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Yeah i dont know if i could do that

2018-03-11 23:28:03 UTC

My normiebook has some people from high school on it that are as far left as I can stomach

2018-03-11 23:28:20 UTC

So like Republicans? Lol

2018-03-11 23:28:38 UTC

Worse, Big Brain Centrists

2018-03-11 23:28:44 UTC

Fuck them

2018-03-11 23:28:56 UTC

Rip the fedora off their head and stomp on it

2018-03-11 23:29:00 UTC

And then them

2018-03-11 23:29:15 UTC

@Fash Dragon I'm just obsessive, lol

Someone just left the voicechat when i was fixing my mic ):

2018-03-11 23:32:48 UTC

Hello All

2018-03-11 23:34:34 UTC

@Mai ew no gross

2018-03-11 23:35:02 UTC

so @Fevs I am going to take it that Vic and the boys probably wont be joining us

2018-03-11 23:35:14 UTC

@Billy Ray Jenkins Ofc not lol

2018-03-11 23:35:26 UTC

@Fevs DON'T TEST ME!!! I will send you pictures of the most advanced progressives on my friends list!!!

2018-03-11 23:35:33 UTC

You know they're good guys, they just like living on the knife blade

2018-03-11 23:35:40 UTC

Thats why I love them like brothers

2018-03-11 23:35:50 UTC

@Billy Ray Jenkins Luciferianism is AS BAD if not WORSE than Jewry

@Billy Ray Jenkins lmk if you can hear me

2018-03-11 23:36:00 UTC


2018-03-11 23:36:17 UTC

@Mai find me a qt antifa girlo pls

2018-03-11 23:36:25 UTC


2018-03-11 23:36:33 UTC

Oh, I'm on it right now.

2018-03-11 23:36:56 UTC

@Fevs adopt kitties, no need for a female

2018-03-11 23:36:59 UTC

@Fevs I dont agree with the satanic stuff but im not going to disrespect my friends over it, most of them are doing it for the LULZ

2018-03-11 23:37:11 UTC

@DanEss Where would I even acquire such things πŸ€”

2018-03-11 23:37:30 UTC

I have multiple

2018-03-11 23:37:42 UTC

I don't have a place to keep them 😦 or I would I love kitties

2018-03-11 23:37:59 UTC

Even though I'm horribly allergic, I would take every kitty you GOT

2018-03-11 23:38:24 UTC

fortune favours the bold

2018-03-11 23:39:47 UTC

@Fevs We need to see to it you get a Van


2018-03-11 23:40:02 UTC


2018-03-11 23:40:15 UTC

@Billy Ray Jenkins is ABSOLUTELY right

2018-03-11 23:40:17 UTC

@Fevs qt3.14 for u


2018-03-11 23:40:32 UTC

@Fevs I'm calling that one

2018-03-11 23:40:41 UTC

That's mine

2018-03-11 23:40:41 UTC

@Fash Dragon I outrank you back tf off

2018-03-11 23:40:49 UTC

Not for long

2018-03-11 23:40:49 UTC

questionable if it's female

2018-03-11 23:41:10 UTC

@Fash Dragon It's in the new handbooks that all hapas are auto dib'd by fevs

2018-03-11 23:41:23 UTC

That's why you don't question @DanEss

2018-03-11 23:41:37 UTC


2018-03-11 23:41:38 UTC

Did you just assume my gender SHITLORD

2018-03-11 23:41:55 UTC

@DanEss It looks feminine enough that as long as you kept its pants on its not gay

2018-03-11 23:42:11 UTC

I think thats absolutely hilarious

2018-03-11 23:42:57 UTC

@Fevs wow great convo for the public channel

2018-03-11 23:43:13 UTC

I thought we got a new channel to avoid shit like this

2018-03-11 23:43:20 UTC



2018-03-11 23:43:28 UTC

It's ok, Fevs will stop as soon as he feels the penis

2018-03-11 23:43:35 UTC

My goal is to joke about it 24/7 so that if shit like that leaks, everybody in the movement is just like "okay and?"

2018-03-11 23:43:35 UTC

No no no, if I have learned nothing else during my 24 hours of most popular facebook commie ever it's that you never ever assume gender, and you also don't share your posts with everyone.. just some people and you always exclude the people that it will trigger. And "bitch" is a gender slur ANNNNNNNDDDDDD you can't make fun of drug addicts cause that's ableist

2018-03-11 23:44:09 UTC

@Mai the ancoms I talk to call me a faggot and hate kikes

2018-03-11 23:44:29 UTC

You can do that if you're left wing

2018-03-11 23:44:52 UTC

As long as you accept that it may be an offensive term to some people and "work on " not using it, it's fine.

2018-03-11 23:46:31 UTC

I kinda want to make a commie facebook now for hitting on thots wtf

2018-03-11 23:50:29 UTC

Hey @Fevs you see the hotties I posted

2018-03-11 23:50:31 UTC


2018-03-11 23:50:48 UTC

I'm not into yentas, too much hatred

2018-03-11 23:50:56 UTC

I did it for the Lulz

2018-03-11 23:51:10 UTC

Ur a good sport

2018-03-12 00:01:06 UTC

Lel DS

2018-03-12 00:18:34 UTC


2018-03-12 00:18:41 UTC

Yea I got the email a few days ago

2018-03-12 00:21:20 UTC

@Fevs can I get let in as you already know me or do I need to do vetting?

2018-03-12 00:31:07 UTC

@DankCaesar Do I know you?

2018-03-12 00:55:23 UTC

Just making sure I'm in New channel

2018-03-12 02:00:01 UTC

Keep seeing this meme pop up on Antifa pages.


2018-03-12 02:00:18 UTC

What's this??!??


2018-03-12 02:01:00 UTC

Jej it's fake

2018-03-12 02:01:07 UTC

Nazis didn't execute babies

2018-03-12 02:01:16 UTC


2018-03-12 02:01:30 UTC

It's from some shit tier zombie nazi movie

2018-03-12 02:01:35 UTC

Lol where is that pic from...a fucking show?

2018-03-12 02:01:52 UTC

Called Bloodrayne the third reich

2018-03-12 02:01:57 UTC

Aaah lol clowns using photos from a movieπŸ˜‚

2018-03-12 02:02:16 UTC

I'm gonna tell em about it

2018-03-12 02:02:21 UTC

Say some shit to those clowns

2018-03-12 02:02:37 UTC

O shit now we've got to ask matt if killing babies is okay as long as they're zombies @Mai

2018-03-12 02:03:15 UTC

@Maiayyye make em feel stupid bud, pill em if you canπŸ‘Œ or is that the fake account?

2018-03-12 02:05:39 UTC


2018-03-12 02:07:18 UTC

You can't see my face, but I'm rustled. Rustled at them using that as a meme, and rustled that I can't just let it slide but still have to pretend to be a commie. Also rustled that I couldn't find a way to slip "problematic" in there.

2018-03-12 02:08:19 UTC


Lol saw him typing huh

2018-03-12 02:08:36 UTC

HAHA, I did.

2018-03-12 02:13:24 UTC


Lol I think it's way too late for that @Mai

2018-03-12 02:15:41 UTC

"Hello fellow communists" I had a cheesy grin when I typed this, but my eye also twitched a little.


You subversive fuck lol

2018-03-12 02:31:27 UTC

@Mai ive got my eye on you now, commie scum

2018-03-12 02:33:49 UTC

Good. Subvert and crush their groups.

2018-03-12 02:38:16 UTC

@Fevs plz no bully

2018-03-12 02:38:29 UTC

They commented and keep telling me to read stuff. EW.

Do they have any groups other than faggy book clhbs

2018-03-12 02:39:25 UTC

@Mai read it then

2018-03-12 02:39:46 UTC

read more ***nerd***

2018-03-12 02:41:02 UTC

They want me to read books about bread.

2018-03-12 02:41:17 UTC

I suppose I must.

2018-03-12 02:41:37 UTC

Scanning over it is probably the best I can do, tbh

2018-03-12 03:01:08 UTC



2018-03-12 03:17:17 UTC

the bread book is supposedly an important one to understand communism

2018-03-12 03:18:36 UTC

also yes, carbs are jewish poison

2018-03-12 03:19:11 UTC

they're why America has so much of the 'beetus

2018-03-12 03:19:29 UTC

because we fucking put corn and corn syrup in everything that doesn't need it

2018-03-12 03:19:58 UTC

i like bread

2018-03-12 03:20:49 UTC


2018-03-12 03:22:21 UTC

@CatoHostilius wasn't jesus made of bread or something?

2018-03-12 03:22:53 UTC


2018-03-12 03:23:24 UTC


2018-03-12 03:24:31 UTC

Fassel please

2018-03-12 03:25:21 UTC


2018-03-12 03:28:01 UTC

Are you saying I need to read the bread book?

2018-03-12 03:35:21 UTC

tfw you find out the entire bible is a guide on how to make bread

2018-03-12 03:40:42 UTC

I can't even eat sweet things anymore

2018-03-12 03:50:32 UTC
2018-03-12 03:51:21 UTC

Come on everyone

2018-03-12 04:40:30 UTC

My dad unironically watches that fucking show and won’t stop talking to be about it

2018-03-12 04:45:02 UTC

Well you must come from good stock seeing as how he has to have a 150 iq to the jokes

2018-03-12 04:47:12 UTC

Get fucked dude

2018-03-12 04:48:52 UTC

He and my mother were like 15 when I was born
He was pretty normal back then but my mother passed in child birth and my dad sorta like disappeared until a couple years ago
He did a bunch of drugs and now his brain only half works
Thus the reason he watched rick and north

2018-03-12 04:48:58 UTC


2018-03-12 04:49:13 UTC

And you joined the discord

2018-03-12 04:49:36 UTC

I'm sorry to hear that

2018-03-12 04:52:05 UTC

I clicked on it cause I TRUSTED you Malala

2018-03-12 04:52:25 UTC

No pity my kamerad
Life is a struggle

2018-03-12 04:52:30 UTC

What is it?

2018-03-12 04:52:48 UTC

Just join it dude

2018-03-12 04:53:12 UTC

I don't want Shoah'd by joining some normie discord dude

2018-03-12 04:53:14 UTC


2018-03-12 04:53:29 UTC

It's chad

2018-03-12 04:53:40 UTC

Join me and Malala

2018-03-12 04:53:49 UTC

Is malal

2018-03-12 04:54:31 UTC

Aryan rick and morty?

2018-03-12 04:54:48 UTC

@KAMERAD REICH you're gay lol why'd you join it

2018-03-12 04:55:44 UTC

Accident @Fevs didn’t read it

2018-03-12 04:56:13 UTC

Thought it was a back up or some shit

2018-03-12 04:56:18 UTC

okay gay

2018-03-12 04:56:31 UTC

I don’t disagree

2018-03-12 04:56:45 UTC

How many lashing

2018-03-12 04:58:51 UTC

a lot

2018-03-12 04:59:12 UTC


2018-03-12 04:59:14 UTC

At the very least 1,488

2018-03-12 04:59:36 UTC

That’s my lucky number

2018-03-12 05:02:27 UTC


2018-03-12 05:02:39 UTC


2018-03-12 05:04:27 UTC

That's awesome

2018-03-12 05:05:19 UTC

Gute nacht Freunde

2018-03-12 05:05:57 UTC


2018-03-12 13:00:53 UTC


2018-03-12 13:20:43 UTC


2018-03-12 15:44:51 UTC

Richard Spencer needs to pull his head out of his ass and stop tossing black pills around all over the place.

2018-03-12 15:55:04 UTC



2018-03-12 15:55:18 UTC

For real though he shouldn't be discouraged

2018-03-12 15:55:27 UTC

wait wtf

2018-03-12 15:55:40 UTC

is that a troll?

2018-03-12 15:55:44 UTC

it's a shop retard

2018-03-12 15:56:09 UTC

I mean, with how implicit he gets it wouldn't be all THAT shocking

2018-03-12 15:56:25 UTC

>those face and skin rashes πŸ€”

2018-03-12 15:56:54 UTC


2018-03-12 15:56:57 UTC

He's not gay guys

2018-03-12 15:57:03 UTC

it's a meme bro

2018-03-12 15:57:05 UTC

He just presents himself well

2018-03-12 15:57:07 UTC

I know he's not gay

What blackpills are he spreading


2018-03-12 15:57:11 UTC


2018-03-12 15:57:21 UTC

GRIDS blackpills

2018-03-12 15:57:23 UTC

@Rabbi Shlomo Goldblatshekelstein He's giving up on his college tour because of pantyfa

Are you serious

2018-03-12 15:57:33 UTC


He's giving up on it

2018-03-12 15:57:36 UTC

he's a πŸ…±ussy

2018-03-12 15:57:46 UTC

I thought his video made sense

2018-03-12 15:58:13 UTC

If your tactics aren't doing what they are intended to do, switch them

2018-03-12 15:58:32 UTC

Right now we are seen as combative. We need to change that frame

2018-03-12 15:58:44 UTC

@Mike_The_Monsta But what if we DO want combat?

2018-03-12 15:58:45 UTC

we might want to switch up our tactics too

2018-03-12 15:58:56 UTC

stop playing defense and go on offense

2018-03-12 15:58:58 UTC

When one of us shows up, it shouldn't be a battle. It should begin a conversation

2018-03-12 15:59:12 UTC

@Mike_The_Monsta No, we need a right-wing antifa (not TWP, separate org)

2018-03-12 15:59:14 UTC

remember that one successful IRL thing that Asthmador did?

2018-03-12 15:59:20 UTC

hell yeah

2018-03-12 15:59:37 UTC

find out where they're doing their events and crash them like they do to us

2018-03-12 15:59:49 UTC

We don't have the people to go on offense and we can't create an SS. That would only outcast us.

2018-03-12 16:00:03 UTC

bro we're already outcasts

2018-03-12 16:00:11 UTC

It's not even about offense or defense. It's about picking your fields of battle

2018-03-12 16:00:33 UTC

@Mike_The_Monsta >optics cucking

2018-03-12 16:00:36 UTC

fight me faggot

2018-03-12 16:00:49 UTC

Call it optics cucking if you want idc

2018-03-12 16:00:56 UTC

Are you from TRS?

2018-03-12 16:01:11 UTC


2018-03-12 16:01:20 UTC

I was on the old server

2018-03-12 16:01:25 UTC

we can win while outnumbered if we're on offense

2018-03-12 16:01:45 UTC

up to now, antifa has been the one choosing where the battles happen

2018-03-12 16:02:16 UTC

We need a right-wing group whose sole purpose is to combatively disrupt leftist events.

2018-03-12 16:02:23 UTC

Too bad Anticom is taken as far as names go

2018-03-12 16:02:27 UTC

Why would we want to create more images of us reacting to violence? If violence follows us everywhere we go, then it makes our presence a burden and not a savior.

2018-03-12 16:02:39 UTC

@Mike_The_Monsta accelerationism bro

2018-03-12 16:02:50 UTC


2018-03-12 16:03:05 UTC

How about "Pro-Fascist Action"?

2018-03-12 16:03:09 UTC

I think the people are beginning to crave it. (((Not advocating for violence, FBI))). People need to see strength.

2018-03-12 16:03:34 UTC

We didn't show strength at michigan

2018-03-12 16:03:57 UTC

wtf are you smoking

2018-03-12 16:03:59 UTC

yes we did

2018-03-12 16:04:00 UTC

The kind of strength we should show is on the border with militias

2018-03-12 16:04:13 UTC

We were outnumbered 10:1 and still they got their shit pushed in

2018-03-12 16:04:18 UTC

>Beat the fuck out of them, one had a broke wrist, one had a torn shoulder >didn't show strength

2018-03-12 16:04:23 UTC

Are you drunk nigger?

2018-03-12 16:04:23 UTC

I was entirely energized by Detroit. I don't have any information on the effects of the event, but I think it sent a strong message.

2018-03-12 16:04:45 UTC

How do you think the unaligned students reacted?

2018-03-12 16:04:49 UTC

The average American despises Antifa.

2018-03-12 16:05:02 UTC

"Oh it's just the two extremists fighting each other again causing a ruckus"

2018-03-12 16:05:15 UTC

They attacked us, while we were allowed to be walking.

2018-03-12 16:05:19 UTC

They pushed at us.

2018-03-12 16:05:25 UTC

We kept our formation.

2018-03-12 16:05:28 UTC

@Mike_The_Monsta Have you yourself attended any irl events?

2018-03-12 16:05:30 UTC

We didn;t move out.

2018-03-12 16:05:53 UTC

Our fighting was to push them away.

2018-03-12 16:06:36 UTC

Not any twp stuff but I organized trump events and organized streetside protests for trump as well as going door to door. I would've gone to charlottesville but I had class

2018-03-12 16:06:44 UTC

We have to act in a post First Amendment mentality. The left won't play fair. We can't be 'the good guys' all the time. It never works. If we want a space, we have to take it. That's what TWP and PF did and I highly respect them for it. Heimbach especially for being in the front.

2018-03-12 16:07:32 UTC


2018-03-12 16:07:42 UTC

My point is what is message we are sending? Are we bringing our message? Or are we being a burden to the people we are trying to help?

2018-03-12 16:07:45 UTC

Don't give me bullshit about having the moral high ground; we need to win however possible.

2018-03-12 16:07:49 UTC

TWP doesn't want the unaffiliated students or the masses, not yet

2018-03-12 16:07:54 UTC


2018-03-12 16:07:55 UTC

What we want are fanatics and radicals

2018-03-12 16:07:58 UTC

@Mike_The_Monsta the only message that matters is pragmatic strength

2018-03-12 16:08:05 UTC

Use to be on Optics, found out it means jackshit, found out i was a fucking idiot for thinking it did anything.

2018-03-12 16:08:09 UTC


2018-03-12 16:08:10 UTC

The Brownshirts didn't make real headway until shit went down

2018-03-12 16:08:22 UTC

@Mike_The_Monsta The NSDAP didn't win until shit was REALLY bad in germany

2018-03-12 16:08:33 UTC

We won't succeed until the USA is a shithole

2018-03-12 16:08:40 UTC

then people will listen

2018-03-12 16:08:48 UTC

We just have to prepare

2018-03-12 16:09:01 UTC

Unemployment in Greece is like 35% and the Fascists gained 11% of the national vote, and they have our optics.

2018-03-12 16:09:08 UTC

People come when things get bad.

2018-03-12 16:09:15 UTC

I'll also invoke the division of labor argument. TWP has a role to play for a market. Other groups have their own roles to play for their own respective markets. The groups should make headway toward their goals (ultimately being the salvation of our people) and then we can debate in our parliment. Everyone shouldn't do the same thing.

2018-03-12 16:09:43 UTC

we'll let the other groups like TRS, DS, IE etc work on slowly shifting the culture to be more compatible. While they do that, we're recruiting the hardliners, the radicals and misfits. We're creating a revolutionary vanguard

2018-03-12 16:09:53 UTC

The Fascists gained over a million votes in Italy, after beating the fuck out of Antifa in the streets of Rome 3 times before elections.

2018-03-12 16:10:03 UTC

And fighting them on a small island near Corsica.

2018-03-12 16:10:11 UTC

@Hadrian Absolutely

2018-03-12 16:10:21 UTC

The only optics which matter are uniforms, physical fitness, and combat effectiveness.

2018-03-12 16:10:33 UTC

My only complaint with TWP optics is that Matt needs to start cutting fat

2018-03-12 16:10:43 UTC

no offense to him

2018-03-12 16:10:48 UTC

But the fascists in Italy are doing a lot more than just beating the fuck out of people correct?

2018-03-12 16:10:54 UTC

19 years ago, Golden Dawn had 2,000 members and was unnoticed, many attacked them for having bad optics and not being appealing, guess what? they now have government positions.

2018-03-12 16:11:15 UTC

@Mike_The_Monsta Italy's also in a rougher state than America

2018-03-12 16:11:17 UTC

due to migrant crisis

2018-03-12 16:11:23 UTC

Matt has said he's working on losing weight

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