockey boy’ laws to blackmail leaders of sovereign states who have bought diplomatic immunity from the US Department of Justice for the right to abuse children pimped through elite, international hotel chains.
2. AD claims that Serco equipped Clinton Foundation pay-to-play donors with 8(a) servers which allegedly allowed MI6 and Comey agents to track jockey-boy blackmail victims through the β€˜first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history’ in Zulu time on 9/11.
3. AD claims that Boeing aircraft were hacked on 9/11 by MI6 agents and Bin Laden pimps out of the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Malta; an elite hotel opened in 1968 by HRH Prince Philip, the former Grand Master of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators on 9/11.
4. United States Marine Field McConnell can explain to Donald Trump how to dismantle the Serco 8(a) server network; prosecute the principals of the pimp-hotel jockey-boy trade and restore the ability of a president to defend America against all enemies domestic and foreign.

2019-02-19 01:52:04 UTC

A lot of you probably know about this. Red Sparrow/James Bond/Corithia hotel connection

2019-02-19 01:56:16 UTC

Anon's digging from May of last year.

2019-02-19 01:56:27 UTC


2019-02-19 02:02:20 UTC

Among the famous guests of Corinthia Hotel London: BeyoncΓ© and Jay-Z, George Clooney, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West.

2019-02-19 03:49:29 UTC
2019-02-19 04:48:25 UTC

Sup Patriots!!!

2019-02-19 04:50:26 UTC

Q very busy. Says declass of OIG report. Proof of treason, sedition and subversion activities. Rod is out or soon to be out by March. Seems it always happens faster.

2019-02-19 04:50:42 UTC

Good night.

2019-02-19 04:52:37 UTC
2019-02-19 06:45:21 UTC

imho, they should forgive all college debt...considering the fact they untrained all the ppl currently in debt with them from logical reasoning

2019-02-19 07:44:58 UTC

ok, wheres the new ipot

2019-02-19 09:07:14 UTC

SGT report has fallen of the globe of reason

2019-02-19 09:09:10 UTC

ya think

2019-02-19 09:09:34 UTC

sgt started to smell month ago...

2019-02-19 09:10:05 UTC

started doing more and more interactions instead of proof attempts

2019-02-19 09:10:31 UTC

yeah well his latest post putts the nail in it.

2019-02-19 09:11:05 UTC

black pigeon speaks was more red pilled than sgt is now

2019-02-19 09:11:37 UTC

bps plays the middle...but is slowly seeing the narrative for what it is

2019-02-19 09:11:49 UTC

He's not hiding his allegiance (bps)

2019-02-19 09:12:19 UTC

bps is trying to stay in the middle..

2019-02-19 09:13:01 UTC

but apparently somebody needs to inform him of it's not middle between dem/gop...it's middle between good/evil and truth/lies

2019-02-19 09:13:26 UTC

bps streams out of japan

2019-02-19 09:15:44 UTC

I know, he's part of a think tank lobby group most of it is good but he has an agenda.

2019-02-19 09:16:53 UTC

no problem when your open about it and he is so you can take his opinion on face value .. not the case with Gold and Silver ✑ SGT report.

2019-02-19 09:19:13 UTC

his new group has an agenda

2019-02-19 09:19:58 UTC

those that stay home and research for money...isn't the same as those that work and do research at home for pure truth

2019-02-19 09:20:27 UTC


2019-02-19 09:23:48 UTC

follow the money usually tells a lot.. in the case of SGT it's pretty obvious where it leads and BPS isn't hiding his intentions that's the difference. "intent"

2019-02-19 09:24:04 UTC

at least dustin is trying to be a farmer

2019-02-19 09:24:14 UTC

on a boat?

2019-02-19 09:24:31 UTC

well he was trying to go off grid til the move to a boat

2019-02-19 09:24:56 UTC

he could farm kelp

2019-02-19 09:25:13 UTC

i don't know why he's on a boat....i only know it's a friend's boat

2019-02-19 09:36:33 UTC

ok, sgt went off the deep end.....he's doing a flat earth vid

2019-02-19 09:36:56 UTC

thats what 'm sayng chief

2019-02-19 09:36:58 UTC

his feb 19th 2019

2019-02-19 09:37:01 UTC


2019-02-19 09:37:44 UTC

he says in the beginning 'this will be the video that destroy's my yt channel'

2019-02-19 09:38:17 UTC

i pasted it over in the flat earth theory incase anybody is wondering while we're discussing this

2019-02-19 09:38:54 UTC

thats a tactic to claim credit .. he'll say see they ban demonetize so its true

2019-02-19 09:39:00 UTC

the weird thing is alot of the early flat earth researchers...later went on to do mud floods

2019-02-19 09:39:33 UTC

and majority of the mud floods theories ...can't be in a flat earth realm of thinking

2019-02-19 09:40:11 UTC


2019-02-19 09:40:21 UTC

yt demonetizes now because they mostly don't have the money anymore

2019-02-19 09:40:29 UTC

hollow earth

2019-02-19 09:41:12 UTC

Youtube does what the advertisers want

2019-02-19 09:41:33 UTC

the server space isn't free

2019-02-19 09:41:37 UTC

wondering how long til they discuss the fact that every space optical observatory in the world is own by the catholic church in rome

2019-02-19 09:42:02 UTC

Youtube was a lot better before the monetization came in

2019-02-19 09:42:12 UTC

ya...i remember that then

2019-02-19 09:42:17 UTC


2019-02-19 09:44:19 UTC

i'm mostly unemployed...if i'm lucky i might get an odd job once in a blue moon...waiting for warmer weather so i can clear out the scrap in my yard

2019-02-19 09:45:54 UTC

it's becoming a problem with the Q tubers, some of them also are claiming bans and sub suppression but the truth is the more Q tubers the less potential views .. iPod is "stealing" a lot of views because of the way he presents it.. and then others start to cry Youtube is banning me booohoo KEK

2019-02-19 09:46:13 UTC

my ad block shows me how much ads they have listed on their vids

2019-02-19 09:46:50 UTC

if a vid goes missing..yt actually tells u who and why it was removed most of the time if yt removed it

2019-02-19 09:47:10 UTC

other wise it would say vid removed by user...

2019-02-19 09:47:24 UTC


2019-02-19 09:47:30 UTC


2019-02-19 09:47:55 UTC

sadly most people don't check the numbers

2019-02-19 09:47:56 UTC

also some vids that have heavy censoring...don't have suggested items in the side bar and blocked comments/live chat areas

2019-02-19 09:48:43 UTC

these ppl think we're stupid....they're the ones stupid to think that....we've been around long before they started their censorship bs

2019-02-19 09:50:50 UTC

The current climate surrounding conspiracy is "blacklist them" so that's what they do and still we find a way to share and spread the truth. They are stupid indeed.. Revenge of the nerds is real.

2019-02-19 09:51:44 UTC

quote from the movie - 'jocks only think about sports, nerds only think about sex'

2019-02-19 09:52:01 UTC

til u piss off a nerd

2019-02-19 09:52:27 UTC

and you get doxed

2019-02-19 09:52:39 UTC

i don't consider myself a nerd...i'm just a geek

2019-02-19 09:52:58 UTC

nerds make money

2019-02-19 09:53:06 UTC

I'm from the wizkid age

2019-02-19 09:53:39 UTC

i'm from the age where space battles was the only video game in existence

2019-02-19 09:54:18 UTC

ppl call it asteroids after atari made their version a decade later

2019-02-19 09:54:43 UTC


2019-02-19 09:54:53 UTC

i'm pre that

2019-02-19 09:55:07 UTC

that's where i learned to code

2019-02-19 09:55:16 UTC

c128 was the only 'pc' i ever bought pre built

2019-02-19 09:55:35 UTC

every pc before it and after it i built myself

2019-02-19 09:56:01 UTC

my first build was an ibm-intel/apple cross bred

2019-02-19 09:56:07 UTC

my own design

2019-02-19 09:56:15 UTC


2019-02-19 09:56:44 UTC

u know ur old skool when ur first pc required soldering iron to build it

2019-02-19 09:57:21 UTC

weird thing is i took classes in fortran and cobal after i built it

2019-02-19 09:57:53 UTC

i was just using logic probes to make pc gear with before that...didn't know the code except for some cp/m

2019-02-19 09:58:53 UTC

i put in a math co-processor into the build....they didn't have one i liked in the intel version ...so i used one from the apple side

2019-02-19 09:59:11 UTC

took it from a hand-held translator

2019-02-19 09:59:33 UTC

i got from a yard sale(used to have mall sized yard sales here)

2019-02-19 10:00:02 UTC

Humanity has a new breed of human "the nerd" biggest game changer for humanity since the wheel.

2019-02-19 10:00:21 UTC

they're convert 1/2 of the mall's parking lot into a super yard sale for ppl to rent spots to have their own yard sales in

2019-02-19 10:00:41 UTC

the nerd was always there

2019-02-19 10:01:02 UTC

There is a 1-1 chance a nerd will cause the apocalypse

2019-02-19 10:01:28 UTC

inventing things that were popular was a way to get laid when the hunter/gatherer got killed off by some odd creature and had a woman free'd up that was safer in the long run

2019-02-19 10:02:06 UTC

an un-sexxed nerd will cause it

2019-02-19 10:02:22 UTC

"by some odd creature" (woman?)

2019-02-19 10:02:39 UTC

animals the hunter was hunting

2019-02-19 10:03:11 UTC

about 1/3 to 1/2 of the hunters/gatherers were killed off by their prey

2019-02-19 10:03:23 UTC

otherwise the nerds couldn't reproduce

2019-02-19 10:03:50 UTC

the nerds invented the weapons for the hunters

2019-02-19 10:03:59 UTC

Nerds are risk avoiders

2019-02-19 10:04:23 UTC

they first invented them to keep the hunters from harming them

2019-02-19 10:05:03 UTC

we'd still be naked in warm areas if it wasn't for nerds

2019-02-19 10:05:49 UTC

they figured out how to farm, fish, hunt with tools/weapons and clothe others

2019-02-19 10:06:41 UTC

and now "they" gave nerds the internet......

2019-02-19 10:06:49 UTC


2019-02-19 10:07:01 UTC


2019-02-19 10:07:18 UTC

well the nerds created the internet

2019-02-19 10:07:25 UTC

for the jocks

2019-02-19 10:07:29 UTC

yeah true that

2019-02-19 10:07:36 UTC


2019-02-19 10:07:41 UTC

but the nerds control it

2019-02-19 10:08:18 UTC

Bill from IT has more power then the CEO

2019-02-19 10:08:18 UTC

ok, got a new term for libtards - informatis declined

2019-02-19 10:08:50 UTC

kinda like mechanically declined and socially declined

2019-02-19 10:09:08 UTC

computer says no

2019-02-19 10:09:15 UTC

libtards are also truth declined

2019-02-19 10:09:34 UTC

and free though declined

2019-02-19 10:10:56 UTC

at this current point in time, saying ur 'college educated' means ur mentally programmed to think media is truth while honest observation is lies

2019-02-19 10:12:10 UTC

it's social subjection of their minds from free thinker to slave minded

2019-02-19 13:12:18 UTC

I'm no fashion maven but rather peculiar that the recent footage released would find RBG sporting the exact same attire ( coat, scarf, glasses, pants... right down to the similar pitter patter of those tiny clog heels ) that she sported one year ago in this tmz video. Realizing that people are sometimes "creatures" of habit... but very curious indeed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mckBuqdH6xI

2019-02-19 13:16:46 UTC

Pretty Sure it's a fake. Look at earlier Videos, her shoulders drooped forward more, from curve of the spine.

2019-02-19 13:18:06 UTC

agreed... the one just above you is from 2018 - there was one posted in here yesterday dated 2/18/19 - comparing/contrasting the two.

2019-02-19 13:23:14 UTC

I know her reply on 2019 TMZ was very brief, but is it possible to do a voice pattern recognition?

2019-02-19 13:25:34 UTC

that last video is the april 2018 one

2019-02-19 13:26:24 UTC


2019-02-19 13:26:49 UTC

this is the new one

2019-02-19 13:27:01 UTC

correct... I'm not nearly her age - but if I just underwent the reported medical care she went through - by God I'd be asking for a wheel chair and a more secured exit.

2019-02-19 13:29:18 UTC

ya, i would have believed it if she was in a wheelchair

2019-02-19 13:34:35 UTC

@lmbd - listen to her foot steps in both vids... nearly an exact match. One would think that they would be different even if wearing the same shoes after lengthy medical treatment. This would take OCD to an entirely different level. Lucky coat, lucky scarf, lucky pants, lucky shoes.... mathematically improbable? "coincidence"?

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