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2018-07-16 01:49:39 UTC

The first warning flag was small. Easily ignored at the time, and alarming in retrospect. In hindsight a clear pattern of escalation from that point can be seen.

My partner works in education. A couple months back the state board of education put on a seminar about implicit racial bias in school discipline. In a shockingly relevant turn a major focus was on the disproportionate number of african descendant students given disciplinary action for loitering on school grounds. We attended as a family. Or rather my partner attended, while <Jamie> and I tagged along. During the all day meetings we hung out at a local park. <Jamie>’s most recent play obsession is a little game I like to call “Running in a circle for hours at a time.” it can be a bit exhausting for someone not gifted with the limitless energy of a toddler. So I sat on a nearby bench while <Jamie> ran.

In the course of this running <Jamie> tripped. Sprawling front first onto a sidewalk, and barely avoiding hitting his face on the cement. I prepared to rise into action when i heard a preemptive “I’m okay!” from my son as he rose from the ground.

I settled back down while <Jamie> resumed running. “Tough” was never a word my partner or I said in our child’s presence. Not because it was something we consciously decided on, it just never occurred to us or came up. At the time, “tough” didn’t even enter my mind. “Resilient”, a good quality for any person of any age did. That was only the first of numerous incidents that have led my partner and I to agree. Our son is toxic.

2018-07-16 01:49:55 UTC

He loves to flip light switches, as a lot of kids do. He started racing my partner to reach them. He’s also started racing in front of the girls at his daycare. This was disturbing because while a child his age is not yet able to really grasp the concept of privilege we’ve been careful to train him that girls always need to go first. When he got to the state where he asks why this is we planned to tell him girls don’t get to go first very much. So it’s the nice thing to do.

Just last week he proudly proclaimed he was not a baby. My concern escalated into worry.

Things finally came to a head just this weekend. He was doing his standard running about and exploring during our weekend outings. We were in a hurry to leave the store we were in so I picked him up telling him we need to go. His curiosity had not been satisfied and he immediately started crying. I held him close and said “It’s okay to cry.” Apparently, this was triggering to him in some way. <Jamie> inhaled raggedly. His cherubic face, red from crying, tears still on cheeks curved into as close to a snarl as his tiny frame could muster. Little hands clenching into tiny fists. “I NOT CRYING!” He shouted.

2018-07-16 01:50:06 UTC

I was so shocked I nearly dropped him. He was trying to hide his pain and emotion. One of the foundational behaviors of toxic masculinity. I’m not proud to say when we got home I flew into inquisition mode. Calling his daycare provider, previous daycare providers, my parents, my partner’s parents. Anyone I could think of who might possibly have accidentally or purposefully exposed to media or something else that would have taught him to bottle his emotions or behave aggressively. By both a bit of coincidence and a bit of design <Jamie>’s only spent time with other bio boys a handful of times. All of those interactions have been very Most people in our social circle have had only girls. So I was sure it had to be some kind of media exposure. As I stated we are very careful about the kind of media he is exposed to. He has nothing that depitcs conflict resolved via physicality of any kind. It was something my partner and I are both adamant about. If the people I asked are to be trusted it’s likely my son still doesn’t know hitting is even a thing.

My partner and I are currently at a loss and regrouping. Unable to identify a source for <jamie>’s aggression we are moving on to damage control. We are looking into restorative therapy for him. He is still young and there is still hope. My child is toxic now, but it does not have to be a life sentence. Especially at his age. The last thing the world needs is another aggressive and self interested boy in it. We are still fully committed to making sure that does not happen.

2018-07-16 01:50:53 UTC

The end

2018-07-16 01:51:04 UTC

Dear God.

2018-07-16 01:51:13 UTC

What did I just read?

2018-07-16 01:51:15 UTC


2018-07-16 01:51:49 UTC


2018-07-16 01:52:13 UTC

dude see if you can get vice to pick it up

2018-07-16 01:52:14 UTC

The idea is to get it published in some serious place, and some time down the road reveal that it was "made up"

2018-07-16 01:52:21 UTC


2018-07-16 01:52:24 UTC

That's the idea.

2018-07-16 01:52:34 UTC


2018-07-16 01:52:42 UTC

Pls do it.

2018-07-16 01:53:04 UTC

Thanks for the enrouagement. I will start looking into it.

2018-07-16 01:53:43 UTC

Thinking about being real cagey with it. Have my wife assume a name she "writes" under. Then have it published under "her" name.

2018-07-16 01:53:49 UTC

Go all inception with it.

2018-07-16 01:53:51 UTC

bizz bizzz bee


2018-07-16 01:54:32 UTC

Though the best part is alot of that article is true.

2018-07-16 01:54:39 UTC

i would do that get her to wear a wig and shit and dress her up as an sjw

2018-07-16 01:55:11 UTC

they normal post a stock photo of the writers

2018-07-16 01:55:25 UTC

She could pass of drying her hair an outrageous color as trying to relate to the kids (she's a school counselor).

2018-07-16 01:55:58 UTC

kool pebbles also works in child care

2018-07-16 01:57:02 UTC

fash the children montessori school for up and coming fascist

2018-07-16 01:57:06 UTC


2018-07-16 01:58:25 UTC

wow being a school counselor at this time must be super depressing

2018-07-16 01:58:46 UTC

It's a small white pill, but the transtrender thing has mostly died out already.

2018-07-16 01:59:06 UTC

She loves her job.

2018-07-16 01:59:07 UTC

nice to hear

2018-07-16 01:59:51 UTC

What do you mean's its died out?

2018-07-16 01:59:56 UTC

To clarify she is not really a "school couselor" she works at a public school with troubmaking kids so it's easier to just call her that.

2018-07-16 02:00:14 UTC

close anuff

2018-07-16 02:00:27 UTC

public school is trash now a days

2018-07-16 02:00:56 UTC

Couple years back a ton of kids were demanding gender changes, and claming they were all kinds of tumblr genders. Everything short of an attack helicopter. That nonsense has mostly stopped.

2018-07-16 02:01:17 UTC

lol jesus

2018-07-16 02:01:34 UTC

But her school's building is scheduled to be demolished and replaced, and I'm worried they are going to have a lot of "special" bathrooms in the new incarnation.

2018-07-16 02:02:07 UTC

oh you know they will

2018-07-16 02:02:12 UTC


2018-07-16 02:02:27 UTC

I said they should just have a bunch of single occupant restrooms, and have a 1 person per restroom policy. That sidesteps the entire issue, and cuts down on all the crap kids get up to because the bathrooms don't have security cameras.

2018-07-16 02:02:49 UTC

Maybe they'll just have male and female bathrooms, but anyone can go into them.

2018-07-16 02:03:08 UTC

That's kind of what I'm saying.

2018-07-16 02:03:43 UTC

Just a wall with a bunch of rooms with a toilet in them. No gender assignment all, but only 1 person per room, no exceptions.

2018-07-16 02:04:24 UTC

That will have the added benefit of cutting down on fights, drug deals, and bizarre sex stuff. All of which have happened in her school's restrooms.

2018-07-16 02:05:37 UTC

#nosmokingintheboysroom because it now the gender confused otherkin room

2018-07-16 02:06:34 UTC

But yeah. My wife is more of a normie than me. But i encourage her to red pill kids whenever possible.

2018-07-16 02:07:01 UTC

true redpilling is best one on one

2018-07-16 02:07:05 UTC

She was literally fired from her last job because she didn't immediately embrace a kid thinking he "might be gay"

2018-07-16 02:07:26 UTC


2018-07-16 02:07:36 UTC

instead of saying "oh yes, you are absolutely 100% gay" she said "Let's explore that."

2018-07-16 02:07:39 UTC

Bam fired.

2018-07-16 02:07:57 UTC

only job she was ever fired from

2018-07-16 02:08:02 UTC


2018-07-16 02:08:21 UTC

big homo got your waifu fired

2018-07-16 02:08:50 UTC

It's hard to get her mad

2018-07-16 02:08:55 UTC

at anything that isn't me.

2018-07-16 02:09:00 UTC

fired because she wanted a kid to be sure a kid had processed their sexuality before coming out?

2018-07-16 02:09:04 UTC

thats sad

2018-07-16 02:09:05 UTC

legit at thispoint the whole gay and trans bs is just a way for kike doctors to scam money

2018-07-16 02:09:46 UTC

my waifu never gets mad at me but i still try

2018-07-16 02:09:48 UTC


2018-07-16 02:10:27 UTC

*kicks bambam*

2018-07-16 02:10:35 UTC

no kicking no bully

2018-07-16 02:10:43 UTC

toooooo laaaaaaate

2018-07-16 02:10:46 UTC


2018-07-16 02:10:56 UTC

i'm rasberry you

2018-07-16 02:11:06 UTC

and your going to like it

2018-07-16 02:11:07 UTC

Need to play me some vidya before I slam down on studying tomorrow.

2018-07-16 02:11:08 UTC

dont start something you cant win my friend

2018-07-16 02:11:20 UTC

sleep tight grumplebee

2018-07-16 02:11:24 UTC

and you scared grumples

2018-07-16 02:11:29 UTC


2018-07-16 02:11:31 UTC

i bet

2018-07-16 02:11:32 UTC

Oh, I'm not going anywhere.

2018-07-16 02:11:32 UTC


2018-07-16 02:11:45 UTC

Also, knock her up already. What are you waiting for.

2018-07-16 02:11:51 UTC

Her eggs aren't getting any fresher.

2018-07-16 02:12:13 UTC

lol we working on that man

2018-07-16 02:12:18 UTC

thats true, but i probably should lose a bit more weight first

2018-07-16 02:12:20 UTC

we got the 14 words down

2018-07-16 02:12:29 UTC


2018-07-16 02:12:32 UTC

gotta love the chubby white babies

2018-07-16 02:12:38 UTC

I didn't even know if you were white, and I don't care.

2018-07-16 02:12:53 UTC

just think we would be good parents?

2018-07-16 02:12:59 UTC

its a pulse 😉

2018-07-16 02:13:07 UTC

Red piull parents are best parents.

2018-07-16 02:13:20 UTC

Just make sure you protect your kids from the filth we are surrounded by.

2018-07-16 02:13:30 UTC

homeschooled it is

2018-07-16 02:13:33 UTC


2018-07-16 02:13:34 UTC

I probably have an out of consensus opinion of interracial relationships.

2018-07-16 02:13:34 UTC


2018-07-16 02:13:42 UTC

in this chatroom anyway.

2018-07-16 02:14:03 UTC

well every one has an ideas

2018-07-16 02:14:21 UTC

are values differ

2018-07-16 02:14:32 UTC

as long as youre on the same page with your wife

2018-07-16 02:14:37 UTC


2018-07-16 02:15:08 UTC

and everybody has a wiggle room... not everything is a deal breaker

2018-07-16 02:15:17 UTC

or needs to be a deal breaker anyways

2018-07-16 02:16:10 UTC

and i would say i'm the most extreme here but im not blind....

2018-07-16 02:17:38 UTC

What do you mean?

2018-07-16 02:17:54 UTC

hes one step away from hitler

2018-07-16 02:18:05 UTC

maybe two

2018-07-16 02:18:09 UTC

depends on the day

2018-07-16 02:18:09 UTC

😅 hush u i'm going to blush

2018-07-16 02:18:10 UTC


2018-07-16 02:19:28 UTC

Pretty much everyone who lived before the 1960s would be called a Hitler lover today.

2018-07-16 02:19:37 UTC

Even the people who fought against Hitler.

2018-07-16 02:19:50 UTC

but i also understand in this world we take what we can get and the fight for freedom againest the globohomo we need all the fighters we can muster

2018-07-16 02:20:37 UTC

*fighting for freedom wherever there's trouble, over land and sea and air*

2018-07-16 02:20:46 UTC


2018-07-16 02:21:08 UTC

*gi joe is there*

2018-07-16 02:21:08 UTC


2018-07-16 02:21:27 UTC

This is a reference I don't get.

2018-07-16 02:21:42 UTC

its from the gi joe 80s cartoon

2018-07-16 02:21:53 UTC

*and knowing is half the battle*

2018-07-16 02:21:55 UTC

OMG! It's a tiny child in this chatroom

2018-07-16 02:22:00 UTC

That was before my time.

2018-07-16 02:22:14 UTC

its worth watching

2018-07-16 02:22:29 UTC

lots of the 80s cartoons are

2018-07-16 02:22:30 UTC

Mercia fuck yea

2018-07-16 02:22:41 UTC

thundercats was awesome

2018-07-16 02:22:45 UTC


2018-07-16 02:22:49 UTC

dough cobra was super fashy

2018-07-16 02:22:53 UTC

he was

2018-07-16 02:22:59 UTC

great voice too

2018-07-16 02:23:12 UTC

In the comics Cobra Commander's background was said and hilarious.

2018-07-16 02:23:49 UTC

He was a vietnam veteran who was grossly mistreated, had his wife and kids leave him, and funds cobra via global MLM schemes.

2018-07-16 02:23:51 UTC

leads a RWDS


2018-07-16 02:24:57 UTC

lol my brother still gets mad when i bring up that snake eyes gets taken out with one backhand by one of those pod guys in the cartoon movie

2018-07-16 02:36:13 UTC

*Fighting for Cuckoldry. We love to cause trouble. Over land and sea and air*

2018-07-16 02:36:26 UTC

*NGOs are there!*

2018-07-16 02:36:32 UTC


2018-07-16 11:53:57 UTC

Henlo everyone, I've known Orwell for a while, I had no idea he had a discord. Wuddup doggo

2018-07-16 12:01:15 UTC


2018-07-16 12:23:23 UTC

whats up @Deleted User

2018-07-16 12:33:17 UTC
2018-07-16 15:50:02 UTC

henlo frens

2018-07-16 15:50:09 UTC

hey roman

2018-07-16 15:50:27 UTC

I have a show starting in around 10 mins

2018-07-16 15:50:31 UTC

if y'all not doing anythin g

2018-07-16 15:50:36 UTC

Master has graced us with his presence

2018-07-16 15:50:43 UTC

It's noon on a Monday

2018-07-16 15:50:47 UTC


2018-07-16 15:50:51 UTC

Of course I'm not doing anything

2018-07-16 15:50:53 UTC


2018-07-16 15:52:05 UTC

anyway, gonna get ready

2018-07-16 16:13:49 UTC

@here stream is live

2018-07-16 16:13:59 UTC

yes on a monday

2018-07-16 16:14:03 UTC


2018-07-16 16:17:05 UTC


2018-07-16 18:45:10 UTC


2018-07-16 20:33:50 UTC

Just heckin kill me

2018-07-16 20:36:00 UTC

Dude, there's so many people I know that stream it makes my head spin, I can't catch up on shit lol. I stream too so I can't even complain. I'm trying to work with the guys over at Heel turn, so us over at radcapradio might be on there at some point.

2018-07-16 21:08:20 UTC

Inused to stream, but my current location doesn't have the up bandwidth for it.

2018-07-16 21:37:54 UTC

Hey everyone, I’m new, Here’s my appearance on Orwell’N’Goode’s show from a few months ago!

2018-07-16 21:38:50 UTC

Ok ok, last year lol

2018-07-16 23:10:11 UTC


2018-07-17 03:32:21 UTC

This video is nuts

2018-07-17 03:32:28 UTC

Something out of a movid

2018-07-17 04:16:11 UTC

Just saw that on gab lol! Great stuff, watching police is so entertaining

2018-07-17 04:16:19 UTC

Are you on gab Orwell?

2018-07-17 04:41:41 UTC

watched the vid of the dude in chicago too

2018-07-17 04:41:44 UTC

looked righteous

2018-07-18 02:02:30 UTC

good too see

2018-07-18 02:10:25 UTC

Good to see that those evil harnessers have been doxxed, anonymity is #toxic on the internet.

2018-07-18 02:11:00 UTC

When cut off one head, two more rise.

2018-07-18 02:45:20 UTC


2018-07-18 02:45:55 UTC

I was refrencing my feeling of gloom re: the unmasking of Matt Rivitz.

2018-07-18 02:46:34 UTC

You believe this doxxing was wrong?

2018-07-18 02:47:01 UTC

No, I think it was the right thing to do. I just have questions if it will accomplish much is all.

2018-07-18 02:47:18 UTC

It's someone I disagree with! A leftie harasser!

2018-07-18 02:48:03 UTC

Yeah, but I don't think this will stop leftie harassers. It might even enbolden them. I guess we'll see.

2018-07-18 02:48:28 UTC

I'm being sarcastic.

2018-07-18 02:48:40 UTC

How in the fuck can you defend doxing?

2018-07-18 02:50:45 UTC

Because he was doing what I like to call "lol, totes not censorship! I just don't think anybody I have the slightest political disagreement with should not be allowed to have any job with even a hint of public influence. But since I am not the government. It's not censorship."

2018-07-18 02:51:14 UTC

Wait, he was going after peoples' jobs?

2018-07-18 02:55:08 UTC

Quote from the article The group’s modus operandi is consistent throughout its campaigns: use social media in cooperation with other well-funded left-wing groups like Media Matters for America and Think Progress to urge their followers to contact advertisers en masse – expressing their outrage that companies dare advertise with conservatives – until the companies relent and pull their ads. Equally consistent is their goal in organizing these social media mobs: pressure corporate America to blacklist conservative audiences.

2018-07-18 03:55:54 UTC

It's pretty clear to me that especially when it comes to the internet we have a very outdated view of what "sponsorship" means. Which is beneficial to advertisers (to give them greater leverage in negociating rates) and interest groups, mostly leftist interest groups. We need to divorce paying for advertizing from the concepts of sponsorship and endorsement entirely.

2018-07-18 05:10:15 UTC

it doesn't matter how principled you are, the left will use your principles against you. they want us all dead for being reactionaries and resisting the glorious new utopia

2018-07-18 05:11:31 UTC

Which is why it benefits us more than the left to do what I said in the above post.

2018-07-18 05:12:24 UTC

Funnily enough, even people like BPS somehow get actual sponsorships.

2018-07-18 05:13:31 UTC

Basically I think that esp on the internet it should be understood and accepted as a society that an advertiser pays to get their ad in front of eyeballs in their demo. That is it.

2018-07-18 05:14:21 UTC

But what if an advertiser doesn't want their ads paying terrorists, communists or racists?

2018-07-18 05:14:40 UTC

They will go to a platform that will give them that option.

2018-07-18 05:15:09 UTC

If what is popular with 12 year-olds is someone who spews racial slurrs for two solid hours then that's the way it is. That's not a youtube problem, or an advertiser problem. It's a parent problem.

2018-07-18 05:15:18 UTC


2018-07-18 05:16:16 UTC

That's what I'm talking about in terms of divorcing "sponshorship and endorsement" from advertising. That's 1950's stuff, and for once not in a good way.

2018-07-18 05:18:23 UTC

Ok, some companies might be fine with that.

2018-07-18 05:18:41 UTC

But no one is entitled to advertising revenue.

2018-07-18 05:18:45 UTC

Youtube is uniquely positioned to make this change, but they're leftists so they won't. Because get this. If you want kids to see ads. Youtube is the only game in town. Where are you going to take your ad money? TV? Don't make me laugh. My two year old discovered youtube by himself and has zero tolerance for commercials when he watches paw patrol at grandpa's house. So when some company says they'll pull their ads. Youtube should laugh in their face and tell them "Where you gonna go?"

2018-07-18 05:18:51 UTC

That's true.

2018-07-18 05:19:23 UTC

If a company chooses not to advertise on content they don't want association with, that's their choice, and you can expect advertising platforms to cater to this.

2018-07-18 05:22:28 UTC

I don't think it would be hard for a company like youtube to have it in the advertising agreement a statement as simple as this "You are paying us to play your ad x number of times, in front of y kinds of people. This is all you are paying for. <company name> recognizes that this does not represent any sort of support for the ideas expressed in the ideas conveyed in the video."

2018-07-18 05:23:07 UTC

And PLENTY of companies will absolutely not be OK with this.

2018-07-18 05:23:20 UTC

Money left on the table.

2018-07-18 05:23:22 UTC


2018-07-18 05:23:37 UTC

Especially the bigger ones.

2018-07-18 05:24:08 UTC

It doesn't matter why. They have a requirement, you can expect it to be catered to.

2018-07-18 05:24:08 UTC

Also, see above statement that youtube is really the only game in town for some demos. At least the only one of that size.

2018-07-18 05:24:28 UTC

I guess what I'm saying is it doesn't HAVE to be that way.

2018-07-18 05:26:40 UTC

It's their platform, and the advertisers' money. Advertisers, especially ones that pay big bucks, don't want their brand on racist or otherwise disagreeable shit. Whether or not it HAS to be that way is irrelevant. It IS that way, and for very good reason.

2018-07-18 05:26:45 UTC

Why would a company hamstring itself in the quest to get people to to buy it's product?

2018-07-18 05:27:04 UTC

Yes, they are sooooo foolish.

2018-07-18 05:27:14 UTC

Now we're getting into overton window territory.

2018-07-18 05:27:37 UTC

or maybe we have been since the beginning.

2018-07-18 05:27:55 UTC

Companies need a Grumplebee lesson in how to grow their business and avoid controversy, what they really need to do is play their ads on Moonman videos.

2018-07-18 05:28:14 UTC

That is a sensible idea.

2018-07-18 05:28:50 UTC

I'd be down with that. The Moomen have diplomatic immunity and are a political correctness paradox. May they remain so forever.

2018-07-18 05:29:16 UTC

Oh wait

2018-07-18 05:29:30 UTC

I thought moonmen were the japanese (because moonspeak)

2018-07-18 05:30:54 UTC

Moonman is so very advertiser friendly, with such songs as "black lives don't matter" and "right wing death squads".

2018-07-18 05:31:41 UTC

My point is not that moonman should be a viable place for ads.

2018-07-18 05:31:55 UTC

It's just why it isn't that I disagree with.

2018-07-18 05:32:21 UTC

Yes, if you have NO aspirations whatever about selling to more than a tiny portion of the population.

2018-07-18 05:33:10 UTC

Allowing these videos to be monetised at all, by anyone, even knowingly might bring boycotts from the big payers.

2018-07-18 05:33:23 UTC

If moonman is popular with the kids the businessess shouldn't care. "You made a popular thing, here is money," should be their attitude. It's the parents who should be making sure kids don't watch it.

2018-07-18 05:34:22 UTC

I really don't care what businesses SHOULD be doing, or how they SHOULD behave. Youtube policy is based off of how the big payers ACTUALLY behave, in the reality in which we live.

2018-07-18 06:00:11 UTC

okay, but the boycott groups don't reflect the values of most people, i think. they're ideological, left-wing lobby groups trying to shut down speech, and companies cave to them, and youtube and facebook and others practically roll out the red carpet because they are in step ideologically. it's not really because they're anticipating or reacting to market forces

2018-07-18 06:01:04 UTC

they control the public space, and the execs and staff don't want anything that runs counter to their narrative in the public space

2018-07-18 06:01:18 UTC

Which is what I am trying to fix.

2018-07-18 06:01:21 UTC

With my idea.

2018-07-18 06:01:55 UTC

Isn't BitChute doing monetisation?

2018-07-18 06:02:46 UTC

i'm not sure...

2018-07-18 06:03:07 UTC

i just hope the market punishes them for this behavior somehow

2018-07-18 06:03:31 UTC


2018-07-18 06:03:42 UTC

not bitchute

2018-07-18 06:03:52 UTC

I know.

2018-07-18 06:04:16 UTC

It's just... markets can't really punish monopolies.

2018-07-18 06:07:01 UTC

you think the government can or should do something?

2018-07-18 07:00:20 UTC

It has to get really bad before you wield the trust-busting hammer.

2018-07-18 11:42:41 UTC

the bee is right same for acid..... the left wants you dead... at the end of the day... its not oh companys want xyz...

2018-07-18 11:43:37 UTC

and at the end of the day that guy was doing massive economic terror againest right wing ppl

2018-07-18 17:52:56 UTC

"Whitesplaining" is a thing, apparently. 


2018-07-18 17:53:15 UTC

It's been a forced meme for a while

2018-07-18 17:53:28 UTC


2018-07-18 17:53:36 UTC

well, i've done a quick vid anyway lol

2018-07-18 18:03:20 UTC

SeE gUyS, tHeYrE rEfOrMiNg

2018-07-18 18:32:32 UTC

its all about feminism

2018-07-18 18:32:53 UTC

how can we promote it, how can we spread it, how can we indoctrinate people into it

2018-07-18 18:32:58 UTC

truth doesn't matter

2018-07-18 18:33:15 UTC

consequences don't matter

2018-07-18 18:40:37 UTC

do we even know who issued the bomb threat?

2018-07-18 18:40:53 UTC

it's just like these people to fabricate this stuff themselves, and false flag

2018-07-18 18:54:47 UTC

not allowing civ nat into your home

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