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2020-12-29 00:20:35 UTC

What does it have to do with the price of tea in China...

2020-12-29 00:20:44 UTC

It’s been more like cuddle fish

2020-12-29 00:20:56 UTC


2020-12-29 00:21:09 UTC

@Livingstone too fictiony

2020-12-29 00:21:25 UTC

I have no clue @busillis prob in response to this


2020-12-29 00:21:49 UTC

@james j okay I'm standing by my statement.

2020-12-29 00:21:55 UTC


2020-12-29 00:22:35 UTC

The kraken we wanted.


2020-12-29 00:22:43 UTC

The kraken we got so far.


2020-12-29 00:23:03 UTC

They say cephalopods are pretty smart

2020-12-29 00:23:19 UTC

The question was supposed to invoke a moment of reflection... Clearly I failed.

2020-12-29 00:24:06 UTC

The House just passed a Bill getting the stimulus check to $2,000 actually some some GOP Support.... Think it dies on Moscow Mitch's desk or fails on the floor after a vote?

2020-12-29 00:24:14 UTC

I can't imagine he will let them vote on it

2020-12-29 00:24:17 UTC

We've got missile strikes on NSA listening posts tied to voter machine audit fraud?

2020-12-29 00:24:23 UTC

Come on.

2020-12-29 00:25:08 UTC

@james j dont be russophobic

2020-12-29 00:25:09 UTC

If he doesn’t sign or let them bring it to a vote it would give a bad image to republicans and they don’t need that right now because of the GA runoff.

2020-12-29 00:25:17 UTC

Yarn goes on and on...

2020-12-29 00:25:30 UTC


2020-12-29 00:25:45 UTC

This s*** ties together s*** that...idk

2020-12-29 00:26:58 UTC

@busillis Kraken is the nickname of the 305th Intelligence Batallion in AZ. https://repub.li/lt-general-says-kraken-is-305th-military-intelligence-battalion/

2020-12-29 00:27:31 UTC

that looks like a phoenix banged a scorpion which banged a chicken

2020-12-29 00:27:40 UTC

I look that up I'm not sure that's real?

2020-12-29 00:27:57 UTC

Or at least I couldn't find it...

2020-12-29 00:33:17 UTC

It sounds like you're cracking the code...

2020-12-29 00:34:43 UTC

I’ve decided I m gonna try and be a nicer person for news years

2020-12-29 00:35:00 UTC

Thank god for that

2020-12-29 00:35:57 UTC
2020-12-29 00:36:38 UTC

Cobra Kai is coming out on Jan 1

2020-12-29 00:37:01 UTC

Time to get hype

2020-12-29 00:37:27 UTC

Heck yes!

2020-12-29 00:42:14 UTC

'lets come together now that i've called you all nazi racist bigots not even worthy of life'

2020-12-29 00:45:23 UTC

This looks like the most promising case to get electoral votes nixed so far.

2020-12-29 00:49:13 UTC

We. Are. Being. Played.
That is all.

2020-12-29 00:50:18 UTC

There are “rumors” that a positive Covid test is likely to test possible for flu strain A and or B but the doctor is afraid of losing his job and being blacklisted so he is only publishing data without his name attached.

2020-12-29 00:50:55 UTC

By rumors I mean it’s published data and by possible I mean that it’s been proven.

2020-12-29 00:53:49 UTC

So funny... Most people are actively trying to minimize the spread of a virus. It just so happens that these same measures work for preventing the spread of other viruses... like... the... flu... virus... How is that getting played? That's called science and the exact thing that you would expect to happen given the circumstances.

2020-12-29 00:54:42 UTC

I thought people weren't following them. Which is it.

2020-12-29 00:54:42 UTC

There is a chance I may be wrong, but i doubt it. This looks like the actual conference from 12/27/2020...

2020-12-29 00:55:28 UTC

Doctors would lose their jobs for providing false CoVid positive results. Hospitals are losing money like crazy. It is in the best interest for hospitals to downplay the effects of the CoVid pandemic - not inflate them. That argument defies logc - literally.

2020-12-29 00:56:56 UTC

Russia is anti Ukraine obviously, and will say that this is an "agent". There are facts that are facts and bank records... those are not fake

2020-12-29 00:57:00 UTC


2020-12-29 00:57:09 UTC

The vast majority of people here in CA are following them. You see stories about 400 people in Huntington complaining about the restrictions. 400 people in a city of 200K... In a county of 3.2m.

2020-12-29 00:57:33 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8fnRW2NQSc for those of you who wonder what i'm talking about ----- UKRAINE INFO ON BIDEN

2020-12-29 00:58:05 UTC

At no point did I say that it was false information. All that the data proposes is that a positive Covid test has plenty of the same markers as a positive flu strain a and or flu strain b. 

2020-12-29 00:59:17 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTbPWcTLjA8&feature=youtu.be I'm sorry I just realized this is in Russian, but there is more juicy stuff there

2020-12-29 00:59:25 UTC

Also hospitals get more money for Covid related illness and unfortunately death. That’s been proven.

2020-12-29 01:00:23 UTC

Correlation between government lockdown measures and death rate.

2020-12-29 01:01:19 UTC

https://www.rt.com/usa/495200-coronavirus-motocycle-crash-mistake-florida/ Doctors have already lost their job for speaking out. Nurses have lost their jobs for speaking out. Technicians and corners have lost their jobs for speaking out. It is only until people are pressured to reveal the truth that they fault. Because in what way is a motorcycle accident the electoral count ever to have an official cause of death be coronavirus?

2020-12-29 01:01:28 UTC

thank you for finding that.... i was wondering what the original posting date

2020-12-29 01:01:48 UTC

11/19 does not make it not true.... its just now starting to hit US

2020-12-29 01:02:40 UTC

Nowhere remotely close to making up for what they are losing by not being able to do elective surgeries. It's simple math.

2020-12-29 01:03:38 UTC

so i'm sorry, i just looked at your link. The video of witnesses was posted in discord.... So I'm assuming the conference is from 12/27

2020-12-29 01:04:01 UTC

from what the guy says there was a case in Ukraine court that was won last week

2020-12-29 01:04:08 UTC

We went through it back then. The supposed "proof" is non-existent. The "witness" is reading from a script. The transcripts are completely benign.

2020-12-29 01:04:41 UTC

 would you rather have tentative, maybe it will go through elective surgeries based upon restrictions, necessity, and how elective the procedure is deemed or would you rather have guaranteed money? Guaranteed hundred patients a day, guaranteed payment on each of those, and then to receive additional funding due to ved occupancy?

2020-12-29 01:05:26 UTC

well, its benign if you want to say... here's nothing to see. Now this is a different story - they have BANK RECORDS, they have WON the case last week in UKRAINES COURT. And they have published bragging phonecalls with Biden

2020-12-29 01:05:38 UTC

It's the exact same video.

2020-12-29 01:06:01 UTC


2020-12-29 01:06:02 UTC


2020-12-29 01:06:03 UTC

And yes, officially you can say maybe its not Biden speaking, but I can guarantee you it will match his voice if anyone does proper voice analysis

2020-12-29 01:06:46 UTC

Even if you match the voice... He doesn't say anything remotely incriminating.

2020-12-29 01:08:30 UTC

Then you have to consider the company he keeps:


2020-12-29 01:08:57 UTC

Well yeah it will look bad for sure.... but do you really think Mitch is gonna bring it to a vote?

I mean they can't be seen to vote against it even though it was the Republicans than wanted to reduce the payments to $600 in the first place

2020-12-29 01:09:10 UTC

Trump screwed the Republicans on that one

2020-12-29 01:10:50 UTC

Except we have friends that are hospital administrators and they are losing crazy amounts of money compared to the revenue that they normally bring in. This is a fake claim that CoVid deniers are spreading. It just doesn't hold water.

2020-12-29 01:11:16 UTC

Covid deniers?

2020-12-29 01:11:40 UTC

Just coined the term... Dibs... TM... Copyright.

2020-12-29 01:12:18 UTC

Biden doesnt say anything incriminating??? LOL listen to all of it.... at some point he says he misses talking to him weekly. They giggle at shit like old buddies. Yes, he did not say, "hey, thanks for the hookup for the mil, it was helpful to pay off my 5th home...".... The BANK records say that! THE FACT THAT JOE BIDEN IS TALKING TO POROSHENKO EVERY WEEK MEANS THAT HUNTER WAS PAID FOR THE "COVER" OR "KRYSHA" (RUSSIAN FOR THE ROOF, WHICH IS A TERM USED IN RUSSIAN MAFIA THAT MEANS PROTECTION). I think you are confusing 2 videos. They did 2 conferences with same background, idiots.

2020-12-29 01:13:51 UTC

I am not denying Covid exists. Who can? Lysol wipes have said it protected us from it for the past ten plus years. Coronavirus has been around. The thing that I am denying is that a test to check for a virus made from insufficient knowledge because it was based on incomplete data from China MAY also test positive for Flu A and/or B because its been proven that it has.

2020-12-29 01:13:51 UTC

@Livingstone, you just advanced to level 10!

2020-12-29 01:14:08 UTC


2020-12-29 01:14:29 UTC

@Livingstone Every test has sensitivity and specificity below 100%

2020-12-29 01:14:52 UTC

low specificity produces false positives.

2020-12-29 01:15:09 UTC

incomplete data?

2020-12-29 01:15:19 UTC

Rudy is old, made his money, and has nothing but truth and speaking his conscience... say whatever you want about the way he comes out on screen which is not always perfect nowadays

2020-12-29 01:16:14 UTC

and the other guy is risking his life to uncover the truth

2020-12-29 01:16:25 UTC

and whole bunch of other people are too

2020-12-29 01:16:32 UTC

the least you can do is take them seriously

2020-12-29 01:16:42 UTC

Back when the test for Covid was first being developed we were only allowed limited data from China. They were the ones who originally released the information on the virus and on virus detection. They did not give us complete data. Multiple DNA genetic markers were missing from the coronavirus. That means that the test that was developed had insufficient data. We didn’t have a complete gene sequence when we were developing the test to detect the coronavirus because we did not have a complete gene sequence of the coronavirus.

2020-12-29 01:17:10 UTC


Coronaviruses are just a type of virus... like a family.

2020-12-29 01:17:23 UTC

We got the sequence long ago

2020-12-29 01:17:32 UTC

what are you even talking about @Livingstone ?

2020-12-29 01:17:35 UTC

@Livingstone There is no complete sequence. The corona genome is constantly changing.

2020-12-29 01:17:36 UTC

Please provide a reference... I would like to check it out. As I understand it, coronaviruses are what causes the common cold. Flu viruses are something different... But I am not a doctor.

2020-12-29 01:18:05 UTC

this strain of corona is 10 times more infectious, the uk newly released by china strain is 30x more infectious

2020-12-29 01:18:10 UTC

@Livingstone Im gonna need some more from you. Do you have a background in virology? Do you have any evidence?

2020-12-29 01:18:40 UTC

i was under the impression china released the whole genome sequence. i think it was the only thing they were praised for. But also im not a doctor/virologist.

2020-12-29 01:18:56 UTC


2020-12-29 01:19:05 UTC

Again, the genome is only 30k basepairs, and constantly changing.

2020-12-29 01:19:10 UTC

Ok... no clue what that has to do with what I am saying.

CoVid 19 is one of many Coronaviruses. How do we not all know this already?

2020-12-29 01:19:18 UTC

it checks specifically for COVID not even corona

2020-12-29 01:19:25 UTC


2020-12-29 01:19:46 UTC

@Livingstone fox news?

2020-12-29 01:19:49 UTC


2020-12-29 01:19:49 UTC

cactus, cactii, virus, virii

2020-12-29 01:19:52 UTC

just wow

2020-12-29 01:20:27 UTC

lost track of thought... the test does not crossreact with influenza

2020-12-29 01:20:34 UTC

Take it up with Apple's corrective text

2020-12-29 01:21:06 UTC

The video posted 12/27 is the exact same video that was posted 11/18. It is not a new video. The Trump administration has sanctioned Derkach personally and designated him a Russian agent - not me... not the Left... The Trump Administration.


2020-12-29 01:21:11 UTC

@JD~Jordan you had me blocked. I suggest a continuance.

2020-12-29 01:22:53 UTC

Jie Biden is not a legitimate president elect

2020-12-29 01:23:05 UTC

the link you are posting is NOT a video, its an article about the guy. 2nd) not trump, but treasury department sanctioned him

2020-12-29 01:23:59 UTC

according to the article

2020-12-29 01:24:20 UTC
2020-12-29 01:25:03 UTC

Jie Li Biden

2020-12-29 01:25:10 UTC

who is the legitimate winner of the election?

2020-12-29 01:25:14 UTC

video above is DECEMBER 27th 2020

2020-12-29 01:25:29 UTC

@Eden Secretary Mnuchin is part of the Trump Cabinet and, as a result, a part of the Trump Administration.

2020-12-29 01:25:54 UTC

There are 2 videos.... One from 12/27 and one from 11/18

2020-12-29 01:26:00 UTC

OH wow... really? Thanks for the heads up. LOL.... whatever. Too fucking funny. Are you just suggesting logos for bumper stickers or do you actually have some sort of argument to support that rather silly conclusion?

2020-12-29 01:26:36 UTC

yes I'll give you that... I dont know if all was all clear there. I suspect that Trump did not know about this sanction somehow

2020-12-29 01:27:34 UTC

yes, the 11/18 video is when they interviewed their witnesses that they used in court case that from my understanding concluded last week

2020-12-29 01:27:56 UTC

12/27 is when they had the conference to put it all together

2020-12-29 01:27:56 UTC

@Eden, you just advanced to level 9!

2020-12-29 01:28:50 UTC

I gave you links to both videos... They are exactly the same... The lengths of the videos are identical. There is only one video. There was no conference last week.

2020-12-29 01:29:09 UTC

And this guy Andriy Derkach clearly states that the "sanctions" were at the request of democratic senators

2020-12-29 01:30:19 UTC

I'm sure the NY Post would point that out... Oh and there's the whole thing about the Treasury Dept not working for Senate Democrats, but well... if a known Russian Agent says so, it must be true.

2020-12-29 01:30:49 UTC

LOL... really? And Goti said he was innocent too

2020-12-29 01:30:52 UTC

what is your point?

2020-12-29 01:32:04 UTC

This is almost comical

2020-12-29 01:32:08 UTC


2020-12-29 01:33:29 UTC

ok I'm sorry, I do feel a bit stupid... the videos kept rerouting me to discord pages.... cause i was trying to figure out if there was an earlier post on youtube. So now I see yes there was. I apologize. I think the information in the videos is not debunked though. But I WOULD like to see the original press conference at any Ukranian site though

2020-12-29 01:34:31 UTC

if it was televised, it would legitimize it. If these guys made it for youtube..... well...

2020-12-29 01:35:58 UTC

Also, re treasury department.... yes, not working for democrats. But there is a lot of things that happened in trump admin that he did not know all the things about

2020-12-29 01:36:18 UTC

If it was real, I am guessing that Fox, OAN, and NewsMax would have been playing it on a loop 24/7 for weeks. The fact that they did not and it was widely enough known that we discussed it here, my guess it is not.

2020-12-29 01:36:25 UTC

we could talk forever about trumps policy re russia etc

2020-12-29 01:37:54 UTC

Here is a January update of China releasing information. My key takeaway was it saying that there is no sign of human to human transmission. https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/01/china-releases-genetic-data-new-coronavirus-now-deadly This article talks about the FDA requiring a test to distinguish between COVID-19 and the flu. https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jul/3/fda-approves-diagnostic-test-distinguish-between-f/

2020-12-29 01:39:26 UTC

what does that have to do with testing for covid?

2020-12-29 01:40:06 UTC

Wouldn't that reflect poorly on Trump? He is briefed (or supposed to be) daily about everything happening that is important. Wouldn't this fall into that category? Also, as the Chief Executive, who's responsibility is it to make sure that things contrary to your direction does not happen or is corrected? I keep thinking about the stories of President Truman who famously insisted that the Buck Stopped with him.

2020-12-29 01:40:19 UTC

just FYI "this" guy is a member of ukraine parliament

2020-12-29 01:40:28 UTC

so him putting on a fake conference?

2020-12-29 01:40:55 UTC

Add this for ***some*** context as it comes from the same camera feed. (can not tell how much its been tweaked to accommodate the voiceover commentary) 👇

2020-12-29 01:41:17 UTC


2020-12-29 01:42:42 UTC

re trump sanctioning russia... which he did brag about in retrospect because he had no choice, but his arm was twisted into signing sanctions against russia early on in 2017.

2020-12-29 01:43:18 UTC

Wow... really? You do understand that we have the genetic sequence of CoVid now and we have had it for months... if China believed in Jan 2020 (a year ago) that there were no signs of human to human transmission then ok... my bet is they knew there actually was human to human transmission. They just downplayed it.

BUT.... all of that is irrelevant because WE... the US and the rest of the world have know since Mid January that there was human to human transmission.

So I really do not understand what you are missing or what point you are trying to make....

2020-12-29 01:43:18 UTC

but that was not his policy going in

2020-12-29 01:43:30 UTC

Except maybe you don't understand thsi stuff very well

2020-12-29 01:44:37 UTC

I'll agree with you, she needs to research further.

2020-12-29 01:44:51 UTC

CHINA DESIGNED THE VIRUS. They know exactly what it was and how it was transmitted. FYI, most chinese people believe that COVID 2.0 is specifically designed to kill more caucasians than asians

2020-12-29 01:45:40 UTC

@Eden weird, because we had the first deaths in Europe in October.

2020-12-29 01:46:36 UTC

Maybe they did maybe they didn't...what's that got to do with testing of the virus? if they released the genome sequence we knew what to look for.

2020-12-29 01:47:14 UTC


2020-12-29 01:48:24 UTC

When was the Military World Games?

2020-12-29 01:49:08 UTC

no idea

2020-12-29 01:49:45 UTC

just FYI

2020-12-29 01:49:46 UTC


2020-12-29 01:50:05 UTC

I fail to understand the relevance.

2020-12-29 01:50:24 UTC

Some rumor it originated from that event.

2020-12-29 01:50:51 UTC


2020-12-29 01:51:10 UTC

not everything that happens under Trump is under his control, and he doesnt always get accurate info. I suspect that Guiliani was trying to not give him all the details to keep him out of some things

2020-12-29 01:51:10 UTC

But that will stay a rumor.

2020-12-29 01:51:32 UTC

where did you hear this rumor?

2020-12-29 01:52:06 UTC

Several locations that I can no longer point to as they've been rapidly removed.

2020-12-29 01:52:27 UTC

so you read it on the internet?

2020-12-29 01:53:05 UTC

That was pointing the finger more at the U.S. lab creation theory here https://home.army.mil/detrick/index.php

Vs the wuhan lab creation theory.

2020-12-29 01:53:55 UTC

With my internet investigators degree <:observe:753865535006965962>

2020-12-29 01:54:09 UTC

if it absolutely had to come from a lab, I suggest the lab on the continent with the first deaths would be the place to look first

2020-12-29 01:54:45 UTC

Doc you're a heretic...

2020-12-29 01:54:47 UTC

Where was it recorded first. Because they had jailed dr.s that were talking about it on wechat in china.

2020-12-29 01:55:21 UTC

you know what a "clinical diagnosis" is?

2020-12-29 01:55:36 UTC

@busillis gnostic

2020-12-29 01:55:36 UTC

Roughly. Yes.

2020-12-29 01:55:49 UTC

Lab vs clinical

2020-12-29 01:55:55 UTC

well, that counts as "recorded" if it contains what is called "pathognomy"

2020-12-29 01:56:08 UTC

clinical dx lol

2020-12-29 01:56:25 UTC


2020-12-29 01:56:32 UTC

Batwoman comes in peace...

2020-12-29 01:56:51 UTC

Yes, I mean to include clinical diagnosis in the question where the first death had occured.

2020-12-29 01:57:08 UTC

I think that the more concerning thing for me is that, per the Woodward tapes, Trump knew in January the exact characteristics of CoVid-19. He had to get his information from somewhere and, at the time, he was praising President Xi for being so transparent, but he could have gotten the information from the WHO, which would have gotten it from the Chinese. In any case, Trump's decision to enact the travel ban makes more sense given that he knew the details about CoVid. It was also his responsibility to let the American people know what he knew about it - not the Chinese. Knowing that his understanding of the virus was so accurate that early also brings into question many of his decisions... Why eschew the wearing of masks? Why not take a more proactive, logical approach to protecting the most vulnerable while allowing others to continue to work? And on and on.

2020-12-29 01:57:18 UTC


2020-12-29 01:57:38 UTC

WTF does clinical dz ever can do with COVID19?

2020-12-29 01:58:23 UTC

I don't speak Russian... So this is not meaningful to me.

2020-12-29 01:59:31 UTC

Im shocked that judges aren't buying the GOPs argument of we don't care who actually won the election we just want to flip the results even if we can't prove anything.


2020-12-29 01:59:58 UTC

I am not big on conspiracy theories. I really can't afford to entertain them too often as I am Schizoaffective. But, CoVid is a weird weird virus.

Look at the populations that are hit the hardest - minorities (at least in the US), elderly and those with certain pre existing conditions. But kinda odd ones. For example, we would expect that people with chronic lung issues would have a rough time with CoVid... but Diabetics?

And then we have all these weird things like "CoVid Toes" and other issues with extremities to the point that we are seeing lots of amputations.

Then we find out that once recovered you only have immunity (in many cases) for just a few months. AND... many report that the second round of CoVid is worse than the first - which make zero sense.

Again, its weird. I am not saying it was developed in a lab. There is very very little to no reliable evidence of that.... but it still behaves oddly.

2020-12-29 02:00:40 UTC

sorry, I speak a couple of languages... that video in retrospect does not have the "juice". But the only point of that video for the purposes is that THIS is a NATIONWIDE WELL KNOWN politician in BOTH Russia and Ukraine... and NO he would not putfake propaganda videos about Biden. Its all true

2020-12-29 02:00:41 UTC

What did the official narrative land on. Bats were the most mocked. Snakes popped up, pangolins were said to be the closest sequence.

Both accusations of Fort Detrick and Wuhan lab gained hold for a while.

I like kung-flu myself, wish it would have stayed as that.

2020-12-29 02:01:22 UTC

@SoonMrWick this is due to a specific bias. I can explain, if you want, but maybe in general-chat?

2020-12-29 02:02:08 UTC

I just like the name kung-flu because if somethings going to kick our ass that sounds awesome. If you'd like to explain you can.

2020-12-29 02:02:39 UTC

Huh? Diabetes sucks to have with all diseases pretty much. It greatly impacts overall health. The rebuttal to it being developed in a lab is pretty universal.

2020-12-29 02:04:34 UTC

"People with diabetes are more likely to have serious complications from COVID-19. In general, people with diabetes are more likely to have more severe symptoms and complications when infected with any virus."

2020-12-29 02:21:32 UTC

I'm with the first comment. I saw that a week ago.

2020-12-29 02:22:08 UTC

Yea, I saw it the other day too, but didn't post it here. Didn't know if anyone else didn't see it yet... seems legit! I wish we would do this.

2020-12-29 02:27:04 UTC


2020-12-29 02:28:36 UTC


2020-12-29 02:34:56 UTC

Lebron was pretty funny when JR ruined game 1 of the finals back in like 2017

2020-12-29 02:35:41 UTC

Its funny when they try to conceal their messages. 😆


2020-12-29 02:36:21 UTC

Well crap.... looks like all those people set to get that additional $300 in unemployment compensation won't get it this week because Trump actually let it lapse Saturday

2020-12-29 02:36:25 UTC

Streaming with Rob in a couple of minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b5ZE72pHi4

2020-12-29 02:36:54 UTC

Yes. Trump is the problem. Good work. Did you have another conclusion?

2020-12-29 02:37:24 UTC

Nope. I have known that since 2016. Trump is a tumor on the ass of cancer

2020-12-29 02:37:45 UTC

Have you had your TDS diagnosed?

2020-12-29 02:38:08 UTC

You mean, having a logical and rational mind?

2020-12-29 02:39:42 UTC

I have no idea your politics and don't really care. Because those benefits lapses on Saturday and Trump held the bill over the weekend after his little nonsensical press conference/slash mental masturbation session those people will not get that money for this week

2020-12-29 02:39:52 UTC

The delay was 100% on Trump

2020-12-29 02:40:02 UTC

He got the bill last week

2020-12-29 02:40:08 UTC

Ever heard of a pocket veto?

2020-12-29 02:40:14 UTC

I have

2020-12-29 02:40:27 UTC

Most presidents don't do that and neither did Trump

2020-12-29 02:40:34 UTC

so why are you pointing it out?

2020-12-29 02:41:00 UTC

The delay is not trumps fault. The delay is the fault of the bill stuffing.

2020-12-29 02:41:08 UTC


2020-12-29 02:41:11 UTC

He fucking signed it

2020-12-29 02:41:13 UTC

@SoonMrWick you'll happily cower in place at once.

2020-12-29 02:41:49 UTC


2020-12-29 02:42:10 UTC

@SoonMrWick you'll wear a mask as you cower in place and love it.

2020-12-29 02:42:19 UTC

O really

2020-12-29 02:42:30 UTC

He could have vetoed it immediately and then Congress could have tried to override the veto or start over.

He could have signed it immediately and benefits would have continued.

Or he could have done the "Pocket Veto" which is to do nothing for 10 days not including Sundays.

2020-12-29 02:42:33 UTC

Which did he do?

2020-12-29 02:42:39 UTC

None.... he waited

2020-12-29 02:42:47 UTC

until benefit ended

2020-12-29 02:42:50 UTC

then signed it

2020-12-29 02:42:53 UTC


2020-12-29 02:43:03 UTC

he did something weird and not period

2020-12-29 02:43:11 UTC


2020-12-29 02:43:20 UTC

@SoonMrWick I dont think you know what a Pocket Veto is, do you?

2020-12-29 02:43:26 UTC

Just a neat phrase you heard somewhere

2020-12-29 02:44:00 UTC

Unbridled cowardness has gotten us to where we are today.

2020-12-29 02:44:01 UTC

Because what Trump did was not a pocket veto

2020-12-29 02:44:10 UTC

"As President I am demanding many rescissions under the Impoundment Control Act of 1974."

2020-12-29 02:44:19 UTC

Is it possible for Pence to split the votes in the “contested” states (where he got duel electors) as he reads them? The Dems would have to get the 1 and 1 to contest, and both majorities to overturn, and Trump hits 270 first as they’re read...

2020-12-29 02:45:10 UTC

He tried giving it a chance to fix the bill, don't know if it will work.

2020-12-29 02:45:44 UTC

We've put that in here three times. I can't imagine how he would have missed it. I'm mearly saying there were more options than outright signing it since they would have overruled it with 2/3 vote... and he took one of those avenues. The problem is not trump, the problem is the bill itself. Some people can get over that, some people can't.

2020-12-29 02:47:14 UTC

No he didnt

2020-12-29 02:47:35 UTC

He could sign it, veto it or do nothing for 10 days (pocket veto)

2020-12-29 02:47:39 UTC

He signed it

2020-12-29 02:47:43 UTC

The bill is now law

2020-12-29 02:47:58 UTC

But he signed it 2 days too late for people to get their money for this week

2020-12-29 02:48:04 UTC

They will get it next week

2020-12-29 02:48:14 UTC

This is not complex

2020-12-29 02:48:50 UTC

That is all that his delay did, cost unemployed people 300 bucks

2020-12-29 02:48:52 UTC

I don't think the alternative Elector slates are going to factor in at all... The state legislatures had nothing to do with them. They were a stunt.

2020-12-29 02:49:41 UTC

Contact your house of representatives rep and have them submit a better bill next time. Stop whining about trump.

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