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2018-05-22 04:33:40 UTC

One of the reasons that anime is shit is because the whole waifu thing is shit.

He is turning their own agenda against them.

They have been pushing for whites to pay reparations around the globe

2018-05-22 04:36:08 UTC

Around the globe? That makes no sense.

2018-05-22 04:36:18 UTC

Oh wait "colonolialism"

2018-05-22 04:36:28 UTC

Because they were kangz

They are pushing for Australians to pay

Europe has to pay jews for muh holohoax

2018-05-22 04:37:24 UTC

In the theater of global culture. Nobody dindu nuffin more than Australia. They were criminals that didn't even want to go there.

They want Australia to pay aborigines

2018-05-22 04:38:01 UTC

And there is debate that australian aborigines might not have descended from mitochondrial even.

2018-05-22 04:38:05 UTC


2018-05-22 04:38:18 UTC

which would technically mean they aren't human.

It’s all about bilking the white man as they genocide us

2018-05-22 04:38:55 UTC

I'm not quite that conspiritorial. On a global scale I don't chalk up to a conspiracy that which can be credited to weapons grade stupidity.

You will see

2018-05-22 04:40:38 UTC

That's not some alt right thing. I saw that in a discovery doc back when I was an amature film critic in the early 2000's It didn't pay, but I got all the free shitty DVD's I could eat.

2018-05-22 04:41:24 UTC

*discovery channel, that is

2018-05-22 04:55:51 UTC

Once Thanos got the Reality stone is main move should have been turning everyone's underwear into bees..

2018-05-22 04:56:06 UTC

Anytime someone gets in is way, BEEES!

2018-05-22 05:36:39 UTC

Btw thanks for the feedback @MASTER FANTASY

2018-05-22 17:38:14 UTC

I'm coloring my hair to hide grey hair. I've reached that point.

2018-05-22 17:38:50 UTC

Gray hair at 28? That's too much stress

2018-05-22 17:40:18 UTC

Yep. My mom mentioned them after church last Sunday.

2018-05-22 17:41:34 UTC

I suggest taking an adaptogen to get your cortisol down. Rhodiola rosea and/ or ashwagandha should help you adapt to stress

2018-05-22 17:45:33 UTC

I'm not sure what those are but I'll look into it. As for now, I'm literally sitting in a chair about to color my hair. Lol
I hope it doesn't turn out too light. Black eyebrows with too light hair, God no. Kill me.

2018-05-22 17:48:51 UTC

They're plants that have been used since ancient times to adapt with environmental stresses, but now with modern science, you can get them in capsule form. I've tried rhodiola rosea already and I can honestly say that I haven't been overly anxious in ages.

2018-05-22 17:49:51 UTC

Thank you twin, I'll look for them in the store.

2018-05-22 17:51:34 UTC

The gnc brand is expensive but their ashwagandha is cheaper.

2018-05-22 18:04:27 UTC

I'll check Sprouts or Whole Foods.

2018-05-23 00:33:14 UTC

Shit I have grey hair at 35

2018-05-23 00:33:20 UTC

But it blends since I am blond

2018-05-23 00:33:34 UTC

I've had grey hair since my teens.

Stress does that

Genetics too

2018-05-23 00:34:02 UTC

Again, get those sups I've been talking about to @Whiskey-Vargas

2018-05-23 00:34:25 UTC

@Whiskey-Vargas don't do it

2018-05-23 00:34:26 UTC

What supplements?

2018-05-23 00:34:31 UTC

Don't dye your hair

2018-05-23 00:34:37 UTC

Once you do it's a forever move

2018-05-23 00:34:52 UTC

Rhodiola rosea and ashwagandha

2018-05-23 00:34:58 UTC

You will always have e roots so you will always have it

2018-05-23 11:38:52 UTC

If any of you guys subscribed to PORRIDGE PALS, this is his new youtube channel. He does great work.

2018-05-23 14:52:58 UTC

Thanks for the link!


2018-05-23 22:27:11 UTC

Ayy, my piano music has been uploaded. If any of you know anyone that plays music on piano, please get this link to them. A nigga's got to hustle sometimes. https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/aunt-eliza-wins-it-digital-sheet-music/20738989

2018-05-24 00:21:27 UTC

Is there a show tonight? @Orwell & Goode

2018-05-24 00:26:04 UTC

I'm pretty sure there will be. He's in class right now though.

2018-05-24 00:26:48 UTC

The JF w/ Simon Harris stream just finished

2018-05-24 00:27:15 UTC

Who's Simon Harris?

2018-05-24 00:28:47 UTC

A Anglo that supported catalan independence and became identitarian and woke on the JQ

2018-05-24 00:32:05 UTC

I actually liked him way before he became red-pilled, and it was quite something that his came around at the same time as mine

2018-05-24 01:20:17 UTC


2018-05-24 05:49:08 UTC

Anyone do anything interesting today?

2018-05-24 05:49:39 UTC

I wasnt paying attention at work and got shocked by a defibrillator and didnt die

2018-05-24 06:38:45 UTC

Glad you didn't die.

2018-05-24 06:38:55 UTC

Just boring stuff over here I am afraid.

2018-05-24 13:12:28 UTC

Me too lol

2018-05-24 17:42:11 UTC


Mark did a good job on this video exposing a lot of details that I didn't know about. https://youtu.be/XRaMYdGCYME

2018-05-24 20:04:00 UTC
2018-05-24 22:41:16 UTC

@🌨🎄☃RickyBobbySez☃🎄🌨 looks like someone played too much CoD and thought they were going to be a badass.

2018-05-25 01:33:00 UTC


2018-05-25 01:50:00 UTC


2018-05-25 01:50:19 UTC

lag has done some beautiful things to the chat bar

2018-05-25 01:50:36 UTC

it made me owner for a second

2018-05-25 01:50:39 UTC


2018-05-25 01:57:13 UTC

The two types of person


2018-05-25 01:57:44 UTC

Stealing this

2018-05-25 02:35:24 UTC



2018-05-25 02:35:44 UTC

I prefer Brawndo

2018-05-25 02:43:59 UTC

I prefer vodka

2018-05-25 03:02:55 UTC

So what, you have freaky heart removing powers now? @Anemic Crusader

2018-05-25 04:02:03 UTC

nah nigga

2018-05-25 06:46:55 UTC

Well my main account got suspended and my back up is on a 7 day ban


2018-05-25 16:00:05 UTC

account to report and block, they are on a spree https://twitter.com/OccidentalAwake/status/999652858550259713

2018-05-25 21:41:14 UTC

Waking up the west in 20-30 mins

2018-05-25 23:08:18 UTC

there are so many channels

2018-05-25 23:20:29 UTC

Why does literally every right wing discord server have some kind of hentai tab? Just to contain it cause it will be spammed anyway?

2018-05-25 23:21:14 UTC

we all have a little bit of degeneracy

2018-05-25 23:21:30 UTC

Probably. You know the nat sees love their Chinese cartoons

2018-05-27 05:50:22 UTC

Quick question: what do you rather make 20K a year but have crap insurance coverage or make 15K year but have full eye, dental and prescription coverage?

2018-05-27 05:57:52 UTC

The 15k with good insurance

2018-05-27 12:04:17 UTC

@Deleted User insurance no doubt

2018-05-27 12:04:47 UTC

but it depends on the job too

2018-05-27 12:05:11 UTC

i wouldn’t do _anything_ to have health insurance

2018-05-27 12:06:56 UTC

oh just eye dental and prescription?

2018-05-27 12:07:26 UTC

i see the dilemma

2018-05-27 12:08:03 UTC

i don’t have those insurances

2018-05-27 12:08:51 UTC

and i have a family of 4

2018-05-27 12:09:13 UTC

if you want to do without that type of insurance, you will need to have emergency savings

2018-05-27 12:10:03 UTC

and learn how to bargain with eye doctors, etc

2018-05-27 12:10:28 UTC

and never take prescription drugs 😛

2018-05-27 12:10:49 UTC

especially antibiotics

2018-05-27 12:11:08 UTC


2018-05-27 12:11:40 UTC

but really, try to avoid getting sick or going to the doctor as much as possible

2018-05-27 12:12:57 UTC

if you are healthy

2018-05-27 22:07:56 UTC

Henlo frens, waking up the west in 5-10 mins

2018-05-28 01:43:19 UTC

Elon yeeted so hard on the jews

2018-05-28 05:01:40 UTC

Give me a f**king break

2018-05-28 17:23:51 UTC

This has a pretty good channel. Check it out.

2018-05-29 02:17:45 UTC

So how is everyone's Memorial day weekend going?

2018-05-29 02:18:11 UTC

I made 50 bucks writing a 5 minute script today

2018-05-29 02:18:37 UTC

That's basically my summer job

2018-05-29 02:19:04 UTC

Isn't this where the spam link usually gets posted :p

2018-05-29 02:19:20 UTC


2018-05-29 02:20:14 UTC

Seriously though, I got 50 bucks today and it should continue. If I write 10 short scripts, that's an easy 500

2018-05-29 02:20:49 UTC

Are we talking computer code or tv/movie/theater stuff?

2018-05-29 02:20:59 UTC


2018-05-29 02:21:05 UTC


2018-05-29 02:22:46 UTC

I should buckle down and learn to write in that format.

2018-05-29 02:23:15 UTC

It's not so hard. You could probably google it

2018-05-29 02:23:29 UTC

I know, I've just never gotten around to it.

2018-05-29 02:23:50 UTC

The benefit of taking classes for it is that you learn how to get everything down precisely

2018-05-29 02:24:22 UTC

And plus it's a $$$ maker because you literally can't have any movie or tv show without it

2018-05-29 18:21:36 UTC

Our girl Roseanne got cancelled over a shitpost

2018-05-29 18:29:19 UTC

Being a MuskBro is the only option at this point

2018-05-30 00:18:24 UTC

Fuck me, that is savage.

2018-05-30 11:39:28 UTC
2018-05-30 11:44:27 UTC

Of the set of possible reasons to grant citizenship, this is one of the very good ones.

2018-05-30 23:33:50 UTC

Every single time

2018-05-30 23:34:25 UTC

He's even got the soy face

2018-05-30 23:34:41 UTC

How blue pilled do you have to be to find this surprising

2018-05-30 23:35:41 UTC

I'm not even surprised, just tired

2018-05-30 23:36:18 UTC

Yeah I noticed Hollywood needs to be gassed

2018-05-30 23:37:24 UTC

Î͒ͯ ̽̊̃T͒̊͊'̆ͭ̈ ̆͌̂S̀̊̚҉͔̻͍ ̃̈́͗҉̞̮̰A͐̂ͧ ͧ̐ͣL̽̅̀ ̋̍̓Lͨͮ͂ ͆͊̊S̄̂ͮ ̍̈́̈O̐ͥ̓ ͥ̃ͧ҉̢̖̀T̒͛̚ ͪ̆̑I̒̓̐ ͮͩͥ҉̳̪͈R̽̾̑ ͌͛̓Eͬ̈ͭ ͮͯ͗Šͤ͊ ̀̈́͒Oͬ̓̇ ̉̎̈M͑ͭ̓ ͬ̈ͥEͫ͑̊

2018-05-30 23:58:18 UTC


2018-05-30 23:58:26 UTC

the star trek pedo

2018-05-31 00:00:03 UTC

Can't they do us a favor and off themselves?

2018-05-31 01:08:01 UTC

Waking Up The West in 5 mins

2018-05-31 01:17:58 UTC

Tune in! Going over this week's stories.


2018-05-31 20:56:05 UTC

Commies gonna comm

2018-05-31 20:56:27 UTC


2018-06-01 01:06:41 UTC

Memestream in 5 min

2018-06-01 02:27:14 UTC

Another article for that op idea I'm kicking around kicking around. "I'm a vegan, and I love my tapeworm."

2018-06-01 03:56:34 UTC

Enforced monogamy now.

2018-06-01 04:08:22 UTC

Oof it's the homo month now

2018-06-01 04:08:54 UTC

Homo month should be August, know why?

2018-06-01 04:09:24 UTC


2018-06-01 04:09:36 UTC

So pride can come before the Fall.

2018-06-01 04:09:57 UTC

Noice one

2018-06-01 04:11:32 UTC
2018-06-01 04:13:39 UTC

Been following this guys work since 2001. Interesting pedigree, a gay right wing Canadian political commentator. Like he's diet Milo or something. Though he firmly eschews homosexual flamboyance to a large degree.

2018-06-01 04:14:20 UTC

His hair is bad and he should feel bad

2018-06-01 04:14:47 UTC

He's at least shaved the moustache. But I 100% agree with you on that.

2018-06-01 04:15:15 UTC

Discount Trotsky

2018-06-01 04:15:23 UTC


2018-06-01 04:15:40 UTC

At least you know he can take an ice axe to the back of the head.

2018-06-01 21:23:28 UTC

Hey guys

2018-06-01 21:23:42 UTC

listener's waking up the west in 40-45 mins

2018-06-01 21:23:54 UTC


2018-06-01 21:26:00 UTC


2018-06-01 21:29:11 UTC

nice ping

2018-06-01 21:44:18 UTC


2018-06-02 00:06:42 UTC

trying to draw a pepe avatar but i can't draw at all, even at that level grr

2018-06-02 00:50:06 UTC

If you find a good drawing practice thingy-do let me know.

2018-06-02 03:29:36 UTC

did Braving Ruin's twitter just get shoah'd?

2018-06-02 03:38:32 UTC

Fugg, it looks like he deleted his account. If otherwise it would have said that it was suspended

2018-06-02 03:38:42 UTC

Or he could have deactivated

2018-06-02 15:31:54 UTC

My dog was bitten in the neck by a loose dog large dog that came boltong out of some woman's garage straight at him out of no where. He's at the vet now. They said the bit itself isn't life treatening but IDK about the health status of the dog who bite him ATM. I injuried my wrist tearing them apart but I didn't get bit, by then the loose dogs owner caught up and helped me keep it off of mine.

2018-06-02 15:33:02 UTC

Was it a (((pit bull)))?

2018-06-02 15:35:30 UTC
2018-06-02 15:38:15 UTC

Some mongral, next of a German shepherd and something else smaller you had the features of a German Shepherd but was all black and short hair

2018-06-02 15:38:36 UTC

Mix of , I can't type good right now, still adrenalized

2018-06-02 15:38:46 UTC

It had

2018-06-02 15:40:23 UTC

That's right, the injuries weren't that bad.

2018-06-02 15:41:06 UTC

That's rarely the case with pitbulls, animals thoroughly bred to kill bears and bulls.

2018-06-02 15:44:54 UTC

It feels like I pulled some muscle or tendon in my left arm from the struggle

2018-06-02 15:49:42 UTC

@ebowden if I had been walking my other dog, a Chihuahua what happened would have broke his neck

2018-06-02 15:50:25 UTC

So, what type of dog were you walking?

2018-06-02 15:50:45 UTC

Soft coat wheton terrier

2018-06-02 15:51:05 UTC

What kind of Chihuahua do you have?

2018-06-02 15:51:16 UTC

Short hair deer head

2018-06-02 15:52:56 UTC

Oh, my mother has a little short hair deer head.

2018-06-02 15:53:30 UTC

He's black, very old, grey in places and missing most of his teeth.

2018-06-02 15:53:42 UTC

Sadly, he was abused by his previous owners.

2018-06-02 15:54:00 UTC

I can't stand the deer head ones

2018-06-02 15:54:13 UTC

Apparently, the longer haired ones are less vicious

2018-06-02 15:54:52 UTC

We have a rather large, long haired, apple head Chihuahua named Rusty.

2018-06-02 15:55:29 UTC

He used to be a typical Chihuahua, but now he's one of the calmest dogs I've ever seen.

2018-06-02 15:55:49 UTC

He loves babies. He keeps trying to lick Oliver's head.

2018-06-02 15:56:07 UTC

He's a very lovely dog.

2018-06-02 15:57:30 UTC

@Oliver Starley, @Deleted User, the short haired deer head's name is George. It seems that his previous owners thought Chihuahuas are like cats, and they'd never given him a bone in his life.

2018-06-02 15:59:07 UTC

The poor thing gets absolutely terrified whenever anyone touches him without approaching from the front/making themselves known first.

2018-06-02 15:59:31 UTC

But he's very good with big dogs and large groups of people.

2018-06-02 16:00:06 UTC

When you stroke his back, he stretches himself to provide more surface area for petting.

2018-06-02 16:00:11 UTC

It's very cute.

2018-06-02 16:03:11 UTC

@ebowden with Chihuahuas people forget that just because they're small they don't have to train them which is why they often act like shit heads

2018-06-02 16:03:50 UTC

Rusty wasn't really trained, he just suddenly became placid one day.

2018-06-02 16:04:36 UTC

Could have just stopped producing testosterone if that happens to old male dogs my Chihuahua is also about 11 but he's still fairly yappy and starts fights with other dogs on a regular basis.

2018-06-02 16:04:48 UTC

Usually when I see big dogs I just pick him right up and carry him

2018-06-02 16:04:54 UTC

George is very old, Rusty isn't.

2018-06-02 16:05:10 UTC

Rusty is the placid one.

2018-06-02 16:06:43 UTC

I got an update from my mom who took him to the vet cause I was considered too russled to handle the task after my shouting match with the other dogs owner. They still have not been seen but the triage says he will be fine, he's just at risk of infection and needs to be screened for diseases

2018-06-02 16:08:34 UTC

@MerricBrady Oddly enough, Rusty just became extremely placid one day, without training.

2018-06-02 16:09:44 UTC

Do you think he could have become placid because a change in diet? When we switched from dog food to making rice, hamburger and sweet potato for ours after a bout a month they started acting differently/better

2018-06-02 16:11:20 UTC

I wonder if that has anything to do with neurologically important vitamins and oxidative stress. For example Nrf2 activators, which activate the body's natural antioxidant defence mechanisms, have been found to improve symptoms in patients with Autism.

2018-06-02 16:12:41 UTC

I was thinking more in line with someone making them worse in the dog food than something better in the real food but that sounds interesting about the autism.

2018-06-02 16:12:49 UTC


2018-06-02 16:13:35 UTC

(The Drug used was sulforaphane, which is has to be stored at very low temps, so is inconvenient.)

2018-06-02 16:14:11 UTC

Well, something in the shit dog food might have promoted oxidative stress in the CNS.

2018-06-02 16:15:21 UTC

Anyway, for Rusty it was not a change in diet, but a tiny short haired apple head Chihuahua named Tarco harassing him all day.

2018-06-02 16:15:31 UTC
2018-06-02 19:05:47 UTC


2018-06-02 19:06:31 UTC

Poor guy.

2018-06-02 19:06:45 UTC

What does your Chihuahua look like?

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