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2018-02-16 07:32:09 UTC

2018-02-16 07:32:14 UTC

welcome to being ancient siwolf

2018-02-16 07:32:23 UTC

jess, i spent my last 2k on this pc about 5yrs ago. i'm basically unemployed with no benifits, and not even on welfare

2018-02-16 07:32:34 UTC

Ah I have an avatar

2018-02-16 07:32:38 UTC

@Wackywim i love me some overseas Q. Whats the deal over there? Waking up?

2018-02-16 07:32:39 UTC

but it's a pc i built

2018-02-16 07:32:40 UTC

Been following Q since sep or nov

2018-02-16 07:32:41 UTC

so fix it

2018-02-16 07:32:51 UTC


2018-02-16 07:33:00 UTC

it's working fine, no reason to fix it

2018-02-16 07:33:11 UTC

no fix you

2018-02-16 07:33:16 UTC

@drp0744 indeed waking up now

2018-02-16 07:33:18 UTC

I'm impressed how many 30+ paying attention to Q

2018-02-16 07:33:27 UTC

you know how so do it

2018-02-16 07:33:43 UTC

how so @midge.betts ?

2018-02-16 07:33:52 UTC

shit I was 56when I became a medic

2018-02-16 07:33:53 UTC

New to this checking it out

2018-02-16 07:33:58 UTC


2018-02-16 07:34:08 UTC

back in 97, my first isp said unlimited internet, so i explored to see how unlimited it was, i shortly found the scene(where most of u get torrents from)

2018-02-16 07:34:39 UTC

97 was a good year!

2018-02-16 07:34:49 UTC

it was called the warez scene back in the days

2018-02-16 07:34:57 UTC

Hoping for Some kind of great awakening in Europe

2018-02-16 07:35:10 UTC

Most chats i go on favor a younger crowd.

2018-02-16 07:35:11 UTC

I died in 97

2018-02-16 07:35:11 UTC

I don't remember torrents until about 2002

2018-02-16 07:35:17 UTC

2018-02-16 07:35:18 UTC

ya about 88 to 2006 was the best time to visit europe, then it went down hill after that

2018-02-16 07:35:28 UTC

EU IS up after Asia

2018-02-16 07:35:29 UTC

@Wackywim I'm hoping for a great awakening around the whole planet

2018-02-16 07:35:48 UTC

Amen to that brother @jefferysanderson

2018-02-16 07:35:50 UTC

listen to the song

2018-02-16 07:36:03 UTC

UK and EU are last

2018-02-16 07:36:11 UTC

i did ngs, then ftp, then top sites, then after few yrs on anon ftp went to torrents.

2018-02-16 07:36:16 UTC

I lived in spain and italy from 08-10 and it was so beautiful. I get so sad when i see videos of Europe now

2018-02-16 07:36:18 UTC

be well patriots; looking forward to dissecting q posts with you all; until then...peace

2018-02-16 07:36:39 UTC


2018-02-16 07:36:48 UTC

Peace brother @southernpatriots

2018-02-16 07:36:49 UTC

one by one we will raise hell

2018-02-16 07:37:00 UTC

friend gave me invite to an invite only hidden torrent site, been there ever since.

2018-02-16 07:37:03 UTC

Love me some patriots

2018-02-16 07:37:04 UTC

Good night all...12:33 AM here

2018-02-16 07:37:13 UTC


2018-02-16 07:37:34 UTC

well friend gave me 2 site invites, i chose one, yrs later the other one got raided so i'm still happy with the one i chose

2018-02-16 07:37:44 UTC

Sirwoof what is a hidden torrent

2018-02-16 07:37:53 UTC

which sites?

2018-02-16 07:37:57 UTC

encrytped one

2018-02-16 07:38:05 UTC

It sounds dark web

2018-02-16 07:38:16 UTC

its grey web

2018-02-16 07:38:18 UTC

I think I may have one but not sure its been many years

2018-02-16 07:38:20 UTC

I am on border of AZ and CA. Time zone confusion lol

2018-02-16 07:38:37 UTC

Sirwoof. What is the advantage of a grey web

2018-02-16 07:38:50 UTC

they just do legal stuff on it, no crap like pedo

2018-02-16 07:39:13 UTC

Sirwoof. Legal. Movies and software though

2018-02-16 07:39:14 UTC

avoid tor at all costs

2018-02-16 07:39:18 UTC

But then time shifts have been strange also

2018-02-16 07:39:33 UTC

freenet is barely secure..good for some searching stuff

2018-02-16 07:39:59 UTC

I know the dark web is off limits. The government has everything. Personal experience

2018-02-16 07:40:19 UTC

theres a few dark web sources on it for information, or finding ways to access it. but i'd avoid it unless u got dozens of procies to bounce thru

2018-02-16 07:40:30 UTC


2018-02-16 07:40:42 UTC

I used a torrent or onion to get a LEGAL shared concert and that was seen.

2018-02-16 07:40:43 UTC

free is just aother word for nothing legt to loose nothin aint worh noting but its free

2018-02-16 07:40:55 UTC


2018-02-16 07:41:03 UTC

i use it to collect my tv shows mostly

2018-02-16 07:41:07 UTC

I am mostly out of software now.

2018-02-16 07:41:10 UTC

So true @jess

2018-02-16 07:41:15 UTC

Ill find the song

2018-02-16 07:41:25 UTC

I don't do that stuff. I used to make games.

2018-02-16 07:41:32 UTC

Janis Bobby mcgee

2018-02-16 07:41:49 UTC

Then all tech was shared with company etc. Job to be a part of tech.

2018-02-16 07:42:18 UTC

general note - when something is free, it means they have free access to u when ever they want to.

2018-02-16 07:42:35 UTC

Future I will get tech for a film

2018-02-16 07:42:51 UTC


2018-02-16 07:43:03 UTC

2018-02-16 07:43:04 UTC

future i'll hit the lottery and finally get laid after 10yrs of avoiding women

2018-02-16 07:43:10 UTC

Sorry just testing this is new to me

2018-02-16 07:43:21 UTC

fredom isnt free

2018-02-16 07:43:27 UTC

I have everything I own, my adult autistic son and cat in a 40 year old RV. We are getting set to hit the road this summer.

2018-02-16 07:43:31 UTC

freedom is earned

2018-02-16 07:43:45 UTC

it takes us all to be awre

2018-02-16 07:43:53 UTC

Sirwoof the lottery?

2018-02-16 07:44:03 UTC

ya, patrick

2018-02-16 07:44:06 UTC

2018-02-16 07:44:21 UTC

semms we are there

2018-02-16 07:44:26 UTC

Okay. My wishes for that

2018-02-16 07:44:28 UTC

One request folks.

2018-02-16 07:44:31 UTC

2018-02-16 07:44:35 UTC

You can't be free until you are along to lose everything including your life for what you believe.

2018-02-16 07:44:43 UTC

i always ask people to spread my videos links etc. But also please take a chance to spread this channel for people

2018-02-16 07:44:50 UTC

seems sory bad typos

2018-02-16 07:44:59 UTC


2018-02-16 07:45:09 UTC

2018-02-16 07:45:19 UTC

well i did offer it to a few friends i have here on discord, dustin. but they went to sleep

2018-02-16 07:45:29 UTC

Sorry just testing.. a wash of colot

2018-02-16 07:45:32 UTC

we are lerning from old to new

2018-02-16 07:45:40 UTC

2018-02-16 07:45:40 UTC

if you're in this, you're part of the truther community, I hope everyone will consider this responsibility and duty to be somewhat respectable and a good ambassador for the truth cause

2018-02-16 07:46:15 UTC

Will do @Dustin Nemos

2018-02-16 07:46:15 UTC

I will be monitoring for abuse and spam

2018-02-16 07:46:16 UTC

young to old

2018-02-16 07:46:18 UTC

2018-02-16 07:46:21 UTC

well i can do sarcastic truth too..my mom raised me on it.

2018-02-16 07:46:37 UTC

Nothin wrong with makin people laugh

2018-02-16 07:46:41 UTC

its the most effective tool the truther has.

2018-02-16 07:46:44 UTC

wecome we will also be monorting you

2018-02-16 07:46:53 UTC

Dustin please forgive this whole platform is new tech for me. I am behind with some things including steemit

2018-02-16 07:47:06 UTC

Ahhh sarcasm can be very useful at times.

2018-02-16 07:47:06 UTC

Dustin I know I will! Also thanks for the awesome videos keeping me up all night today!

2018-02-16 07:47:08 UTC

no worries, we will all learn at our pace and this channel is meant to be a tool for it

2018-02-16 07:47:09 UTC


2018-02-16 07:47:13 UTC

Eyes everywhere 😶

2018-02-16 07:47:15 UTC

same here Patrick

2018-02-16 07:47:24 UTC

try to keep the main channel related to actual politics and Q and news

2018-02-16 07:47:27 UTC

Hi jess

2018-02-16 07:47:41 UTC

and use the offtopic channels etc for other stuff, if you think there is a need for another channel let me know i can add rooms

2018-02-16 07:47:45 UTC

how many dems does it take to screw in a light bulb?

2018-02-16 07:47:49 UTC

hi Parik

2018-02-16 07:47:57 UTC

I will admit color splashes are addictive. Pretty cool

2018-02-16 07:47:59 UTC

Just joined the board after following the link from YouTube. Thank you Justin for helping me out with the red pill experience.

2018-02-16 07:48:00 UTC

none, they hire a migrant to do it

2018-02-16 07:48:04 UTC

all of them

2018-02-16 07:48:05 UTC

Q said stay safe this week, does that mean he won't be back for a week?

2018-02-16 07:48:09 UTC

Oops just registered. About to call it a night.

2018-02-16 07:48:25 UTC

lmao wolf good onr

2018-02-16 07:48:38 UTC


2018-02-16 07:48:49 UTC

I have to say there are some real danger signs like I haven't seen before.

2018-02-16 07:49:06 UTC

actually, there was a survey a while back about milenials and it turned out that 6 of 10 of them could not replace a light bulb

2018-02-16 07:49:08 UTC

2018-02-16 07:49:10 UTC

I learned of "gang"stalking

2018-02-16 07:49:22 UTC

agreed, funny I find it in old songs though

2018-02-16 07:49:24 UTC

I think this week with the NSA thing and the shooting Q just means the week isn’t over yet so stay safe because anything can happen

2018-02-16 07:49:34 UTC

Also this "b" attack ..issue

2018-02-16 07:49:42 UTC

Hey friends and best wishes from germany

2018-02-16 07:49:43 UTC

Ok thanks drp

2018-02-16 07:50:08 UTC

Chasmata what part of Genrmany

2018-02-16 07:50:20 UTC

Woooo Germany!!! Merkel is next

2018-02-16 07:50:33 UTC

note to ppl here in the future, if u walk softly, don't walk up to a few cops after a gun related event and ask them something, u might surprise them and get shot

2018-02-16 07:50:36 UTC

yes ofa course I am old and in Canada what safer place these days than Canada?

2018-02-16 07:50:37 UTC

thüringen, i hope that merkel are the next

2018-02-16 07:50:39 UTC

I have some potential travel there this year Berlin

2018-02-16 07:51:07 UTC

be careful of Berlin

2018-02-16 07:51:16 UTC

@jess is it know there that the PM is Castros son?

2018-02-16 07:51:30 UTC

I visited a friend and on was msnbc I got nauseous

2018-02-16 07:51:32 UTC

Here's a GREAT PROOF for red pilling folks about controlled media message. https://youtu.be/eHDDQVZ-A98

2018-02-16 07:51:43 UTC

I worried about my daughytrs hoeymoon she got home safe

2018-02-16 07:51:54 UTC

oh right, canada, the country north of most of us that wants to invite in isis and legalize sharia law

2018-02-16 07:52:00 UTC

Chasmata I may be in Berlin for over 6 mos.

2018-02-16 07:52:11 UTC

and the liberals are ok with it up there too

2018-02-16 07:52:13 UTC

I live near the middle from germany. In the green heart thuringia

2018-02-16 07:52:37 UTC

Chasmata Berlin is it recommended?

2018-02-16 07:52:43 UTC

2018-02-16 07:52:46 UTC

Did I make a mistake?

2018-02-16 07:53:01 UTC

sorry sirwolf W the people were never asked.

2018-02-16 07:53:10 UTC

right now, i wouldn't go to eu unless i had the legal right to carry a gun for self defense

2018-02-16 07:53:37 UTC

Patrick. Berlin are ok but i wont to make long journeys next time. bad people are at my foots...

2018-02-16 07:53:39 UTC

It is for art. My friend lost his life so I wanted to honor him. He never made it back.

2018-02-16 07:53:50 UTC

yes the libtards are up here to

2018-02-16 07:53:56 UTC

Chasmata explain?

2018-02-16 07:54:02 UTC

Bad people?

2018-02-16 07:54:31 UTC

a very long story, i friend death and i never hear the true but he diet after he warn me

2018-02-16 07:54:46 UTC

jess, a few non libs asked me few weeks back about this topic and i said, get green card to usa, sell everything after u get it, move to texas and don't stop anywhere

2018-02-16 07:54:50 UTC

the offiziell stopry are a asthma anfall

2018-02-16 07:54:58 UTC

Sirwoof yes I understand. The Army knows about it. It's been known for a bit.

2018-02-16 07:55:03 UTC

Patrick i think you made a mistake

2018-02-16 07:55:16 UTC

but i had 3 audios that i must got or mor people at my near ...

2018-02-16 07:55:37 UTC

Dro0744 what mistakr?

2018-02-16 07:55:46 UTC

I am going tonfightforthegret white north

2018-02-16 07:55:50 UTC

Thoughts on QRogue / Kill_Rogue?

2018-02-16 07:55:50 UTC

Meaning Berlin?

2018-02-16 07:55:55 UTC

Sounds like Berlin is shady

2018-02-16 07:56:00 UTC

with all the stuff happing lately with libs gone wild, it reminds me of the "escape fron ny/la" movies

2018-02-16 07:56:04 UTC

I had a friend in college who was invited to a supposedly ex CIA agents house through mutual friends. He told them everything was bugged (they were asking him questions) so head to talk elsewhere. He told them a bunch of stuff which I can't recall and he said they told him the real parents of HRC and who killed Kennedy but he forgot (he was an international student) I couldn't believe it. Possible CIA secrets right at my finger tips and he forgot. Supposedly of course. I want to know what else they are hiding. MKUltra is too much for the masses.

2018-02-16 07:56:08 UTC

My friend does trying to return.

2018-02-16 07:56:10 UTC

2018-02-16 07:56:27 UTC

I will fight to joi the US

2018-02-16 07:56:42 UTC


2018-02-16 07:56:47 UTC

@Matty Q is definitely real. Is kill_rogue really his twitter or was that debunked?

2018-02-16 07:57:03 UTC

last i checked the hrc's real parents were coal miners

2018-02-16 07:57:04 UTC


2018-02-16 07:57:06 UTC

I don't think they are the same person

2018-02-16 07:57:25 UTC

I'm pretty sure they are not the same person.

2018-02-16 07:57:26 UTC

Drp yes I understand how Berlin appears. All I know is Army knows about it. Wouldn't send me there naked.

2018-02-16 07:57:34 UTC

well fire all cannons is me

2018-02-16 07:57:46 UTC

i think the twiiter is a relay account for q, but its not q on it

2018-02-16 07:58:05 UTC


2018-02-16 07:58:06 UTC

If QRogue and B hooked up, I wouldn't be surprised.🤔

2018-02-16 07:58:16 UTC

Is B back?

2018-02-16 07:58:20 UTC

where is B

2018-02-16 07:58:29 UTC

Wtf is the story with that situation

2018-02-16 07:58:44 UTC

theres alot of q monitoring twitter acc's but q only uses reddit

2018-02-16 07:58:46 UTC

This is a GREAT video to red pill proof of controlled media messages and propaganda https://youtu.be/eZVv2AOCnaA

2018-02-16 07:58:48 UTC
2018-02-16 07:58:49 UTC

Q rogue follows me. I really really think people are being too fussy about Q

2018-02-16 07:58:53 UTC

B go removed

2018-02-16 07:59:13 UTC

I followed B

2018-02-16 07:59:26 UTC


2018-02-16 07:59:27 UTC

Q is a board for those who work it. The Twitter and such are ways to spread info. End of teans.

2018-02-16 07:59:28 UTC


2018-02-16 07:59:43 UTC

Thanks for the B removed side 😃

2018-02-16 08:00:11 UTC

I would like to follow the chans but...

2018-02-16 08:00:14 UTC

Ok yea that seems legit again

2018-02-16 08:00:18 UTC

All the hype about fakes and fraud has no meaning. No one HAS to invest in Q.

2018-02-16 08:00:26 UTC

So this board is explaining what Q is. That is so December 2017.

2018-02-16 08:00:29 UTC

People act like Q is telling people what to think when 'they' are really getting peeps to think and research.

2018-02-16 08:00:31 UTC

It's not like MsM.

2018-02-16 08:00:45 UTC

That is everywhere. That is a larp.

2018-02-16 08:01:03 UTC

Hippy. Yes.

2018-02-16 08:01:07 UTC

this board is the q fan club

2018-02-16 08:01:16 UTC

@Matty this one explains Q I guess but there are other boards

2018-02-16 08:01:18 UTC

Gawd, I thought we were going to solve shit.

2018-02-16 08:01:21 UTC

here are my twitter account ... https://twitter.com/chasmata I come few times at this chat again ...

2018-02-16 08:01:25 UTC

I am in San Diego and it sounds like a war zone outaide.

2018-02-16 08:01:26 UTC

But no ones in them so I stay here

2018-02-16 08:01:49 UTC

I will follow u chas

2018-02-16 08:01:55 UTC

'night all.

2018-02-16 08:02:04 UTC

ok, for those oblivious to the q movement - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmODQZx1Ry0

2018-02-16 08:02:07 UTC

but he has ben so right not an investment for me it is qualification.

2018-02-16 08:02:26 UTC

What's going on Patrick? I am from North county neat Pendleton.

2018-02-16 08:02:30 UTC

Sirwoof what are you sharing?

2018-02-16 08:02:53 UTC

Its officialy the 12:24 hour mark Q posted today

2018-02-16 08:02:56 UTC

Jess. If Q works for you then that is perfect.

2018-02-16 08:03:07 UTC

things you need to know

2018-02-16 08:03:22 UTC

Sooooooooo we aren't going to talk about the latest Q posts?

Or are we really going to state the obvious over and over again?

2018-02-16 08:03:24 UTC

My issue is those who are harassing others to turn them away. Or bullying them to see their reason.

2018-02-16 08:03:29 UTC

ever watch a tv show called "travelers" it basically has mind time travelers teams coming from the future to dl into ppl of today to prevent disasters and stupid ppl events.

2018-02-16 08:03:52 UTC

@Matty follow me to the q-research bord

2018-02-16 08:04:03 UTC

nothing works for me @Patrick J. Moran

2018-02-16 08:04:11 UTC

If i like a website or content that is my business . It is not my business to turn away others from their interest.

2018-02-16 08:04:23 UTC

either q is an annon active member, a pys-op, or a traverler.

2018-02-16 08:05:18 UTC

perhaps but the thing i it make you aware o your quesions

2018-02-16 08:05:29 UTC

Sirwoof I can share something of my experience. The government actually can view future. How? I have guesses

2018-02-16 08:05:48 UTC

considering i fell on my head down the stairs and suddenly learned alot of the future events, i knew of 911 before it even happened. i knew of 07-08 crash before it happened

2018-02-16 08:05:53 UTC


2018-02-16 08:06:01 UTC

I don't think there is any sense to labeling Q.

2018-02-16 08:06:10 UTC

It's pretty clear what it is.

2018-02-16 08:06:14 UTC

its collective thinking patterns

2018-02-16 08:06:19 UTC

for a while there i thought after i saw that show, that even i thought i was a traveler

2018-02-16 08:06:41 UTC

Jess what is thinking patterns?

2018-02-16 08:06:55 UTC

We all 'see' the future need to learn to 'read' it

2018-02-16 08:06:59 UTC

not sure its a knowing

2018-02-16 08:06:59 UTC

I can't attest to time travel.

2018-02-16 08:07:09 UTC

I can attest to psychic ability

2018-02-16 08:07:14 UTC

actually, it's more like pattern recon, if u see patterns, u can eventually see the truth behind the patterns and their sources

2018-02-16 08:07:22 UTC

I have experience with that and with others with that.

2018-02-16 08:07:27 UTC

yes so what am I thinking

2018-02-16 08:07:31 UTC

Time is a manmade illusion

2018-02-16 08:07:41 UTC


2018-02-16 08:07:53 UTC

Constructed for control

2018-02-16 08:07:56 UTC

You want me to read your thoughts?

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