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2020-12-27 23:55:48 UTC

I go in and out on voice chat.

2020-12-27 23:57:19 UTC

@Maw you know they could just get back up generators from a rental company but this is a bad weekend for that

2020-12-27 23:58:20 UTC

Just run the generators out on the street sidewalk... Wire up the backup battery Banks..

2020-12-27 23:59:21 UTC

@Zuluzeit playing hard to get?

2020-12-27 23:59:52 UTC

No, just tune out a lot of stuff. Lol

2020-12-27 23:59:54 UTC

It was a very political answer@Doc ,@Zuluzeit did not just straight up call b*******

2020-12-28 00:00:17 UTC

call bob?

2020-12-28 00:00:21 UTC

call boob?

2020-12-28 00:00:29 UTC

call biscuit?

2020-12-28 00:01:39 UTC

If anything, it would be boob.

2020-12-28 00:02:22 UTC

Boob is good

2020-12-28 00:02:37 UTC

Hooters and Dick's

2020-12-28 00:03:11 UTC

On that block

2020-12-28 00:03:14 UTC

On the same block?

2020-12-28 00:03:20 UTC

Lol yup

2020-12-28 00:03:26 UTC

Btw Doc.

2020-12-28 00:03:27 UTC


2020-12-28 00:03:51 UTC

There was some reason he utilized the RV...

2020-12-28 00:04:19 UTC

Lethal blast range just means 100% death.

2020-12-28 00:04:58 UTC

He could have done the deed on him self with the suicide vest

2020-12-28 00:05:37 UTC

He was a courteous bomber, all things considered

2020-12-28 00:06:11 UTC

Gave a heads up but not so much of one to allow for defusing.

2020-12-28 00:06:18 UTC

It was a random bombing AT&t not the target.../s

2020-12-28 00:06:49 UTC

If he would have managed to set the diesel tanks in that building on fire...

2020-12-28 00:06:56 UTC

AT&t would have had a mess..

2020-12-28 00:07:06 UTC

I still want to think it was only 50-100kg worth of TNT though.

2020-12-28 00:07:16 UTC

They could still have a mess if the structural integrity of the building has been compromised.

2020-12-28 00:07:19 UTC

Since there were people around.

2020-12-28 00:07:39 UTC

It seemed like there was a fair number of people in apartments around the area.

2020-12-28 00:07:47 UTC

Some number

2020-12-28 00:07:56 UTC

Some were directly on the street for adjacent streets.

2020-12-28 00:08:19 UTC

Like, serious injury generally means ruptured ear drums, glass exploding into your face and neck, and other such things.

2020-12-28 00:08:31 UTC

Maybe the RV also gave him a platform that carried DC voltage easily to utilize.

2020-12-28 00:09:00 UTC

And serious lung injury.

2020-12-28 00:09:34 UTC

Detonating explosives in the middle of a city isn't a non-violent act.

2020-12-28 00:10:24 UTC

This is only 164 lbs (~74 kg) tannerite on a barn.

2020-12-28 00:10:42 UTC

You just linked it 🤷 it's a guess that China setup Russia for hacking the US no evidence points to that being the case. Without access to the investigation that's a reach.

2020-12-28 00:10:56 UTC

wood != brick

2020-12-28 00:11:50 UTC

The guy used to have a license to deal with explosives... So he had a good understanding.

2020-12-28 00:12:26 UTC

I mean our own CIA knows how to

2020-12-28 00:12:34 UTC

Everybody knows that..

2020-12-28 00:12:44 UTC

Or they should.

2020-12-28 00:12:51 UTC

they don't

2020-12-28 00:13:04 UTC

Well then they aren't too smart.

2020-12-28 00:13:12 UTC

it isn't about being smart

2020-12-28 00:13:25 UTC

They aren't too wise.

2020-12-28 00:13:37 UTC

people think this shit is "conspiracy theory shit"

2020-12-28 00:14:00 UTC

I mean what do they think the hackers are hanging out in Putin's basement directly connecting to targets?

2020-12-28 00:14:29 UTC

@Archiver✿(Fake Art Open) I understand your frustration I was trying to argue this point weeks ago.

2020-12-28 00:14:54 UTC

Or whenever the supernova hack became public.

2020-12-28 00:14:59 UTC

a lot of times, people just don't know what happened. They just know that they aren't getting the truth or the whole story

2020-12-28 00:15:19 UTC

Agreed. Like In 2016.

2020-12-28 00:15:50 UTC

I won't even ask why?

2020-12-28 00:16:04 UTC

Looks like it's just more evidence proving Snowden right.

2020-12-28 00:16:27 UTC

Doesn't matter why. I just know we didn't get the truth cuz reezunz.

2020-12-28 00:16:50 UTC

He is and it is why more people don't speak out. Good people get destroyed

2020-12-28 00:17:01 UTC

corruption isn't new in america

2020-12-28 00:17:34 UTC

Well let's just see if Mr. Trump actually pardons Assange/Snowden.

2020-12-28 00:17:40 UTC

Something tells me he won't though.

2020-12-28 00:18:13 UTC

same. I don't trust the plan. One man doesn't overcome a systematic corruption.

2020-12-28 00:18:22 UTC

@Bey That is more than tannerite. If you freeze the video in just the right frame you see the cruise missile.

2020-12-28 00:18:42 UTC

lmfao doc

2020-12-28 00:23:27 UTC

Then how about natural stone?

2020-12-28 00:23:27 UTC

@Bey, you just advanced to level 17!

2020-12-28 00:25:15 UTC

@Bey That is clearly a tactical nuke

2020-12-28 00:25:19 UTC

I don't know what you're trying to say here.

2020-12-28 00:25:25 UTC

israeli probably

2020-12-28 00:25:31 UTC

2020-12-28 00:25:34 UTC

It didn't actually do much damage to the stone.

2020-12-28 00:25:35 UTC


2020-12-28 00:25:36 UTC


2020-12-28 00:25:56 UTC

Well, it was only a tiny 40 lbs

2020-12-28 00:26:10 UTC

yes? I know my bombs. I spend 98% of my spare time on explopedia.

2020-12-28 00:26:32 UTC

Explodipedia sounds better.

2020-12-28 00:27:02 UTC

oh....thats why I got so many prostate exam videos!

2020-12-28 00:28:32 UTC

But yeah, that explosion looked more volatile because of the inclusion of fuel for a fire bomb.

2020-12-28 00:29:18 UTC

Also they had to carve out a hole to get a bigger mess.

2020-12-28 00:30:41 UTC

Many people saying it is impossible for tannerite to have been used, but they don't realize that tannerite contains ammonium nitrate (as well as ammonium perchlorate). Tannerite can be used to detonate ANFO (as ANFO needs a powerful detonation, such as dynamite, to initiate it).

2020-12-28 00:30:53 UTC


2020-12-28 00:31:10 UTC

my dude, I literally have said it's most likely tannerite for like 3 days.

2020-12-28 00:31:32 UTC

sorry, have been away for the past few days for the holiday

2020-12-28 00:32:01 UTC

I never even insinuated it's not tannerite, which is why I was so confused.

2020-12-28 00:33:16 UTC

When you said ``wood != brick`` I took it as you saying tannerite couldn't have done the damage in TN

2020-12-28 00:33:53 UTC

No it simply means it's not equal.

2020-12-28 00:34:28 UTC

Therefore 130 kg of tannerite blowing over an old, decrepit barn isn't really saying much.

2020-12-28 00:35:01 UTC

When like almost every tree on that block was ripped from its roots.

2020-12-28 00:35:16 UTC

There is a video out there with 50 lbs destroying a car. The thing got pretty well mangled.

2020-12-28 00:35:56 UTC

Right now, everything is speculation, though.

2020-12-28 00:36:03 UTC

Anything in the epicenter of an explosion will be mangled, it's more relevant how far the damage moves out of the epicenter to determine how large the explosion was.

2020-12-28 00:36:04 UTC

or calculation

2020-12-28 00:36:41 UTC

speculation, calculation, dilapidation - all I want to say is that they dont really care about us!

2020-12-28 00:36:51 UTC

There is a possibility to do that much damage that tannerite was used as the initiator for ANFO.

2020-12-28 00:37:25 UTC

if he hit the right location, he could have caused a secondary explosion to go off

2020-12-28 00:37:46 UTC

They were able to find the VIN number in the wreckage?

2020-12-28 00:37:51 UTC

If one is right next to it, the blast would conceal the report of the gunshot that initiates it.

2020-12-28 00:38:06 UTC

Or somehow delineated the VIN number by other manufacturing serial numbers.

2020-12-28 00:38:28 UTC

2020-12-28 00:39:20 UTC

they found a piece with the text "..loser than they appear". Feds are trying to work out if this is a right wing extremist slogan.

2020-12-28 00:41:08 UTC

Ha. Ha. I could actually believe that

2020-12-28 00:41:08 UTC

Sometimes it seems like this event is being used as a pretext to "round up any right wing or conservative person" after Biden is installed as the new CCP puppet... I mean president.

2020-12-28 00:42:21 UTC

indeed. if you play the song "downtown" backwards, you hear the words "Biden for chairman!"

2020-12-28 00:44:12 UTC

On a more serious note; if I was the CCP, I would not only install my puppet. I would install a complete fool...a vulgar man suffering from deletion syndrome, first. To wreck the entire union. That way people would be practically begging for my guy after that.

2020-12-28 00:44:41 UTC

I wouldn't even have to rig the election.

2020-12-28 00:44:43 UTC

That kinda denotes a not-so-great risk of explosion.

2020-12-28 00:44:54 UTC

Real high fire likelihood though.

2020-12-28 00:46:35 UTC

I would then sell the narrative to fractions of the population that the election was rigged. This would create massive unrest, people setting off that when my guys gets into office in the middle of this unrest, he gets to create some draconian laws up front. Makes it easier for him.

2020-12-28 00:47:08 UTC

That`s what I would do, if I was a head of the Ministry of State Security.

2020-12-28 00:47:30 UTC

Only wildcard being if people would be stupid enough to go along with this plan and attack eachother.

2020-12-28 00:47:47 UTC

I've been hearing great things about martial law. Maybe they'll get their wish in 01/21.

2020-12-28 00:48:13 UTC

imposed by who?

2020-12-28 00:48:21 UTC


2020-12-28 00:48:45 UTC

Yes, the newly inaugurated winner of the election.

2020-12-28 00:48:49 UTC

There might be some limits, I'm not sure, when it comes down to State vs. Federal

2020-12-28 00:49:07 UTC

No, no. Martial Law is good. We agree.

2020-12-28 00:49:08 UTC

Certainly would hope so, wouldn't want to test that theory personally.

2020-12-28 00:49:23 UTC

@Adam135 Remember that the party is the state, the state is the party and within it marches the federation!

2020-12-28 00:49:49 UTC

I'm not sure if they could strongly justify martial law if people are getting vaccines now. Or maybe it would mostly be in response to civil unrest after inauguration

2020-12-28 00:50:09 UTC

Seriously, if Trump declared martial law, I'd be done, just play "The Imperial March" and I'm outie 5000.

2020-12-28 00:50:25 UTC

I'm starting to get the marshal virus.

2020-12-28 00:50:31 UTC

I want one of those massive metal dogs

2020-12-28 00:50:41 UTC

Everyone misspelling it all the time is infectious.

2020-12-28 00:50:49 UTC

I mean, if it's ok to advocate for it in order for a guy to seize power, surely it's ok to use to maintain law and order. Keep that same energy, guys.

2020-12-28 00:51:01 UTC

true, but they had back-up generator or batteries in enclosed spaces.

2020-12-28 00:51:28 UTC

I wouldn't be so sure, it's a slippery slope when it comes to justifying extreme use of power.

2020-12-28 00:51:50 UTC

I'm sure Zulu agrees with you, but he's kind of trolling you.

2020-12-28 00:52:18 UTC

@Adam135 Oh, for sure. Maybe people haven't been thinking their desires through.

2020-12-28 00:52:49 UTC

Zulu agrees it is a slippery slope, but since he was on the 1991 winter olympics bobsleigh team, he might mean it differently

2020-12-28 00:52:58 UTC


2020-12-28 00:53:13 UTC

I noticed the money in my account has less buying power than it did about 10 months ago

2020-12-28 00:53:13 UTC

The idea that Trump or Biden enacting martial law should concern anyone.

2020-12-28 00:53:16 UTC

That's his point.

2020-12-28 00:53:27 UTC

Not just those who are against your ideology.

2020-12-28 00:53:38 UTC

Indeed. Don't go developing amnesia is all I'm saying.

2020-12-28 00:53:41 UTC

I fear that guy Triden. He sounds like a missile.

2020-12-28 00:53:48 UTC

Donjo Triden.

2020-12-28 00:53:50 UTC


2020-12-28 00:53:51 UTC

dangerous man.

2020-12-28 00:53:57 UTC

Everyone has a little missile in them.

2020-12-28 00:54:09 UTC

its inside you right now?

2020-12-28 00:54:14 UTC

South Park is gonnah have a field day with 2020

2020-12-28 00:54:20 UTC


2020-12-28 00:54:23 UTC

Lol yup

2020-12-28 00:54:35 UTC

Sadly, no more President Garrison,

2020-12-28 00:55:12 UTC

Not wanting to be president is why they liked him so much.

2020-12-28 00:55:51 UTC

I wonder if PC Principal will let him have his job back

2020-12-28 00:56:09 UTC


2020-12-28 00:56:54 UTC

PC principal is still around? I feel like they should have kept him only for that story line.

2020-12-28 00:57:12 UTC

Yes, it's actually a surprisingly good fit for characters.

2020-12-28 00:57:26 UTC

They've done episodes revolving around him multiple times.

2020-12-28 00:57:54 UTC

I haven't seen the last couple seasons :(

2020-12-28 00:58:59 UTC

Now I have to watch enough Queen's Gambit to indulge a conversation tomorrow with someone who recommended it.

2020-12-28 00:59:22 UTC

It's not exactly gripping.

2020-12-28 00:59:59 UTC

Queens gambit. Saw a few a episodes not bad

2020-12-28 01:01:57 UTC

I've seen that one. Classic.

2020-12-28 01:04:49 UTC

Isn't it interesting that they can solve a bombing is under 48 hrs and yet they can't figure anything out after months with the election...

2020-12-28 01:06:38 UTC

Is it worth watching? It’s not calling my name.

2020-12-28 01:06:52 UTC

Thats because they did the bomb themselves, but the election was a screw up, @Bey

2020-12-28 01:07:31 UTC

CNN: If you want to travel next year, you may need a vaccine passport.

2020-12-28 01:07:48 UTC

@Livingstone If that is the criteria, the only TV show you will get to see is a documentary on Henry M. Stanley.

2020-12-28 01:08:27 UTC


2020-12-28 01:08:37 UTC

I think I saw in one of the photos of a Dominion machine, a beam of light that could have been a D.E.W. and it alter the votes!

2020-12-28 01:09:00 UTC

Scotty for president!

2020-12-28 01:09:50 UTC

Scotty? But... Scotty doesn't know!

2020-12-28 01:12:11 UTC

> Isn't it interesting that they can solve a bombing is under 48 hrs and yet they can't figure anything out after months with the election...
@Bey Yeah, it's almost like there is nothing to find. Almost.

2020-12-28 01:16:14 UTC

@Livingstone shall we discuss dr. Livingstone?

2020-12-28 01:16:25 UTC

1) Is he related to you?

2020-12-28 01:17:02 UTC

2) Is the Rovuma river findings allowed to discuss in the US?

2020-12-28 01:17:09 UTC

(they are probably illegal here)

2020-12-28 01:18:13 UTC

Of course. Murica.

2020-12-28 01:18:22 UTC

There are multiple Livingstone clans. Also spelled Livingston. When they used to do the census and families would go and tell people their name, whoever did the census was literate and able to write whereas not all families were. Whether the E at the end was kept or lost through the generations depended on location and census taker.

2020-12-28 01:18:22 UTC

@Livingstone, you just advanced to level 7!

2020-12-28 01:18:43 UTC

2020-12-28 01:19:03 UTC

cencus takers reminds me of whine.

2020-12-28 01:19:21 UTC

He was a technical person@Doc

2020-12-28 01:19:44 UTC

@Livingstone So are you related to dr. David Livingstone?

2020-12-28 01:19:53 UTC

I wonder if that's how he knew that woman that..

2020-12-28 01:20:30 UTC

Definitely the type to tinker and play around with things in his free time. Most people that hold hands on jobs have household projects.

2020-12-28 01:21:13 UTC

@Doc do you think the explosive was tannerite?

2020-12-28 01:21:39 UTC

That was a hell of a project.

2020-12-28 01:22:10 UTC

Nope. Different branch. I am related to Philip Livingston who signed the Declaration of Independence.

2020-12-28 01:22:57 UTC

Grandmother did the whole daughters of the revolution thing in the eighties.

2020-12-28 01:23:23 UTC

Traced the lineage back on all sides of her family.

2020-12-28 01:23:44 UTC

@busillis No idea. My experience with tannerite is very limited. My guess is in TNTequivalents

2020-12-28 01:24:06 UTC

I don't think it was tannerite either.

2020-12-28 01:24:27 UTC

@Livingstone well, close enough I suppose. Source of the Nile or source of he US....

2020-12-28 01:32:42 UTC

The guy seems so normal. Doesn’t cause a fuss, goes about his business, takes care of his yard, I mean family squabbles are normal. Somewhere it was discussed how he had a job connection to explosives but I don’t remember if it’s here or in another thread.

2020-12-28 01:34:20 UTC

He had a ATF explosives handling license, according to some news report.

2020-12-28 01:34:21 UTC

You expected two heads?

2020-12-28 01:34:24 UTC
2020-12-28 01:35:16 UTC

You do realize that ammonium nitrate is one of the main ingredients, don't you? Another is aluminum powder. But tannerite is NH4NO3 that is formulated to detonate from a high velocity impacted using a perchlorate in its formulation.

2020-12-28 01:35:19 UTC

The license could cover from fireworks displays to explosives for demolition use. It would be interesting to know what he did with explosives.

2020-12-28 01:35:41 UTC

Not two heads, but maybe a more obvious motive. I mean everyone has a breaking point. Some shave their heads, get a tattoo, but not usually bomb a communications/data center.

2020-12-28 01:45:42 UTC

I realized that. Also realize you can buy ammonium nitrate from any farm supply store.

2020-12-28 01:48:44 UTC

@Livingstone this is the problem with the lone actors. Those who are all over the internet with their opinions very rarely have the balls to do anything. Those that *have* balls, are usually quiet.

2020-12-28 01:49:13 UTC

@busillis contaminated only, I suggest.

2020-12-28 01:49:19 UTC

Quiet balls...

2020-12-28 01:49:32 UTC

very quiet balls.

2020-12-28 01:50:52 UTC

It looks like tannerite is the patented blend of oxidizer, aluminum nitrate, and aluminum powder catalyst. So if it’s patented then it’s public knowledge and it looks like just an oxidizer and fuel source is needed.

2020-12-28 01:53:04 UTC

I know there was some discussion about putting tagins into ammonium nitrate don't ever know what happened to that.

2020-12-28 01:55:06 UTC

Although I am not suggesting more actions like this, I do believe there is a need for more quiet big balls events to take place and get things going. I mean the Newsom recall is gaining momentum, six counts of impeachment have been brought to the court against Whitmer. I want more! I want court cases filed, I want restrictions lifted, I want a nation wide mask mandate to give the illusion of safety as jobs are opened and people can try to find a sense of normalcy.

2020-12-28 01:56:23 UTC

Let us hope that people don't do actions like what was done in Nashville.

2020-12-28 01:57:24 UTC

2020-12-28 01:58:37 UTC

That woman is his damn daughter...

2020-12-28 01:58:53 UTC

@busillis Im not comfortable discussing details of the processes.

2020-12-28 01:59:21 UTC

I removed it

2020-12-28 01:59:38 UTC

Anybody who took organic chemistry in college...

2020-12-28 01:59:47 UTC

@Livingstone Normalcy will never return. The world moves forward.

2020-12-28 01:59:53 UTC

And who is stupid enough...

2020-12-28 02:00:11 UTC

actually, ammonium nitrate would be inorganic chemistry. 😄

2020-12-28 02:00:51 UTC

TNT would be organic

2020-12-28 02:02:09 UTC

I'm wondering what the primer was?

2020-12-28 02:02:35 UTC

Then we will move to a new normal. Life is always in motion. You move and adapt. But restrictions allow no room for growth which means that we cannot develop a new normal.

2020-12-28 02:02:59 UTC

I will go anywhere, as long as it is forward!

2020-12-28 02:03:28 UTC

but you are wrong, the new normal will be one of restrictions. The same normal my grand mother knew.

2020-12-28 02:03:53 UTC

restrictions allow for growth into the restrictions.

2020-12-28 02:04:21 UTC

society will adapt to the virus, just as it is adapting to us.

2020-12-28 02:05:04 UTC

remember than a disease free existence is what was abnormal. It lasted for over 50 years. That was quite the run.

2020-12-28 02:06:38 UTC

2020-12-28 02:07:24 UTC

@Doc what I previously described and removed is just an extraction no chemistry at all...

2020-12-28 02:07:40 UTC


2020-12-28 02:07:51 UTC

i know

2020-12-28 02:08:02 UTC

I know you know but I had to get the last word in...

2020-12-28 02:08:13 UTC


2020-12-28 02:08:43 UTC

they look related

2020-12-28 02:08:55 UTC

Explosives chemistry is dangerous.

2020-12-28 02:09:09 UTC

Do you really think they look alike cuz I do

2020-12-28 02:09:28 UTC

ya, some genetic markers there

2020-12-28 02:10:09 UTC

shared, I mean

2020-12-28 02:10:46 UTC

Nose, jawline, cheekbone, eyebrow spacing.

2020-12-28 02:10:52 UTC

It would be a lot more likely that someone would quit deed at home or homes to their kid.

2020-12-28 02:11:37 UTC

@Livingstone did you catch the offset eyebrow?

2020-12-28 02:11:53 UTC

that could be mimicry, but either way it speaks relation.

2020-12-28 02:12:04 UTC

Left eyebrow is slightly lifted.

2020-12-28 02:12:15 UTC


2020-12-28 02:12:23 UTC

and just the same amount.

2020-12-28 02:12:29 UTC

Also there's a family cultural linkage....the grandfather work for AT&t this guy's an electronics it person and she has worked for a string of startups that develop software for music venues.

2020-12-28 02:12:30 UTC

very low probability of random find

2020-12-28 02:12:49 UTC

@busillis daddy's girl

2020-12-28 02:12:52 UTC

From what I can tell.

2020-12-28 02:12:52 UTC

how sad

2020-12-28 02:13:14 UTC

If the guy was an IT person he would be well aware that everything is already spying on you.

2020-12-28 02:13:20 UTC

@Livingstone hairline

2020-12-28 02:13:29 UTC

and scull proportions

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