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2021-01-03 15:26:09 UTC

They control major parts of the global finance system, the main stream media...

2021-01-03 15:26:25 UTC


2021-01-03 15:26:56 UTC

I believe there is a minority of Jews opposing this tho until this day I didn't saw that they did it with real success.

2021-01-03 15:27:38 UTC

People should have at least a open debate about this.. about the JQ..

2021-01-03 15:27:49 UTC


2021-01-03 15:29:23 UTC

@Salom Also there is historic proof that they got trouble everywhere they went, and that not just in Europe..

2021-01-03 15:29:36 UTC

Imagine getting kicked out of over 100 nations

2021-01-03 15:29:42 UTC

Imagine being kicked out of 109 nations and thinking you're still not the problem

2021-01-03 15:29:45 UTC

Its too obvious

2021-01-03 15:30:08 UTC

All 109 of those nations are antisemitic monsters who have baseless hate for jews!!!

2021-01-03 15:30:16 UTC

Because they refused to integrate into the countries they fled to. Because they were all planning on returning to their ancestral territory when the time was right.

2021-01-03 15:30:45 UTC

There are people you might see as good Jewish people like Prager U , Ben Shapiro and those kinds tho now I see that they are just having there own interests first.. they lie subvert ..

2021-01-03 15:31:01 UTC

Of course, if you're going to whitewash White European history, then you can't accept that the Europeans ever did anything wrong.

2021-01-03 15:31:09 UTC

Stop projecting

2021-01-03 15:31:14 UTC

guac to the rescue as always

2021-01-03 15:31:18 UTC


2021-01-03 15:31:24 UTC

We all have blood on our hands tho Jews seem the ones with the most blood

2021-01-03 15:31:45 UTC

By smartly genocide the western people

2021-01-03 15:32:15 UTC

+ they already did killed countless millions with communism as Bolshevists ..

2021-01-03 15:32:57 UTC

But still, blaming ALL Jews for this?

2021-01-03 15:33:03 UTC

Bolsheviks used Stalin.. he also had jewish wifes and implemented anti semitic laws so you cant speak against them

2021-01-03 15:33:12 UTC


2021-01-03 15:33:23 UTC

Well @Kandarihu Yes

2021-01-03 15:33:40 UTC

Even the ones who are opposed to it? Even the ones who are hurt by it?

2021-01-03 15:33:52 UTC

Seems they are the minority

2021-01-03 15:35:08 UTC

Shit... I think I work in the sixth... God Damn it

2021-01-03 15:35:29 UTC


2021-01-03 15:35:50 UTC

But that still means hurting innocent people. And you're not hurting them for the communism or the bolshevistism. You're hurting them for being of a different ethnicity. I'm totally against communism and globalism. But I don't want to be punished for being part of those systems that I oppose just because a bunch of people of the same ethnicity as me are pushing for it.

2021-01-03 15:36:34 UTC

Well even Hitler didn't punish all..

2021-01-03 15:36:46 UTC

I want revenge. It's that simple.

My people have been humiliated and stripped of their identity.

If an eye for an eye makes the world blind, the one who strikes last goes blind first.

2021-01-03 15:36:46 UTC

Tho im going to speak up for the truth

2021-01-03 15:37:38 UTC

Dio, i have a very serious question @Dio

2021-01-03 15:37:47 UTC

whom is our greatest ally?

2021-01-03 15:37:50 UTC

I've already been punished for looking like a racist bigot because I supported Trump during his campaign when he was complaining about illegal immigrants. I HAVE BEEN CANCELLED FOR THAT.

2021-01-03 15:37:55 UTC
2021-01-03 15:38:06 UTC

ohno he isnt brainwashed like the other goyim

2021-01-03 15:38:17 UTC

initiate backup plan,

2021-01-03 15:38:17 UTC

Read it homos

2021-01-03 15:38:22 UTC


2021-01-03 15:38:27 UTC

Read about their greatest lie

2021-01-03 15:38:34 UTC

protestant classical liberal capitalist

2021-01-03 15:38:36 UTC


2021-01-03 15:38:39 UTC

I would face worse for my believes..

2021-01-03 15:38:39 UTC

so cringe

2021-01-03 15:39:02 UTC

My mom is threatening to kick me out of my house

2021-01-03 15:39:15 UTC

Which would mean i have to leave my 13 year old sister alone with a mom who doesnt love her

2021-01-03 15:39:23 UTC

And a stepfather thats tried to rape her

2021-01-03 15:39:43 UTC

kick your stepfather out of the house

2021-01-03 15:39:46 UTC

My mom sees no harm in throwing me out because of my beliefs

2021-01-03 15:40:06 UTC

My family has disowned me because i am outspoken about what i believe

2021-01-03 15:40:25 UTC

Tfw your racist son is a bigger problem than the rapist stepfather

2021-01-03 15:40:28 UTC

Do your beliefs involve persecuting people just because of their race or ethnicity? Or have they merely been wrongly mistaken for that?

2021-01-03 15:40:36 UTC
2021-01-03 15:40:39 UTC

I believe in the day of the rope

2021-01-03 15:40:45 UTC

Just because..

2021-01-03 15:40:53 UTC

If you have done something to harm my race,

2021-01-03 15:41:00 UTC

You will be strung up.

2021-01-03 15:41:10 UTC

No ifs ands or buts about itm

2021-01-03 15:41:16 UTC

Even if a jew isn't complicit, he is indifferent. He has to be explicitly against zionism and against Jewish hijinks.

2021-01-03 15:41:20 UTC

@The Future is Ours I so wish I could make the same threat on you.

2021-01-03 15:41:32 UTC

Jews dont scare me though.

2021-01-03 15:41:38 UTC

Its not just because of there skin colour but there actions now and in history about there performance in society.. @Kandarihu

2021-01-03 15:41:46 UTC

A hundred jews doesnt compare to a single awakened white man.

2021-01-03 15:41:51 UTC

Also there is not such a thing then just skin colour

2021-01-03 15:41:54 UTC

you’re a libertarian and the very nature of your beliefs would demean the threat

2021-01-03 15:42:05 UTC

I can detect jews alot easier than you can detect nazis πŸ’ͺπŸ˜•

2021-01-03 15:42:06 UTC

You cant be black by simply giving yourself black colour

2021-01-03 15:42:54 UTC

dio is a like a drug dog but for jews

2021-01-03 15:43:06 UTC

My jewdar is too notch

2021-01-03 15:43:14 UTC

State of the art

2021-01-03 15:43:22 UTC

let him off his chain and he's gonna find one in less than 30 seconds

2021-01-03 15:43:35 UTC

Rabid dog up in this bitch

2021-01-03 15:43:42 UTC


2021-01-03 15:43:45 UTC

You see? There's your problem. You think that some people should have more weight than others based on immutable characteristics. I don't care about which side gets more than which. Any system that props up people like that is just plain wrong and it needs to be abolished. And NOT replaced with another insipid system with a different victor and a different victim.

2021-01-03 15:43:53 UTC

"I smell Schnoz!" 🐢

2021-01-03 15:44:14 UTC

dio broke his chains once and was gone for an hour, he found 78 secret synagogues and burned them all down before we found him again

2021-01-03 15:44:19 UTC

I personally will treat everyone the same commies are commies.. Marxists are Marxists.. subverters are subverters ..

2021-01-03 15:44:24 UTC

Race is more than superficial appearance. It affects the brain, intelligence and proclivities.

2021-01-03 15:44:48 UTC

i'm not even a nazi larper but this is stupid because jewish people are generally shorter and physically weaker due to their genetic disposition

2021-01-03 15:44:50 UTC

So if there is a black, jewish and white marxists.. I will treat them all as marxists..

2021-01-03 15:45:03 UTC

i have a question for anyone who wants to answer it

2021-01-03 15:45:05 UTC

Tho im still going to talk about the JQ

2021-01-03 15:45:16 UTC

why is it that every race can have "their own nation",

2021-01-03 15:45:28 UTC

But when whites want their own place, its evil and wrong and cant be allowed

2021-01-03 15:45:35 UTC

just as african-americans are predisposed to being larger and stronger due to having being bred for their strength, people are not equal on the genetic playing field and that line is usually drawn by their race

2021-01-03 15:45:39 UTC

no matter what you believe

2021-01-03 15:45:44 UTC

@ZONOGAM And that's fine. As long as you're treating them according to their intent and not on what they can't control.

2021-01-03 15:45:48 UTC

Because according to blacks, we're genetically defunct and we need their genes <:PepeAggravate:690283085433929776>

2021-01-03 15:45:59 UTC

> So if there is a black, jewish and white marxists.. I will treat them all as marxists..
Wow. Just wow.

2021-01-03 15:46:11 UTC

@Kandarihu What they cant control is more like an identification..

2021-01-03 15:46:18 UTC

Marxists get the whip

2021-01-03 15:46:21 UTC

I would trust a jew the least

2021-01-03 15:46:24 UTC

And a pickaxe

2021-01-03 15:46:34 UTC

Whip? Thats not how you spell bullet smh

2021-01-03 15:46:45 UTC
2021-01-03 15:47:00 UTC

25 years forced labor

2021-01-03 15:47:06 UTC

Then when they think they're free

2021-01-03 15:47:17 UTC

"Alright. Into the cattle car"

2021-01-03 15:47:17 UTC

whambam they become target practice

2021-01-03 15:47:38 UTC

Well reeducation for demoralised.. brainwashed people.. and/or labour camp..

2021-01-03 15:47:40 UTC

@The Future is Ours
Riddle me this, puzzle this ruse.
You can talk shit about the whites, but never the ?
Here's the most perplexing ridddle out of all those i've sown.
Why do immigrants strengthen our country, but not their own?
They import the stranger to reap from your lands.
But as strife increases they're rubbing their hands?
Pop quiz my dear Batman, you must slove this quick as lightning.
Which tribe starts the wars, but never does the fighting?
You sloved my puzzle, Bats, but on this one you'll slip!
Tell me what kind of "ally" targets your ships?
To discover those who cause chaos and strife.
Immediatly check the paragraph "Early life"
Who claim their behavior in each country was fine.
But still got expelled from one hundred and 9?

2021-01-03 15:47:44 UTC

Also deportation

2021-01-03 15:47:51 UTC

Riddle me this, no need for concern,
What kind of books did those mean nazi's burn?
Riddle me this, and answer me quick.
Who says they're sane, but cuts of their dick?
Riddle me this: Who have the idea of open borders sown, and for what reason will they not impelement it in the country of their own?
Riddle me this: Who preaches diversity all over town, wants their grandkids in law-school and yours to be brown?
Riddle me this:
What is dark in daylight but burns the city at night?
What seems to be going nowhere, yet is riding your stolen bike?

Riddle me this:
Stories and facts you may question, yet for questioning this myth they will put you in a cage. What is it?

The world's greatest mystery is a century old.
What about Weimar were you never told

2021-01-03 15:47:59 UTC



2021-01-03 15:48:08 UTC

Worth the read

2021-01-03 15:48:14 UTC

I do have an issue with treating people differently based upon immutable aspects

2021-01-03 15:48:30 UTC

i don't

2021-01-03 15:48:34 UTC

You won't win this time Riddler, I have solved your childish puzzle!

2021-01-03 15:48:43 UTC

@Kandarihu Do you think that it is unjustified treating people/races after the average norm?

2021-01-03 15:48:52 UTC

Its the Jews!

2021-01-03 15:48:56 UTC

humans naturally treat others differently based on immutable aspects: height, weight, appearance, size, accent, etc

2021-01-03 15:49:04 UTC

Let's say there was a race that was genetically determined, to be covered in spikes.

Should we treat them differently?

2021-01-03 15:49:22 UTC

Or, a race genetically determined to be consumerist, murderous, and to rape.

2021-01-03 15:49:30 UTC

@The Future is Ours You can actually post all of that in a YT comment and YT wont auto delet it. Its a lot of fun

2021-01-03 15:49:44 UTC

treating others differently based upon immutable aspects isn't wrong; treating people poorly based upon immutable aspects for no rational explanation is stupid though

2021-01-03 15:49:52 UTC

@Dio Races don't work that way.

2021-01-03 15:50:12 UTC

@Kandarihu you missed the point. And yeah, it does. Look up monoamine oxidase a

2021-01-03 15:50:30 UTC

Well saying that it is all culture is subversive bullshit

2021-01-03 15:50:56 UTC

Muh socioeconomics

2021-01-03 15:51:05 UTC


2021-01-03 15:51:13 UTC

Genetics are more crucial because it builds the culture

2021-01-03 15:51:14 UTC


2021-01-03 15:51:18 UTC

Intentions like those are a product of environment, not genetics.

2021-01-03 15:51:21 UTC

Dio, read me a bedtime story

2021-01-03 15:51:43 UTC

Nope. Intentions. Can absolutely derive from a genetically determined predisposition.

2021-01-03 15:51:52 UTC

Tell me the one about the austrian painter again

2021-01-03 15:52:08 UTC


2021-01-03 15:52:08 UTC

@Kandarihu So why then didn't Africans had a great civilisation ? Why is it still a shithole also wherever they go it turns just out like that?

2021-01-03 15:52:13 UTC

@The Future is Ours The story of what could have been <:PepoCry:690282556087861268>

2021-01-03 15:52:21 UTC

threr you go.

2021-01-03 15:52:23 UTC

But genetics can't determine the entirety of one's character. If it were, and it affected me in the same way that you think that all Jews are, then I'd be a marxist globalist without being able to help it.

2021-01-03 15:52:48 UTC

I need to find a deposit of natsoc uploads i.e the natsoc vids with modernish music added to it

2021-01-03 15:53:02 UTC

you kinda seem like one though

2021-01-03 15:53:06 UTC

"entirety" it doesn't need to proof entirety for seeing the crucial truth

2021-01-03 15:53:08 UTC

Doesn't matter. If genetics puts forth a predisposition toward willingness to engage in violence, that alone is reason to treat them differently.

2021-01-03 15:53:21 UTC

@The Future is Ours
Go on /NSG/ on /pol/

2021-01-03 15:53:39 UTC

link me sir or do i have to do it myself

2021-01-03 15:53:51 UTC


2021-01-03 15:53:56 UTC

ok yo lazy coon, ill find it.

2021-01-03 15:54:01 UTC

Lets face the truth black people have the lowest IQ also they have the lowest impulse control.. higher testosterone ...

2021-01-03 15:54:32 UTC

Without help from the outside they will stay stone age time

2021-01-03 15:54:40 UTC

It's still not right to treat someone as violent before they engage in it. They still have the right to be rewarded for not doing violence.

2021-01-03 15:54:45 UTC


2021-01-03 15:54:59 UTC

Who says something about violence lol

2021-01-03 15:55:17 UTC

This lying and projections are typical Jewish lol

2021-01-03 15:55:25 UTC

"It's not right to treat the grizzly bears as if they could be dangerous if they haven't done anything!"

2021-01-03 15:55:33 UTC

See you proof a basic point in this very chat

2021-01-03 15:55:34 UTC

what is this

2021-01-03 15:55:41 UTC

I'm not talking about animals, I'm talking about humans.

2021-01-03 15:55:43 UTC

Dumb shit

2021-01-03 15:55:52 UTC

You're missing ten point <:PepeAggravate:690283085433929776>

2021-01-03 15:56:01 UTC


2021-01-03 15:56:11 UTC

You're making a false equivalence.

2021-01-03 15:56:22 UTC

It doesn't matter _why_ they're violent or to what degree.

They are to a disproportionate degree.

We have a right to distance ourselves from that.

2021-01-03 15:56:42 UTC


2021-01-03 15:56:50 UTC

I have a simply solution.. remigrate most non Europeans or all back to where they came from

2021-01-03 15:57:05 UTC

you're making natsoc larpers look intelligent and that is no easy feat to accomplish

2021-01-03 15:57:06 UTC

Access to White people isn't a right.

2021-01-03 15:57:07 UTC

good job

2021-01-03 15:58:05 UTC

> "It's not right to treat the grizzly bears as if they could be dangerous if they haven't done anything!"
Blaming *all* Jews regardless of whether they're good or not, is wrong.

2021-01-03 15:58:10 UTC

@grntbg Every time I get in an argument with anyone, I make them look intelligent, but the only alternative here is consenting to my own murder for a cause that I don't believe in.

2021-01-03 15:58:24 UTC

@Kevin Miller They are either complicit, or indifferent.

2021-01-03 15:58:28 UTC

Its about the average.. it represents the group

2021-01-03 15:58:30 UTC

So it is

2021-01-03 15:58:33 UTC

Never empower your own competition. Thats how you lose in the end.

2021-01-03 15:59:02 UTC

@Mr.Weyland So is doing nothing.

2021-01-03 15:59:05 UTC

> @Kevin Miller They are either complicit, or indifferent.
So, If I was a jew, I would be a bad person?

2021-01-03 15:59:10 UTC


2021-01-03 15:59:14 UTC

Very likely

2021-01-03 15:59:20 UTC

in other words, you carry the mindset that conceding an argument somehow makes you complicit in the other side's cause which is stupid

2021-01-03 15:59:23 UTC

Lol are you retarded?

2021-01-03 15:59:25 UTC

you're only digging your grave deeper

2021-01-03 15:59:40 UTC

@Kevin Miller if you engaged in subversive behaviour, and or did nothing to stop it, and or were a zionist, yes.

2021-01-03 15:59:53 UTC

After all the facts.. who is going to be more likely a criminal a black person or a white person here you go

2021-01-03 15:59:55 UTC

@grntbg You have no idea how deep my grave is already. But it gets deeper anyway even when I'm silent.

2021-01-03 15:59:58 UTC

Same counts for other races

2021-01-03 16:00:06 UTC

no it doesn't

2021-01-03 16:00:15 UTC

when you're silent, nobody cares or talks about you because you're a new user

2021-01-03 16:00:23 UTC

(and are irrelevant on this server)

2021-01-03 16:01:08 UTC


2021-01-03 16:01:09 UTC

@grntbg Yes. It absolutely does. Also, I'm not even a New User. I got my User role.

2021-01-03 16:01:25 UTC

for all intents and purposes you are a new user because you are irrelevant

2021-01-03 16:01:29 UTC

First of all, it's entirely unnecessary for blacks to be among whites. There is no benefit, only negatives.

Second, they do rape and murder to disproportionate degrees. It doesn't matter why, white people have a right to either distance themselves from that, or to stop it. They don't want to die, and they don't want to be forcibly impregnated by a foreign race.

Third, blacks have no right to want to be among whites. Access to Whites isn't a right.

2021-01-03 16:01:49 UTC

> After all the facts.. who is going to be more likely a criminal a black person or a white person here you go
That doesn't mean we should blame/arrest all blacks even if they have not done anything.

2021-01-03 16:01:58 UTC

thats not what hes saying

2021-01-03 16:02:00 UTC


2021-01-03 16:02:08 UTC

black people commit 55% of the violent crimes in only 10% of the population

2021-01-03 16:02:08 UTC

@itzblaze At risk of derailing the current conversation, I don't see Biden conceding when the MSM thinks he's the President Elect. But it would be interesting to see the MSM's reaction to that.

2021-01-03 16:02:11 UTC

Did I say that.. why are you always try to project and making facts look bad..

2021-01-03 16:02:13 UTC

@Kevin Miller then don't. Just send them back or separate them from Whites.

2021-01-03 16:02:49 UTC

Alot of blacks used to want separation too. I highly respect Malcom X for example.

2021-01-03 16:02:54 UTC

He wasn't a pussy like mlk

2021-01-03 16:03:00 UTC

Its 13%

2021-01-03 16:03:13 UTC


2021-01-03 16:03:18 UTC

pretty sure

2021-01-03 16:03:23 UTC

It's mostly black males too. 6.5 percent.

2021-01-03 16:03:28 UTC

Roughly speaking

2021-01-03 16:03:41 UTC

Its there genetics + there culture

2021-01-03 16:03:46 UTC

Not just culture

2021-01-03 16:03:50 UTC

Culture is a racial cosntruct

2021-01-03 16:03:56 UTC


2021-01-03 16:04:15 UTC

Jews kinda corrupted blacks in the worst way and made them literal there animal slaves

2021-01-03 16:04:17 UTC

So if it's genetics and culture, but culture derives from genetics...

Then it's just genetics.

2021-01-03 16:04:46 UTC


2021-01-03 16:05:03 UTC


2021-01-03 16:05:18 UTC

As long as one black man is innocent though, we can't distance ourselves from blacks.
Might hurt their feelings.

2021-01-03 16:05:30 UTC

lol, why is white on hispanic that high?

2021-01-03 16:05:39 UTC

southern border

2021-01-03 16:06:03 UTC

Let me ask it like this.

Do Tibetans have a right to distance themselves from Han Chinese?

2021-01-03 16:06:07 UTC


2021-01-03 16:06:12 UTC


2021-01-03 16:06:19 UTC


2021-01-03 16:06:33 UTC

You know, if you're going to make the case that genetics is responsible for bad behavior, you're basically making the case for misandry as well. Having a Y chromosome instead of another X chromosome tends to affects one's genetic makeup more than skin color. And men tend to be a lot more violent than women.

2021-01-03 16:06:38 UTC

Its not about arresting all black people but keep them out of your society as good a s possible

2021-01-03 16:06:48 UTC

yes, this is true

2021-01-03 16:06:57 UTC

Let them have sub saharan africa or some enclaves in the west

2021-01-03 16:06:58 UTC

and this also makes a case for why women do not belong in work-related environments

2021-01-03 16:06:59 UTC

thats why men should be in charge

2021-01-03 16:07:02 UTC


2021-01-03 16:07:06 UTC


2021-01-03 16:07:10 UTC


2021-01-03 16:07:24 UTC


2021-01-03 16:07:30 UTC

@Kandarihu sex and race are two different metrics.

2021-01-03 16:07:37 UTC

Besides. We can pick which to keep and which to not.

2021-01-03 16:07:40 UTC

my wife will always be in charge of housework

2021-01-03 16:08:02 UTC

What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

Nothing. You already told her twice.

2021-01-03 16:08:03 UTC

@guac So it's okay to discriminate against one but not the other? Why? Because you're part of one but not the other?

2021-01-03 16:08:17 UTC


2021-01-03 16:08:19 UTC


2021-01-03 16:08:22 UTC

what does this even mean lol

2021-01-03 16:08:29 UTC

discriminate against men too

2021-01-03 16:08:32 UTC

discrimination is good

2021-01-03 16:08:40 UTC

hierarchy is great

2021-01-03 16:08:41 UTC

how is it discriminatory to separate men and women into separate roles

2021-01-03 16:08:45 UTC

My people come first.

2021-01-03 16:08:48 UTC


2021-01-03 16:08:51 UTC

you are not merely discriminating one gender

2021-01-03 16:08:58 UTC

men and women are very different and have the unique special natural god given abilities...

2021-01-03 16:08:58 UTC

you are separating both into sex roles

2021-01-03 16:09:07 UTC

love hierarchy

2021-01-03 16:09:10 UTC

hate equality

2021-01-03 16:09:12 UTC


2021-01-03 16:09:33 UTC

the LORD has sanctioned that men and women have an essence of their own which are not to be confused

2021-01-03 16:10:03 UTC

much like the spiritual essence of marriage which is a property between a man and a woman

2021-01-03 16:10:06 UTC

It's not neccesary for blacks to live among whites.

It's neccesary for white men to live among white women. (Especially with blacks around.)

2021-01-03 16:11:08 UTC

"discriminating" <:pepoeyeroll:707721739655970878>

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