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2020-12-26 05:20:24 UTC

He bought it

2020-12-26 05:20:38 UTC

@james j if he bought it do you think it'll be easily traced back to him?

2020-12-26 05:20:42 UTC

@busillis I think there may be out to be some symbolism in blowing himself up in his home on wheels or it was just convenient to turn your house into a moving bomb.

2020-12-26 05:21:06 UTC

Well is there any piece of the rv left

2020-12-26 05:21:23 UTC

There's probably all kinds of pieces of the RV left...

2020-12-26 05:21:41 UTC

Identifying pieces

2020-12-26 05:21:43 UTC

About a million.

2020-12-26 05:21:45 UTC

To trace

2020-12-26 05:22:02 UTC

He could have scratched out the vin and had no plates

2020-12-26 05:22:15 UTC

He could have left the rv parked and not actually died

2020-12-26 05:22:19 UTC

Think about it.... AT&T....T&T...

2020-12-26 05:22:20 UTC

There's casting numbers on the engine block...

2020-12-26 05:22:32 UTC

Put in a new engine

2020-12-26 05:22:38 UTC

I wonder if he was playing AC/DC before the great reveal.

2020-12-26 05:22:41 UTC

Didn't they change their name to ATt

2020-12-26 05:22:50 UTC


2020-12-26 05:22:54 UTC


2020-12-26 05:23:06 UTC

& T&T

2020-12-26 05:23:11 UTC

The guy isn’t dead

2020-12-26 05:23:12 UTC


2020-12-26 05:23:19 UTC

Over the loudspeaker

2020-12-26 05:23:20 UTC

Robert lives!!!

2020-12-26 05:23:56 UTC

I don't think the bomb was ANFO

2020-12-26 05:23:58 UTC

I think you're about to be very disappointed.

2020-12-26 05:24:09 UTC

So that means he had to synthesize this explosive..

2020-12-26 05:24:12 UTC

Correct, it was likely tannerite.

2020-12-26 05:24:18 UTC

They found pieces of remains that could be a pigeon

2020-12-26 05:24:20 UTC

@Maw tell that to the Elvis fans...

2020-12-26 05:24:25 UTC

He lived

2020-12-26 05:24:28 UTC

I don't think it was tannerite..

2020-12-26 05:24:46 UTC

Cuz I don't think the gun shots were real gunshots they were just on the recording.

2020-12-26 05:25:06 UTC

That's based off of what somebody said

2020-12-26 05:25:17 UTC

Metro Nashville Police Department Chief John Drake on Friday evening said investigators found tissue near the blast site. They will be examined, he said, to determine whether they are human remains. He could not say how close the tissue was to the site where the motor home exploded.

2020-12-26 05:25:37 UTC

Could be meat from the Brazilian restaurant

2020-12-26 05:26:10 UTC

If it was a pigon, I am looking forward to the case:

2020-12-26 05:26:25 UTC

Or parts of a squirrel

2020-12-26 05:26:48 UTC

I know a guy who looks like one.

2020-12-26 05:27:13 UTC

All the squirrels near my apartment got really fat for the winter

2020-12-26 05:27:22 UTC

One has a growth on its nose

2020-12-26 05:27:35 UTC

@james j a pigeon???

2020-12-26 05:27:41 UTC


2020-12-26 05:27:43 UTC

his name was Jim

2020-12-26 05:27:47 UTC

Speckled Jim

2020-12-26 05:27:49 UTC

@Roadtrek Girl a squirrel

2020-12-26 05:28:26 UTC

A plastic pigeon.

2020-12-26 05:28:57 UTC

crisis actor pigeon

2020-12-26 05:29:11 UTC

pretending to have its wings blown off

2020-12-26 05:29:18 UTC

I think the lady that called CNN might have been a crisis actor.

2020-12-26 05:29:46 UTC

I was actually asked to be a crisis actor once.

2020-12-26 05:30:12 UTC

@Doc really..

2020-12-26 05:30:14 UTC

@james j The RV looked all spiffed up for a special occasion, before the boom.

2020-12-26 05:30:24 UTC

they wanted me to lose an arm, and I therefore insisted on wearing an eye patch. That didnt go over so well.

2020-12-26 05:30:49 UTC

It seems like training pigeons for crisis acting as a pretty specialized field.

2020-12-26 05:31:02 UTC

maybe they disliked the shirt with the blondes too...

2020-12-26 05:31:18 UTC

@Roadtrek Girl gotta make sure you clean everything and make your vehicle untraceable

2020-12-26 05:31:35 UTC

You can't make a vehicle untraceable.

2020-12-26 05:31:41 UTC

will not the bomb do that for you?

2020-12-26 05:32:00 UTC

It might work in the movies but not in real life.

2020-12-26 05:32:19 UTC

That's why most people steal vehicles for s*** like this.

2020-12-26 05:32:21 UTC

I wouldnt know. I have only blown up cars from a distance.

2020-12-26 05:32:39 UTC

In terms of catching people...

2020-12-26 05:32:51 UTC

The engine block probably didn't blow up and it has casting numbers on it.

2020-12-26 05:32:59 UTC

A bomb helps @busillis

2020-12-26 05:33:10 UTC

Doubt it

2020-12-26 05:33:34 UTC

Did you miss when I said you could get a new engine @busillis guy could have been a mechanic

2020-12-26 05:33:48 UTC

I have on good authority that the engine block is now in geostationary orbit.

2020-12-26 05:34:08 UTC

Put a Nissan Versa engine into his rv

2020-12-26 05:34:20 UTC

NASA might be able to read the numbers, using the hubble telescope.

2020-12-26 05:35:03 UTC

@james j and no doubt the sheila shine on the RV body hid all kinds of trace evidence😁

2020-12-26 05:35:39 UTC

I you are going into the jungle, make a statement! If you want to fight, clash!

2020-12-26 05:35:56 UTC

@Roadtrek Girl when you pay attention to detail and prepare for your Christmas bombing giving your rv a once over seems routine

2020-12-26 05:36:32 UTC

Golly. I wish you guys would talk about the Tiffany Dover conspiracy like y’all talk about this.

2020-12-26 05:36:41 UTC

james, your local law enforcement will now freak out every time you polish your car...

2020-12-26 05:36:52 UTC

No conspiracies

2020-12-26 05:37:12 UTC

I do think suicide bombers have short lived routines.

2020-12-26 05:37:15 UTC

@Doc I don’t wash my car in the winter. Snow and rain takes care of it

2020-12-26 05:37:20 UTC

Excuse me. Social discussion of possible speculations.

2020-12-26 05:37:32 UTC

I don’t think there was a suicide

2020-12-26 05:38:00 UTC

Neither do I. In one of the videos you can see his ejector seat fire, just before the explosion.

2020-12-26 05:38:36 UTC

@Livingstone only known facts with heavy skepticism on speculation

2020-12-26 05:38:53 UTC

2020-12-26 05:39:00 UTC

@Doc I think he left his rv parked and then went off to make the call to the cops

2020-12-26 05:39:04 UTC

here you see the ejector seat

2020-12-26 05:39:15 UTC

@james j you have really added to the entertainment value of this discussion.

2020-12-26 05:39:51 UTC

The truth is better than tall tales @Roadtrek Girl

2020-12-26 05:40:18 UTC

well, the truth is clearly visible in the video.

2020-12-26 05:40:30 UTC

He prob is half way to Vietnam by now

2020-12-26 05:40:54 UTC

its a custom built RV with an ejector seat. Level of advancement suggests state actor.

2020-12-26 05:42:36 UTC

@james j I tried to plot his trajectory based on the ejection video, and I think he landed in Swift Current, Saskatchewan

2020-12-26 05:42:58 UTC

plus or minus 10 km

2020-12-26 05:43:02 UTC

I would say a drone with a camera and gun . Trigger on top of the rv

2020-12-26 05:43:08 UTC

His air conditioner is stuck in LEO.

2020-12-26 05:43:14 UTC

Prob used a drone to make sure the streets were clear

2020-12-26 05:43:36 UTC

He must really want to get caught.

2020-12-26 05:43:42 UTC


2020-12-26 05:43:52 UTC

he is safe in Saskatchewan

2020-12-26 05:43:54 UTC

for now.

2020-12-26 05:44:23 UTC

It'll be difficult to prosecute all the little pieces.

2020-12-26 05:44:28 UTC

He is watching the news pleased no one got hurt

2020-12-26 05:44:41 UTC

he will be evacuated by snowmobile and dogsled tomorrow

2020-12-26 05:45:18 UTC

*possibly* a down hill ski-shootout.

2020-12-26 05:45:27 UTC

But no promises.

2020-12-26 05:45:30 UTC

It is Saskatchewan

2020-12-26 05:45:57 UTC

except, you know, the 3 people that got hurt.

2020-12-26 05:46:11 UTC

crisis actors

2020-12-26 05:46:18 UTC

hired by Robert

2020-12-26 05:47:35 UTC

Not Robert Gruler. Robert Paulson.

2020-12-26 05:47:38 UTC

Just to be clear.

2020-12-26 05:47:42 UTC

They are already out of the hospital @Maw

2020-12-26 05:47:50 UTC

Minor injury @Maw

2020-12-26 05:52:22 UTC

@james j you sound like you know this perp pretty well.

2020-12-26 05:52:50 UTC

Based on all known information this is most likely

2020-12-26 05:59:49 UTC

Robert and James used to date.

2020-12-26 06:03:40 UTC

@Maw Dick Cheney was VP under Bush

2020-12-26 06:09:48 UTC

@Zuluzeit are re-education camps a thing?

2020-12-26 06:11:56 UTC

@Zuluzeit told you 😁 . I can see why you guys thought he was Secretary of Defense. Bush let him play a pretty big role in foreign policy.

2020-12-26 06:12:37 UTC

He was essentially Co-President

2020-12-26 06:13:03 UTC

@Zuluzeit my 80 year old aunt in CO has been talking re-education camps outside of Denver.

2020-12-26 06:14:37 UTC

@Zuluzeit didn't think so but sometimes it is hard for me to tell when you are kidding %D

2020-12-26 06:22:07 UTC

2020-12-26 10:58:56 UTC

They are in China. As well as organ harvesting. ... The real world Nazi state with the atrocities we hear about when we learn about WWII.

2020-12-26 15:23:01 UTC

2020-12-26 16:05:49 UTC

Does anybody have any recommendations on the 2 in 1 laptop that has the ability to accept a direct 4G 5G connection? ...

2020-12-26 16:05:58 UTC


2020-12-26 16:06:21 UTC

The last time I got a crappy Asus two and one running Chromebook os or whatever it's called, the damn battery died.... By dead I have to replace the battery.

2020-12-26 16:06:24 UTC


2020-12-26 16:06:47 UTC

Useless ass Chinese shit

2020-12-26 16:07:01 UTC


2020-12-26 16:08:15 UTC

Also does anybody know anything about a navigation system that will reroute traffic jams automatically?

2020-12-26 16:08:47 UTC

Please let me know...

2020-12-26 16:10:41 UTC


2020-12-26 16:11:53 UTC

One more thing did these devices that supposedly detect police radar laser beam detection systems actually work?

2020-12-26 16:11:55 UTC


2020-12-26 18:49:34 UTC

Anyone know anything abt the Nashville bombing? I’ve seen some weird stuff

2020-12-26 20:06:10 UTC

Other channel

2020-12-26 22:47:43 UTC

@RobertGrulerEsq @Maw
Since Pakistan came up a few times just as a info whether folks agree or not we have programs in some countries where the living conditions are the worst globally for women in terms of just barbaric equal treatment. Related info from Wiki

2020-12-26 22:47:59 UTC


2020-12-26 22:48:17 UTC

What is this relative to?

2020-12-26 22:48:41 UTC

I've known all about their treatment of women for years, except this seems sort of random.

2020-12-26 23:09:29 UTC

Gender program spending on that bill

2020-12-26 23:11:04 UTC

I've participated in numerous web forums , but this Discord Forum is the most frustrating to negotiate by far...

2020-12-26 23:17:17 UTC

Navigate? I'm not sure I follow, just wondering if you typo'd.

2020-12-26 23:25:53 UTC

Negotiate and navigate are somewhat interchangeable in certain contexts

2020-12-27 00:11:04 UTC

Definition of: 'navigate' is: 'to move on, over, or through (water, air, or land) in a ship or aircraft: to navigate a river.'. Learn more at: ''

Definition of: 'negotiate' is: 'to deal or bargain with another or others, as in the preparation of a treaty or contract or in preliminaries to a business deal.'. Learn more at: ''

2020-12-27 00:15:20 UTC

So about Nashville...let’s hope I don’t get a Richard Jewell...

2020-12-27 00:15:54 UTC

I am about to head-desk into my table and break it in half if you just linked me a single definition of a word that has multiple definitions.

2020-12-27 00:17:09 UTC

: to make one's way over or through : traverse … navigate the Internet via hypertext links connecting information-rich computers around the world.

2020-12-27 00:17:15 UTC

: get around, move was well enough to navigate under his own power

2020-12-27 00:17:22 UTC

: to steer a course through a medium specifically : to operate an airplane navigate by instrument

2020-12-27 00:17:34 UTC

It's literally called UI navigation.

2020-12-27 00:22:12 UTC

It's UI navigation is just that, to the purpose of navigating through the software to get where you want to go. This is also part of the series of intuitiveness.

2020-12-27 00:45:45 UTC

Busillis, I know that automobiles manufactured post 2016 or around there, have electronics that can stop a car remotely, or override certain functions so maybe by now they have more technology. Of course, I have no first hand knowledge but has been a thing demonstrated and talked about. Would not be surprised if someone could orchestrate something akin to directing traffic if not now, maybe soon?

2020-12-27 15:46:44 UTC
2020-12-27 16:03:46 UTC

Tesla is trying to have the cars coordinate and drive themselves with 5G and starlink satellites so it’s def possible.

2020-12-27 17:29:08 UTC

Yes! Elon Musk alluded to that on the Joe Rogan show. I think during his first interview w Joe. He said one series is programmed to beethoven or mozart, maybe need a satellite for that.

2020-12-27 18:05:25 UTC

Question all, not sure ifnit has been addressed already because I'm a bit behind. So im watching the dec 22nd show. And Rob mentioned that AOC and ilhan omar both bither non on the stimulus bill(and showed a slide that showed the same). But im doing some further research and im finding that in fact that doesn't seems to be true. They both voted yes. Has anything be brought up as to why there is that discrepancy?

Edit: okay so i see that she vote no to the first vote, but voted yes in the second vote.

2020-12-27 21:41:16 UTC

Reportedly: A news agency said that Betty Lane (Allegedly Anthony's mother) told reporters: "He's a good man, I'm devastated and upset. I can't say anymore."

2020-12-27 21:41:39 UTC

Meaning they are pretty sure he's dead and they've told her.

2020-12-27 21:42:21 UTC

We'll find out in 15 minutes.

2020-12-27 21:45:43 UTC

the daughter of David Lane.

2020-12-27 21:45:48 UTC

comes together now.

2020-12-27 21:48:52 UTC

Yes, it was found to be a hoax.

2020-12-27 21:49:03 UTC


2020-12-27 21:49:32 UTC

everone with an RV they dont need can now have some fun

2020-12-27 21:50:25 UTC

That's a crappy joke doc.

2020-12-27 21:50:39 UTC

But I guess if people are crazy they can do that.

2020-12-27 21:51:37 UTC

people like both crappy jokes and attention.

2020-12-27 21:52:13 UTC

I dont know about the US, but humor here seems to have dissolved to where you talk about your testicles for 20 min.

2020-12-27 21:52:58 UTC

What? lmao

2020-12-27 21:53:23 UTC

go to a stand up here, and spend 45 minutes inside the comedians underpants

2020-12-27 21:53:31 UTC

people find it hilarious.

2020-12-27 21:53:32 UTC

"The further from your body they get, the less angry you become." - Me, yesterday in 2020.

2020-12-27 21:53:45 UTC

@Maw gets information faster than the local news can post it to Twitter.

2020-12-27 21:55:47 UTC

I'm 70% sure the police are going to reveal Anthony to be deceased in 5 minutes.

2020-12-27 21:56:13 UTC

They've already known this since like, mid-day Christmas day.

2020-12-27 21:56:21 UTC

It's just been solidified.

2020-12-27 21:58:13 UTC

2 minutes.

2020-12-27 21:59:39 UTC

1 min.

2020-12-27 22:02:06 UTC

Anthony Warner declared suspect, and declared deceased.

2020-12-27 22:02:17 UTC

First thing that was said.

2020-12-27 22:02:20 UTC


2020-12-27 22:03:49 UTC

FBI confirmed DNA tests between tissue and hair found in the van at his house, DNA matched.

2020-12-27 22:05:10 UTC

I feel that woman on the right is communicating by signals.

2020-12-27 22:05:19 UTC

almost like a hidden language

2020-12-27 22:05:46 UTC

It was confirmed at 12 AM this morning.

2020-12-27 22:06:02 UTC

it's just masonic hand gestures Doc.

2020-12-27 22:06:16 UTC

what I suspected.

2020-12-27 22:06:35 UTC

no idea why I quoted myself

2020-12-27 22:07:17 UTC

note also the orange triangle in the background

2020-12-27 22:13:04 UTC

Man, wasn't expecting them to come out with it swinging though.

2020-12-27 22:13:06 UTC


2020-12-27 23:12:40 UTC

Here ye be, among the generals.

2020-12-27 23:13:31 UTC

So, we were talking about Dumas, more or less.

2020-12-27 23:14:14 UTC

yes. Porthos. Cynicism. Limit it and life gets horrible.

2020-12-27 23:14:18 UTC

Fight it, and ye fail.

2020-12-27 23:15:07 UTC

cynicism is to be enjoyed, like the warm wind blowing over your dying carcass on the tranquil battlefield.

2020-12-27 23:17:44 UTC


2020-12-27 23:18:09 UTC


2020-12-27 23:21:02 UTC

now I am waiting for his DD214

2020-12-27 23:21:03 UTC

I saw Zulu in that voicechat, and was getting my darn headset.

2020-12-27 23:21:36 UTC

Never read the three musketeers. @Maw have we found out if he had crippling debt or just a not confirmed cancer diasgnosis?

2020-12-27 23:23:12 UTC

Don't think so, not with like 4+ vehicles 2+ homes, an RV, and more.

2020-12-27 23:26:07 UTC

Motive is a strange beast but in my mind money and health issues are final straw factors. Once a person is dead does HIPPA apply or can a medical professional confirm his diagnosis?

2020-12-27 23:29:55 UTC

Generally the authorities can get this information with sufficient reason.

2020-12-27 23:30:14 UTC

"For example, the Rule limits the type of information that covered entities may disclose to law enforcement, absent a warrant or other prior process, when law enforcement is seeking to identify or locate a suspect."

2020-12-27 23:30:22 UTC

AKA: They're subject to warrants too.

2020-12-27 23:31:37 UTC

But generally the law cannot give this info to the public.

2020-12-27 23:32:24 UTC

Ok. Thank you.

2020-12-27 23:40:03 UTC

2020-12-27 23:40:08 UTC

The AT&T building on 2nd Avenue suffered significant damage in the blast. That facility includes connection points for regional internet services as well as local wireless, internet and video. In the hours that followed the explosion, our local service remained intact through temporary battery power. Unfortunately, a combination of the explosion and resulting water and fire damage took out a number of backup power generators intended to provide power to the batteries. That led to service disruptions across parts of Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. More than 48 hours later, some customers are still experiencing outages. We know it is frustrating and we apologize for the inconvenience. We also thank you for your understanding. -AT&T statement

2020-12-27 23:43:35 UTC

Explosion happened a fair bit further to the right than that picture shows.

2020-12-27 23:44:17 UTC

I was going to post this...

2020-12-27 23:44:45 UTC

It looks like the blast was almost centered on that louvered area of the building, we're I speculate the generator systems would be housed. The louver area could be one of the least blast resistive areas also.

2020-12-27 23:45:08 UTC

@Maw I wonder how much farther over the blast was?

2020-12-27 23:45:50 UTC

Just over the radius of the explosion to the right.

2020-12-27 23:45:52 UTC


Are people still saying the dude that this because of 5G?


2020-12-27 23:46:17 UTC

So still very close to the louvered riser area?@Maw

2020-12-27 23:46:57 UTC

It's like the center of the rightmost half of the AT&T building.

2020-12-27 23:48:02 UTC

I know. I know this sounds bad. I just have to ask. Is it possible that this was just a test run to see how much damage could be done with a smallish bomb source? It knocked out phone and internet connection, people could not call 911, but what blows my mind is that some people are mad that card readers at retails stores are not working because they are internet based. Stores had to close because they could not process transactions. So could it be a test run to see how quickly things can adapt and how easily backup generators could be compromised? I read that they are having to pump water out if the area and that some of the backup generators stopped working.

2020-12-27 23:48:21 UTC

Wasn't very small for one.

2020-12-27 23:48:47 UTC

Hey, Hey, thanks for engaging! I would love to answer your post but I'm not sure what or who you are referring to when you say "guess" and "investigation".

2020-12-27 23:49:39 UTC

How big was Timmy McVeigh's, in order of magnitude?

2020-12-27 23:50:20 UTC

@Livingstone if you knew the specifications for the building one could likely calculate the amount of explosives required to do x amount of damage. It's an engineering problem.

2020-12-27 23:50:36 UTC

Holy shut I haven’t seen that picture

2020-12-27 23:50:47 UTC

That is not small at all

2020-12-27 23:50:47 UTC

Oklahoma City

2020-12-27 23:50:52 UTC

I asked poorly. I meant relative to this one, in orders of magnitude.

2020-12-27 23:50:53 UTC

Oh. Ok.

2020-12-27 23:51:21 UTC

2.3k kg of ANFO, iirc.

2020-12-27 23:51:28 UTC

2020-12-27 23:51:47 UTC

The Beirut embassy bombing was conjectured to be the largest conventional explosion ever engineered in human history.

2020-12-27 23:51:47 UTC

And this one was like 100 kilos?

2020-12-27 23:52:23 UTC

100 kilos?

2020-12-27 23:52:57 UTC

What incident was that Zulu?

2020-12-27 23:53:26 UTC

I thought you said the Nashville one was 50-100 kilos of ANFO. Don't make me scroll.

2020-12-27 23:54:51 UTC

Originally I thought that, then I upgraded to 400 kg (tannerite) yesterday or so when on VC with you and Doc if you recall.

2020-12-27 23:55:06 UTC

I did not recall.

2020-12-27 23:55:23 UTC

@Zuluzeit has a crappy memory?

2020-12-27 23:55:32 UTC

That was a question.

2020-12-27 23:55:35 UTC

Which is equiv. to about 200 kg of TNT.

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