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2020-12-28 03:07:25 UTC

He would also literally not be able to move under his own power without losing balance. Certainly not in a way that accommodates selfies.

2020-12-28 03:07:45 UTC

Yeah it's like 90-120lb barrels right?

2020-12-28 03:09:02 UTC

That would be an awful lot of steel. Maybe I was just a pussy but one component is plenty to carry.

2020-12-28 03:09:26 UTC

Pretty sure they're around 100 lbs.

2020-12-28 03:10:00 UTC

Ah, no, complete system is around 100 lbs.

2020-12-28 03:10:16 UTC

Minus tripod.

2020-12-28 03:11:59 UTC

That's doable. He's a big guy.

2020-12-28 03:15:36 UTC

@busillis & @Doc I was thinking maybe daughter as well.

2020-12-28 03:17:53 UTC

@Maw I watched a guy cock a 50 cal and slide off the back plate to show us that the spring would go through cinder block. I developed a healthy respect.

2020-12-28 03:22:35 UTC


2020-12-28 03:23:43 UTC

To be fair, it didn't go all the way through. It embedded in the second wall though.

2020-12-28 03:24:16 UTC


2020-12-28 03:25:35 UTC



2020-12-28 03:25:53 UTC

Doc implied that he thinks she's average. I disagree. To be fair, Norwegian chicks are kinda hot tho.

2020-12-28 03:26:08 UTC


2020-12-28 03:27:14 UTC


2020-12-28 03:28:48 UTC

If you think that`s a finger, you are wrong.

2020-12-28 03:28:57 UTC

well, almost wrong.

2020-12-28 03:29:03 UTC

mostly wrong.

2020-12-28 03:29:10 UTC

have a good night, people.

2020-12-28 03:29:46 UTC

Viking Shield Maidens ROCK.

2020-12-28 03:30:25 UTC

fun historical fact, only the shield wall and the second line scull crushers were men. Flanks and swords were all female.

2020-12-28 03:30:46 UTC

nite @Doc

2020-12-28 03:30:49 UTC


2020-12-28 03:31:05 UTC

Hahaha sleep well.

2020-12-28 03:32:07 UTC

"Anthony Warner claimed possession of the family home where his mother lives (above) in 2018 and then transferred the deed to California woman Michelle Swing, who ended the dispute by transferring ownership back to his elderly mother Christine Lane " https://discord.com/channels/760945067107680286/771201221145919499/792956863553601557

2020-12-28 03:40:16 UTC

Yep. I'm aware.

2020-12-28 04:23:34 UTC

Why? Congress couldn’t tell the difference between you with or without it.

2020-12-28 04:26:33 UTC

Or a guy fawkes mask. That'll do.


2020-12-28 04:30:33 UTC
2020-12-28 04:30:33 UTC

@StonerWithABoner, you just advanced to level 3!

2020-12-28 04:31:09 UTC

Nigerian scammers scammed WA out of over half a billion

2020-12-28 04:31:26 UTC

Lol. Better than California prisoners unemployment fraud.

2020-12-28 04:32:30 UTC

Damn I haven't heard about that.

2020-12-28 04:32:54 UTC

So prisoners just filed for the $600 a week?

2020-12-28 04:33:42 UTC

The fact this could even happen... the person should just get away with it. The system is such a joke. https://www.sfchronicle.com/business/amp/Scammer-uses-Dianne-Feinstein-s-name-to-claim-15814993.php

2020-12-28 04:35:02 UTC

I don't mean that seriously, its more a childish rant on how there is no limit to 2020s foolishness.

2020-12-28 04:44:09 UTC

Hello, everyone... How's it going? Hope you all had a great Christmas.

2020-12-28 04:46:29 UTC

You know that ballots don't have signatures on them... This is a recount. All 50 states have voter secrecy laws. If they did have identifying signatures on them, that would be against the law. So, it is more likely that these are signatures for adjudication, which are required in some jurisdictions.

2020-12-28 04:49:41 UTC

Voting by mail isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. So when voting by mail, the signature is basically in lieu of an ID?

2020-12-28 04:50:14 UTC

Basically 😁

2020-12-28 04:58:36 UTC

Btw Trump is “basically” forcing the senate to review election fraud through the ICA1974. My understanding is that it’s like a line veto or where Congress has to work with Trump to remove the items altogether or through bargaining. “Redline”.

2020-12-28 04:59:44 UTC

This bargain includes 230 & election fraud.

2020-12-28 05:00:12 UTC

I’m not an attorney but that’s my interpretation of it.

2020-12-28 05:01:03 UTC

This is in regards to what he signed today.

2020-12-28 05:02:13 UTC

I know that the 270 page release from Sidney Powell looks eerily like the Russiagate proposals. Same basis for argument and formulation of ideas.

2020-12-28 05:03:11 UTC

That’s actually pretty cool. So either than can examine election fraud or eliminate 230 protections for people that are totally acting as publishers and should be held accountable as such? I’m down.

2020-12-28 05:07:11 UTC

They have completely underestimated Trump❤️

2020-12-28 05:07:51 UTC

Would love to hear Robert’s take on this.

2020-12-28 05:10:16 UTC

Who here has read Trump’s book The Art of the Deal?

2020-12-28 05:13:13 UTC


2020-12-28 05:13:26 UTC

Hold the “Red Line”.

2020-12-28 05:13:55 UTC

I have not read it. My dad has. We always give him books for Christmas. That was the most Trumpesque official document I have ever read.

2020-12-28 05:14:32 UTC

There’s more...

2020-12-28 05:15:00 UTC

Others he signed today and those to come.

2020-12-28 05:15:01 UTC

I have it on kindle. Bought it before a flight and didn’t finish

2020-12-28 05:15:01 UTC

@EnlightenedHobo, you just advanced to level 2!

2020-12-28 05:15:31 UTC

Apparently no one in Congress has read it😁. Thankfully

2020-12-28 05:16:17 UTC

So the 2k stimulus if off the table?

2020-12-28 05:16:41 UTC

Nope. It’s there.

2020-12-28 05:17:09 UTC

The funds are just being better appropriated to accommodate it.

2020-12-28 05:17:15 UTC

Oh really?

2020-12-28 05:17:31 UTC

I mean in the end its fake money and all but 2k would def help lol

2020-12-28 05:18:00 UTC

From my understanding of every document I’ve read today, yes. Not an attorney but it’s spelled out pretty clearly.

2020-12-28 05:18:47 UTC

2,000 per adult and 600 per child. Family of four gets 5,200 but I would not qualify for the congress proposed bill because I am a student and students were not eligible. I bet that got fixed.

2020-12-28 05:18:47 UTC

Well if so trump is still implementing the art of the deal

2020-12-28 05:18:58 UTC

We are at the finish line guys. Information will explode within a week.

2020-12-28 05:19:09 UTC

Those pardons weren’t for nothin

2020-12-28 05:19:25 UTC

Some came out today. The redlines.

2020-12-28 05:19:46 UTC

Revealed his hand.

2020-12-28 05:19:59 UTC

We deserve. It. We are the Americans...

2020-12-28 05:20:01 UTC

He’s genius! ❤️

2020-12-28 05:20:27 UTC

He should pardon Asonge and Snowden \

2020-12-28 05:20:47 UTC

We also deserve the freedom to work so we don’t depend on handouts that we are paying for or will pay for in the future.

2020-12-28 05:20:55 UTC

I think that’s coming. I think it has to happen. Only a guess.

2020-12-28 05:21:13 UTC

@Livingstone totally agree

2020-12-28 05:21:48 UTC

It looks like the leaked audio recording of Julian and someone in Obama’s office could help in his pursuing a pardon.

2020-12-28 05:22:02 UTC

Illegals were caravanning to the US to get some cheese🤪

2020-12-28 05:22:46 UTC

And vote in Georgia election....

2020-12-28 05:23:01 UTC

They have EVERYTHING. We all know this.

2020-12-28 05:23:06 UTC

It’s timing.

2020-12-28 05:23:26 UTC

Thank you Bush!

2020-12-28 05:23:43 UTC

So there actually has to be grounds to pardon someone?

2020-12-28 05:23:46 UTC


2020-12-28 05:24:09 UTC

It’s no accident. Any of this. All planned perfectly.

2020-12-28 05:24:10 UTC

Oh no. It would definitely help public perception though.

2020-12-28 05:24:20 UTC

Ah ok

2020-12-28 05:25:17 UTC

I mean the news has just been going at Trump for doing 29 pardons. But most of them are going to have an impact on upcoming lawsuits and events. At least that is what I am hoping.

2020-12-28 05:25:55 UTC

So he is pardoning people that can help combat the liberals/democrats?

2020-12-28 05:25:55 UTC

@EnlightenedHobo, you just advanced to level 3!

2020-12-28 05:26:17 UTC

Such a crude generalization

2020-12-28 05:26:46 UTC

Draining the swamp requires sacrifices, don’t ya think?

2020-12-28 05:27:36 UTC

I’m pretty impressed at how few casualties we have had to accomplish this.

2020-12-28 05:28:59 UTC

Agreed. Very crude. But not off. I think that essentially a whole bunch of people we’re incarcerated either to reduce credibility or prevent them from revealing what they know. Flynn should never have been punished. I think that all of these pardons in tandem with a push for declassifying information and having a special counsel or a special grand jury that can hear the newly declassified information leads me to believe that most likely those people who were pardoned will testify on the no longer classified information. 

2020-12-28 05:31:13 UTC

See, they already have information on the 2018 primaries and 2020

2020-12-28 05:31:14 UTC

I hope. What’s funny is a use to be a liberal in the beginning i looked at trump and saw him as the embodiment of American greed and materialism. Now he is our best hope at maintaining our freedoms, capitalism, and democracy.

2020-12-28 05:31:39 UTC

They’ve been collecting it. Thanks to BUSH!❤️

2020-12-28 05:32:37 UTC

Don’t forget the released information showing that the FBI was doing illegal surveillance on trump prior to A formal investigation ever being opened.

2020-12-28 05:33:02 UTC

Sidney has a role but it isn’t what we think it is. This is war, an information war.

2020-12-28 05:33:27 UTC

Absolutely connected. FISA works both ways😁

2020-12-28 05:33:42 UTC
2020-12-28 05:34:30 UTC

What’s y’all opinion on the solar winds attack? Russia? China? Is the power gird compromised ?

2020-12-28 05:34:48 UTC

Information war. JMO

2020-12-28 05:35:17 UTC

That’s the front of the fight. “Look here”, not there.

2020-12-28 05:35:45 UTC

Meanwhile, step into the “snow globe”.

2020-12-28 05:36:08 UTC

In the end.the population is armed... it would bee foolish to invade with force. Better to infiltrate and perform psychological warfare

2020-12-28 05:36:24 UTC

Sleep with people in power

2020-12-28 05:38:19 UTC


2020-12-28 05:38:44 UTC

You know about operation Snow Globe?

2020-12-28 05:40:14 UTC

Check out Patrick Byrne’s admissions.

2020-12-28 05:40:39 UTC

This is what I think. I think that they were numerous issues with the election. I think that it was organized. I think that is why Giuliani who took down the mob with Rico was pulled in because he can see things that a normal person cannot. I think that the style and the way that they were gathering information is probably similar to how a Rico investigation works. I think that Sidney Powell has experience as a military prosecutor. I think that a cyber attack counts as an act of war and that in an act of war a military tribunal brings the charges and delivers verdict. Now believe you me, I could be interpreting everything wrong. I may have no idea what I’m talking about. But from what I am able to understand I firmly believe that there will be a massive lawsuit to prove election fraud, identify all parties involved, and show that it was a coordinated effort under the guise of the coronavirus pandemic that had its beginnings in 2016 when trump got elected.

2020-12-28 05:42:11 UTC

All presented on the Jan 5th electoral college counting/protest?

2020-12-28 05:42:34 UTC

Trump enacts martial law. The military loves him so they comply

2020-12-28 05:42:45 UTC

Hold secondary elections under martial law

2020-12-28 05:42:47 UTC

I think you’re pretty spot on. Trump is not weak. Information war. Nothing is true right now. Half truth until the reveal.

2020-12-28 05:43:17 UTC

With all of the evidence there is no need for military action. There is no need for martial law. Martial law is a very scary thing.

2020-12-28 05:43:28 UTC

Trump won’t need martial law or the insurrection act.

2020-12-28 05:43:42 UTC

He will in blue cities

2020-12-28 05:44:07 UTC

Are they really blue?🤔

2020-12-28 05:44:23 UTC

They letting assholes off with no charges.. yes

2020-12-28 05:44:25 UTC

There are some

2020-12-28 05:45:01 UTC

 The other didn’t stands for itself. Facts cannot lie. But other peoples access to facts and what narrative is being promoted as facts and which fact checkers are credible and which ones are on snopes.com posted by an independent contractor from CNN Make it hard for the truth to come out.

2020-12-28 05:45:29 UTC

Right? How do we know that they didn’t swing red and it was just covered up?

2020-12-28 05:45:31 UTC

Facebook fact checkers as well.

2020-12-28 05:45:46 UTC

Cant believe any of the popular platforms

2020-12-28 05:46:05 UTC

Straight up communist censorship

2020-12-28 05:46:09 UTC

You can’t even believe Trump right now. Rightfully so!

2020-12-28 05:46:39 UTC

Exactly! But the issue is that the platforms are not being treated as publishers. They are acting as publishers but because of 230 they can get away with everything. Creating a false narrative, lying to people and portraying it as news, and preventing access to true and verified information had a detrimental effect on the election.

2020-12-28 05:46:41 UTC

Would you give the enemy a heads up?

2020-12-28 05:47:18 UTC

I would do my best to convince my enemy that I am losing, give them just enough to show their hand, figure out exactly what it is that I need to prove, and then prove it in front of everybody that way it is absolutely indisputable that shit happened.

2020-12-28 05:47:43 UTC


2020-12-28 05:47:50 UTC


2020-12-28 05:47:57 UTC

Liv *

2020-12-28 05:48:32 UTC

Is discord controlled by the left?

2020-12-28 05:49:05 UTC

Make no mistake anyone who seeks to take your rights away is the enemy of our constitution. Our military take an oath to protect our constitution only. They don’t take an oath to protect a president, a king, a dictator, a senator, SCOTUS....the oath is to protect the Constitution.

2020-12-28 05:49:22 UTC

Let’s take a gander at the lawsuits that have been attributed to Trump that have not actually been presented by Trump or his team. Through Texas versus Pennsylvania we were able to find that the case was excepted on merit but not on ground because Texas was supposedly not directly impacted by the results. Trump took the exact same case exact same information and cited that judgment saying that you have excepted this case upon merit and now you have to accept it upon standing because that’s exactly what you said when you denied seeing or reviewing Texas versus Pennsylvania.

2020-12-28 05:49:37 UTC

Discord is monitored by Google.

2020-12-28 05:49:52 UTC

I think I heard that here so don’t quote me on it.

2020-12-28 05:49:56 UTC

If needed, our military is there to defend us but I truly feel they aren’t needed for IA or ML

2020-12-28 05:51:02 UTC

Agreeeeddd!!! As long as the American people can see what is going on. As long as the truth cannot be edited or censored. The facts stand for themselves. Facts don’t need a guided interpretation. But they do need a place where they can be heard, presented with evidence, and put on full display.

2020-12-28 05:51:04 UTC

They’ve bumped into their own walls JMO

2020-12-28 05:51:30 UTC

It’s coming. Just painfully slow.

2020-12-28 05:51:49 UTC

It would not be slow if 230 were repealed tomorrow. It would be a landslide.

2020-12-28 05:51:59 UTC

The problem is disnguishing facts from propaganda.

2020-12-28 05:52:28 UTC

Some of the 230 protects the very chat we have here. It needs tweaking for sure but not removed completely.

2020-12-28 05:53:00 UTC

Yes. Absolutely FB, Twitter etc should be treated as publishers 😁

2020-12-28 05:54:17 UTC

Dorsey and Zuckerberg....You choose to play the game, you gotta follow the rules.

2020-12-28 05:54:19 UTC

There needs to be an official description Of a publisher, other forum, and of a search engine.. Define what it is, define what it can and cannot do, and define the repercussions of what could happen if it were found that a forum was illegally acting as a publisher, or if a search engine was promoting one side of the story.

2020-12-28 05:54:47 UTC

That’s what Trump demanded today in the “deal.”.

2020-12-28 05:54:58 UTC

If sec 230 were repealed, wouldn’t Discord, for example, simply be considered a “platform”?

2020-12-28 05:55:29 UTC

Yeah i agree but we are relying on regulation. The regulating body cant be our current corrupt government ... influenced by big tech lobbyist .

2020-12-28 05:55:45 UTC

Depends on how Congress agrees to amend it.🤷‍♀️

2020-12-28 05:56:35 UTC

The best decision I ever made was at probably 20 or 21. Maybe even before then. I decided that I wasn’t going to do Facebook. I decided I wasn’t gonna do Twitter. I’ve never had an Instagram. I thought about making one to post pictures of my dog. But I’ve had the same email address since I made my email. First name dot last [email protected] I’ve had the same phone number since you thousand and eight. And I call my friends and I see them in person. I don’t understand advertising my life when I should be living it. I don’t have to prove to anybody that I’m living it. Social media it’s just really weird for me.

2020-12-28 05:57:00 UTC

Trump wants more free speech and less suppression of it. I assume he will fight for that. It seems to be his goal.

2020-12-28 05:57:19 UTC


2020-12-28 05:57:26 UTC

I’m new to Discord. But from what I can tell it’s pretty much an open forum/platform with sensible moderators.

2020-12-28 05:57:27 UTC

It’s a marketing issue

2020-12-28 05:57:28 UTC

@EnlightenedHobo, you just advanced to level 4!

2020-12-28 05:57:50 UTC

You smart.

2020-12-28 05:58:07 UTC

Next step is finding an alternate email provider.

2020-12-28 05:58:12 UTC

@meglide hope this is FAKE NEWS

2020-12-28 05:58:37 UTC

@Livingstone its not just them. It’s all social platforms. Including YouTube

2020-12-28 05:58:39 UTC


2020-12-28 05:59:04 UTC

Right. They’ll be lumped in there.

2020-12-28 05:59:28 UTC

you hope Trump is NOT raising money?

2020-12-28 06:00:24 UTC

@meglide I just got an email from Don Jr requesting money

2020-12-28 06:00:41 UTC

might have misread your post -- I took it as he was abusing the funds -- I am distracted.

2020-12-28 06:01:44 UTC

Probably. I mean. Lawsuits are expensive. Then you have to think about the people that need to be paid to collect evidence.

2020-12-28 06:01:55 UTC

Money is freely given and freely spent ... a billionaire gets hard working people to freely send him money, you got to admire that

2020-12-28 06:03:37 UTC

I think that people are trying to imply that there is a misallocation of funds but those dollars were earned and then donated. There is a paper trail for every penny so it seems like the author of the article was just mad that trump doesn’t back down and has a base that is willing to support him financially.

2020-12-28 06:03:45 UTC

Trump’s genius!❤️ worth every penny

2020-12-28 06:03:47 UTC

It's hard to figure out he's trying to shake me down the most Bernie Sanders are Trump?

2020-12-28 06:04:14 UTC

They both spam the s*** out of me.

2020-12-28 06:04:35 UTC

"According to the most recent FEC report, Trump has spent $8.8 million on legal efforts to overturn the election but has used that effort to raise more than $200 million, sending hundreds of email pitches to donors begging them to contribute to his quest to save the election from being stolen by dastardly Democrats." https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/12/08/whos-going-tell-gop-base-that-theyre-being-scammed/

2020-12-28 06:05:54 UTC

i only get emails from gadaffi's son.

2020-12-28 06:06:04 UTC

He has spent that much so far. If a case is still open then he hasn’t had to pay yet, right? I thought payment is due at the end of the case or when it is dismissed?

2020-12-28 06:06:20 UTC

Right on! GJ DJT. It will be spent wisely. I trust that. Have you noticed....Not one politician, who has forced millions out of work, has missed a single paycheck yet.

2020-12-28 06:06:58 UTC

Looks like he doesn’t need my chump change 🤣

2020-12-28 06:06:58 UTC


2020-12-28 06:07:05 UTC

I do find the texts all day annoying but I still haven’t responded stop yet.

2020-12-28 06:07:28 UTC

needs every penny and more ... give till it hurts and then give some more

2020-12-28 06:07:28 UTC

He's still looking for help to emancipate Gaddafi's gold?

2020-12-28 06:08:00 UTC

yes. and he's doing well. new hand and all.

2020-12-28 06:08:08 UTC

200mil is a drop in the bucket for what he’s saving us, for sure!

2020-12-28 06:08:13 UTC

been working on that project for quite some time.

2020-12-28 06:08:56 UTC

a war chest is needed to fight the good cause.

2020-12-28 06:09:13 UTC

all the more reason you should give ... when you get that $600 check just endorse it over the to campaign ... remember more money coming, Trump is fighting for you to get $2k or more

2020-12-28 06:09:58 UTC

He is fighting for us to go back to work

2020-12-28 06:10:18 UTC

Deflection. Remember this is information war.

2020-12-28 06:10:45 UTC

exactly and with all the mainstream media against him, he's going to need that money to pay for TV time to get the word out ... don't delay donate today

2020-12-28 06:11:30 UTC

We were speaking positively about the outcome of our freedom.

2020-12-28 06:11:35 UTC

He needs to buy adspace on YouTube before every single cnn, msnbc, and other news clips.

2020-12-28 06:12:22 UTC

I think it’s gonna happen. I think that it’s going to be a very public release of information.

2020-12-28 06:12:38 UTC

Are you guys really this optimistic or are you being facetious?

2020-12-28 06:13:01 UTC

It absolutely is. We all have choices about what we allow ourselves to be exposed to.

2020-12-28 06:13:17 UTC

Not facetious at all.

2020-12-28 06:13:17 UTC

@Livingstone, you just advanced to level 9!

2020-12-28 06:13:28 UTC

Optimistic. You got a problem with that? 🤪

2020-12-28 06:13:32 UTC

I really think it’s gonna happen.

2020-12-28 06:14:03 UTC

Not at all. I’m just not feeling optimistic.

2020-12-28 06:14:03 UTC

@DangerousFreedom, you just advanced to level 1!

2020-12-28 06:14:12 UTC

well then make sure to put your words to action and donate

2020-12-28 06:14:23 UTC

Fact. Bush and Obama allowed the government to collect EVERYTHING!

2020-12-28 06:14:48 UTC


2020-12-28 06:15:07 UTC

This means Trump has EVERYTHING.

2020-12-28 06:15:35 UTC

Already did. Then I went ahead and emailed my senator, Marsha Blackburn, very proud of her right now. She said no to the porkulus bill. I told her thank you for not signing that bill. And I asked her to continue thinking about Tennesseans and requested that she object and contest electoral votes. 

2020-12-28 06:15:59 UTC

I need to email the incoming senator as well.

2020-12-28 06:17:24 UTC

every dollar gets matched by ten dollars, donate today


2020-12-28 06:17:55 UTC

Xmas special?

2020-12-28 06:18:03 UTC

Is he matching the dollar?

2020-12-28 06:18:31 UTC

tis the season for giving

2020-12-28 06:18:52 UTC

Is that why I have seen that reportedly his wealth has gone from 3.7 billion down to 3?

2020-12-28 06:19:04 UTC

Just while he’s been in office.

2020-12-28 06:19:10 UTC

matching $10 for every $1 given ... that's how generous he is

2020-12-28 06:19:22 UTC


2020-12-28 06:19:30 UTC


2020-12-28 06:21:04 UTC

Think of the army he is up against. So you capture a few, or get them all?

2020-12-28 06:21:23 UTC

He has LONG since had enough info.

2020-12-28 06:21:58 UTC

info he has but $$$ to get the word out he needs

2020-12-28 06:23:49 UTC

He won’t need that with emergency broadcast and other means. Americans shouldn’t have to use our own money to pay for adds to see the truth. Once these entities are seized as per EO2018, perhaps he will broadcast there?

2020-12-28 06:25:43 UTC

This will be the ultimate test of the Emergency Broadcast System 🤣

2020-12-28 06:27:15 UTC

We can trade screenshots till the cows come home. Only when we start projecting FORCE will anything have a hope of changing....

2020-12-28 06:27:36 UTC

People will have to sacrifice

2020-12-28 06:27:39 UTC

Force won’t be needed. Trust Trump.

2020-12-28 06:27:57 UTC

I trust myself and ability to protect

2020-12-28 06:28:03 UTC

The only force I foresee is plenty of arrests 😂

2020-12-28 06:28:08 UTC

He cant protect all of us

2020-12-28 06:28:16 UTC

I pray you’re right

2020-12-28 06:28:48 UTC

If I’m not right, I’m glad you’ve got our back😁

2020-12-28 06:29:13 UTC

Do you not have guns?

2020-12-28 06:29:18 UTC

Hold the line! 😁

2020-12-28 06:29:28 UTC

Nope. Just a taser.

2020-12-28 06:29:34 UTC

I can only protect the weak for so long.

2020-12-28 06:29:39 UTC

I suggest you upgrade

2020-12-28 06:29:44 UTC

My husband has more than I can count, since they’re half mine, yes!

2020-12-28 06:29:51 UTC


2020-12-28 06:30:02 UTC

Dude. Goals!

2020-12-28 06:30:03 UTC

Won’t be needed

2020-12-28 06:30:24 UTC

We are all soldiers of freedom . Corney AF i know

2020-12-28 06:30:35 UTC

Corny but true.

2020-12-28 06:31:21 UTC

The fear patriots, rightfully so. 😁 but we won’t need to militia up.

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