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2017-05-28 21:08:47 UTC

Hey. What is IE doing on the 10th?

2017-07-05 05:46:38 UTC

Hey IE, you guys know Modern Clarity? he was in IE but then "he left"

2017-07-05 08:01:17 UTC

Hey, I'm in this group. But am in in IE.

2017-07-05 08:01:20 UTC

TWP here.

2017-07-05 08:04:34 UTC

I am TWP as well.

2017-07-05 08:04:58 UTC

Though I do not mind allying up w/ IE.

2017-07-05 08:07:25 UTC

I don't either man.
I used to be in NYF.

2017-07-05 08:08:33 UTC

My TWP Chapter in Vegas is soon to form πŸ˜‡

2017-07-05 08:08:51 UTC

We already have a good idea on what we need to accomplish.

2017-07-05 08:09:45 UTC


2017-07-05 08:09:48 UTC

this guy

2017-07-05 08:09:53 UTC

anyone know him?

2017-07-05 08:09:59 UTC

TWP Vegas niiiiiiice

2017-07-05 08:10:06 UTC

No, why what's up with him?

2017-07-05 08:10:22 UTC

hes an EX identity Europa member

2017-07-05 08:10:51 UTC

Ahh, whats the concern with him? if you don't mind me asking.

2017-07-05 08:16:59 UTC

hes been counter singnalling us hard, he had us shill for him but then turned around on us, i just wana know why he left Identity Europa, cause he seems kinda toxic if hes leaving groups like this after getting their support

2017-07-05 08:17:53 UTC

You come across some interesting people in groups man.

2017-07-05 08:18:52 UTC

Sometimes people are just not in the best mental state, it can also be stressful for individuals getting involved.

2017-07-05 08:19:17 UTC

I mean is he like openly creating rumors, and lies? or what?

2017-07-05 08:19:53 UTC

im worried hes dishonest and that hes using groups to try and gain followers while shit talking the people he just asked to shill him

2017-07-05 08:20:33 UTC

he was using groups to gain followers, but then would shit talk the people that helped him, as if to make his new followers like only him or something weird

2017-07-05 08:20:52 UTC

Like in private or in public?

2017-07-05 08:21:01 UTC

Is he joing multiple groups?

2017-07-05 08:21:09 UTC

and since hes in alot of IE pictures, but they kicked him or he left, so i wana know if he did the same stuff

2017-07-05 08:22:25 UTC

he was coming into discords and "joining" podcasts to gain followers and recognision, but in other ones, he would say "oh those guys, there degenerates" or "oh their shills for jews"

2017-07-05 08:23:07 UTC

So it's assumed he was using this for personal gain, to boost his ego?

2017-07-05 08:24:10 UTC

something like that, plus while he was with us, he had the same behavior, constantly shittalking others saying their degenerate or not good for the movement

2017-07-05 08:24:43 UTC

maybe for the youtube bucks

2017-07-05 08:26:09 UTC

Well never go assuming someone is a fed, unless you have proof. That is a huge rule, or if someone is openly calling for others to commit violence on a pretty massive scale.

He could just be that kinda guy, "oh look I'm more NS than these guys, listen to me". Maybe he's unstable, wants attention.

2017-07-05 08:27:42 UTC

I think the best way to deal with that is to ignore them, and ncicely brush them to the side.
Sometimes you can just get one on one and be like "hey dude this shit ain't cool, don't do that kind of shit".

2017-07-05 08:27:56 UTC

But if he left, well he left.

2017-07-05 08:28:31 UTC

he would purity spiral against every single leader like shit talking heimbach, saying he shouldnt lead, then the next week hes shit talking spencer, then Enoch

2017-07-05 08:28:38 UTC

I hope I don't come off sounding like a dick or telling you what to do though man.

2017-07-05 08:28:57 UTC

naw man i was just wondering if anyone from IE had the story of why he left

2017-07-05 08:29:11 UTC

Oh I got no idea, but still I know those kinda people.

2017-07-05 08:31:12 UTC

A lot of the time with that shit, it's just some personal problems they got. Low self-esteem so they become egotistical nobodies who are jealous of someones leadership and appreciation.

2017-07-05 08:34:45 UTC

ya maybe, hes got the whole, fitness/nofap/testosterone facist thing going, going for that look you know, so hes constantly downtalking everyone and has us shill him, but then we saw all what he was doing and obs werent comfortable with him doing that, shit talking heimbach and Enoch and the others

2017-07-05 08:36:15 UTC

he is a psychopath shill who used to be a big member of IE but some how got onto bad terms with everyone in the alt right and now counter signals the fuck out of literally everyone while he conives and shills for himself at any opportunity he gets

2017-07-05 08:36:20 UTC

he is toxic

2017-07-05 08:36:53 UTC

I never saw the problem with people shit talking in private, I know for sure there are TONS of people I know who cannot fucking stand me.

2017-07-05 08:37:10 UTC

But if he's doing it to like shitsmear the entire movement, yeah fuck that guy.

2017-07-05 08:37:49 UTC

ya hes openly like this, is any of the IE guys even on the discord? did they get the invites

2017-07-05 08:38:04 UTC

Whats an example of the shit dude says

2017-07-05 08:39:14 UTC

"Enoch has a kike jew wife, he obs is lying to us, he cant be a leader of the alt right he should step back and allow others"

2017-07-05 08:39:51 UTC

"heimbach is a fat fuck he be a leader of the alt right he should step back and allow others"

2017-07-05 08:39:56 UTC

basicly the same line

2017-07-05 08:40:16 UTC

X is Y and shouldnt be a leader of Z and should step back and let others take over

2017-07-05 08:40:23 UTC

A walking talking 8/pol/ thread lmao

2017-07-05 08:40:28 UTC


2017-07-05 08:41:24 UTC

He probably was never serious

2017-07-05 08:41:29 UTC

his purity level is so high, u gota lift, be involved in physical activism, not date non whites even in the past, do the NoFap stuff, its alot

2017-07-05 08:42:16 UTC

Well, you should be doing irl shit no matter what

2017-07-05 08:42:40 UTC

He wants everyone thats not 100% to not get involved though

2017-07-05 08:42:46 UTC

Yeah, I think you should to.
But some people just won't STFU about it like "BRO WHY AINT YOU A PERFECT ARYAN ANGEL LIKE MYSELF"

2017-07-05 08:43:10 UTC

I hate when our movement gets bored

2017-07-05 08:43:13 UTC

like wanting heimbach to step down till he got more fit

2017-07-05 08:43:19 UTC


2017-07-05 08:43:32 UTC

Okay, great plan

2017-07-05 08:43:51 UTC

I think he should personally say that to Heimbach

2017-07-05 08:44:07 UTC


2017-07-05 08:44:07 UTC


2017-07-05 08:44:27 UTC


2017-07-05 08:44:29 UTC


2017-07-05 08:44:37 UTC

do you guys know nathan damingo

2017-07-05 08:44:39 UTC

No really, he should hop on over to the Cville rally, and say that to Heimbach himself

2017-07-05 08:44:42 UTC

There is actual "Whiting power" toothpast lmao

2017-07-05 08:45:00 UTC

Yeah I know Nathan, not personally though. Met him once and stayed in a hotel with him.

2017-07-05 08:45:17 UTC

Heimbach would laugh about it.

2017-07-05 08:45:26 UTC

Just like the kid in another channel who said he wants to ask why Mike didnt bring his kike wife to the rally

2017-07-05 08:45:35 UTC

Heimbach is chill as fuck, he wouldn't fight someone over some shit like that.

2017-07-05 08:45:50 UTC

Oh dude yeah they should totally say that to Enoch.

2017-07-05 08:45:59 UTC


2017-07-05 08:45:59 UTC

I encourage a motherfucker to say that Enoch.

2017-07-05 08:46:11 UTC

Enoch seems like he'd knock the fuck out of them right there for it.

2017-07-05 08:46:35 UTC

I think Matt would just laugh in there face and tell em to fuck off

2017-07-05 08:46:42 UTC

I'm honestly very much in favor of allowing physical violence between members of the alt-right

2017-07-05 08:46:59 UTC

Dude we said just let people get into boxing matches man.

2017-07-05 08:47:17 UTC

Like an organized fight, hell yeah.

2017-07-05 08:47:26 UTC

Gloves, a ref and all that.

2017-07-05 08:47:42 UTC

There needs to be an example set for "Hey, you said this stuff that was way out of line, and that's why this is happening to you"

2017-07-05 08:48:07 UTC

And then have the parties involved beat the fuck out of each other

2017-07-05 08:49:59 UTC

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong

2017-07-05 08:51:21 UTC


2017-07-05 08:51:32 UTC

I know a few guys were talking about it.

2017-07-05 08:51:56 UTC

Dude, there are definitely going to be brawls at Cville

2017-07-05 08:52:07 UTC

Set up a boxing match.

But I think fighting over someone saying some dumb shit is stupid, unless it's serious shit smearing.

2017-07-05 08:52:14 UTC

We just need to make sure they happen after the rally, not before

2017-07-05 08:52:23 UTC

Oh yeah, after the rally for sure.

2017-07-05 08:52:39 UTC

Split lips are bad optics

2017-07-05 08:53:01 UTC

Becuase they are just vaguely "pro White" and "right wing" and aren't ideologically NatSoc or even Fascist
Or desperate for a leader so they cling on to whoever is there presently
Many are simply unaware since they don't follow these things(edited)
I've spoken with people who never knew that Mike Enoch was married to a marxist Jewess and that he had her on his supposedly anti semitic radio show
Many simply don't know

2017-07-05 08:53:08 UTC


2017-07-05 08:53:17 UTC

this is an example

2017-07-05 08:53:22 UTC

before he jumped

2017-07-05 08:53:34 UTC

lmao dude

2017-07-05 08:53:36 UTC

Dude he's like a typical 8pol shitter

2017-07-05 08:53:43 UTC

Who gives a fuck

2017-07-05 08:53:56 UTC

Unless he's a danger to opsec

2017-07-05 08:53:58 UTC

Well actually dude fuck I ain't going to Cville now, because it's all CUCKS

2017-07-05 08:54:04 UTC


2017-07-05 08:54:06 UTC

Why the fuck isn't the ghost of ADOLF HITLER

2017-07-05 08:54:08 UTC


2017-07-05 08:54:22 UTC

Did you see we got a normie share?

2017-07-05 08:54:33 UTC

Red Elephants advertised for the rally

2017-07-05 08:54:36 UTC

Did we? from a page I hope?

2017-07-05 08:54:38 UTC

Dude nice.

2017-07-05 08:55:01 UTC

I encourage everyone to talk to the normies commenting, get them to come

2017-07-05 08:55:14 UTC

See I love that shit actually.
I know so many people that are against it because they want everything to be some closed circle of the most obscure sects of NS.

2017-07-05 08:55:32 UTC

We need to be a public face

2017-07-05 08:55:37 UTC

So nice to finally see it reaching out to a new audience.

2017-07-05 08:55:53 UTC

This rally needs to go well

2017-07-05 08:56:04 UTC

By any means neccesary

2017-07-05 08:56:49 UTC

I don't see why it wouldn't.

2017-07-05 08:56:56 UTC


2017-07-05 08:57:07 UTC

Honestly I am concerned if some shitfucks will try and fight each other at the rally.

2017-07-05 08:57:11 UTC

The anti fash pages are surprisingly quiet

2017-07-05 08:57:25 UTC

And like you said, infighting irl

2017-07-05 08:57:38 UTC

Which could be alt-liters pissed at the literal NAZIS
or LITERAL NAZIS mad about alt-lite

2017-07-05 08:57:50 UTC


2017-07-05 08:58:10 UTC

I know a few of the people I'll be with are going to be shitty about the alt-lite guys and normal types.

2017-07-05 08:58:31 UTC

But I don't think they'll say shit in person.

2017-07-05 08:58:52 UTC

Well, it's up to us to patrol our own

2017-07-05 08:58:54 UTC

Which I'm not sure there will be many alt-lite will there?

2017-07-05 08:59:13 UTC

Well, the Proudboys are supposed to bring a good number

2017-07-05 08:59:17 UTC

I did security for Pikeville, when you get tons of people everyone can usually chill out better.

2017-07-05 08:59:55 UTC

Right now, I'm worried about uppidy civnat normies, and infiltrators

2017-07-05 09:00:13 UTC

Yeah, it's good to seperate the groups at the first part.

2017-07-05 09:00:41 UTC

Well the entire thing really, like I'm good with civnats being there but they might have you know

2017-07-05 09:00:53 UTC

Some of the guys that really do their best to bitch about Nazi's

2017-07-05 09:01:19 UTC

Which in the case they do, gotta be sure they can keep a civil discussion.

2017-07-05 09:01:21 UTC

As far as I know, the system is going to be, if you see someone who looks suspicious, calmy confront them, ask who theyre here with, if you doubt their story, ask if anyone can vouch for them

2017-07-05 09:01:27 UTC

and not trying to be the tin-cuck.

2017-07-05 09:01:36 UTC


2017-07-05 09:01:52 UTC

Oh yeah, i'm good at that shit.

2017-07-05 09:01:56 UTC


2017-07-05 09:02:28 UTC

Let anyone your going with to know the basic rule of "Pretend every conversation you have here is being recorded"

2017-07-05 09:02:42 UTC


2017-07-05 09:02:56 UTC

So, do you know what the schedule is?

2017-07-05 09:03:17 UTC

Are we having a seminar or something before to go over the rules and plans?

2017-07-05 09:03:29 UTC

I haven't seen anything

2017-07-05 09:03:49 UTC

Honestly, I do not know.

2017-07-05 09:04:11 UTC

Alright, I'll try to contact one of the security team

2017-07-05 09:04:32 UTC

Sounds good man.

Also, we should get some guys to scout the area PRIOR to the event.

2017-07-05 09:04:45 UTC

That's being handled

2017-07-05 09:04:53 UTC

We have a solid team

2017-07-05 09:05:40 UTC

I seen this video coming from Turkey, where antifa/PKK-faggots had a demo.
Someone left a bomb there and it killed almost 40 of them.

Regardless of the fact it was antifa that was hit, I'd fucking hate for something like that to happen to our men.

2017-07-05 09:06:02 UTC


2017-07-05 09:06:09 UTC

Heres the thing about that

2017-07-05 09:06:27 UTC

And I assume the antis know this as well as anyone

2017-07-05 09:06:41 UTC

If they ever tried something like that

2017-07-05 09:06:49 UTC

It would be open season

2017-07-05 09:07:02 UTC

The chances are fucking unlikely for that I think, we're not in allahakbarastan.

2017-07-05 09:07:12 UTC

I think with antifa

2017-07-05 09:07:27 UTC

they are either going to show up in full fucking force

2017-07-05 09:07:37 UTC

Or just not show up.

2017-07-05 09:07:45 UTC

They're showing up

2017-07-05 09:07:53 UTC

Count on it

2017-07-05 09:08:14 UTC

Sounds good to me.

2017-07-05 09:08:28 UTC

Just get some loud speakers and make fun of them dudes.

2017-07-05 09:08:31 UTC

No idea as to their numbers

2017-07-05 09:08:42 UTC

There is going to be tons of police there.

2017-07-05 09:08:48 UTC

They going to try and noplatform us

2017-07-05 09:09:08 UTC

Make as much noise as possible so no one can hear our message

2017-07-05 09:09:16 UTC

Oh they can suck my fucking white ass for that bullshit.

2017-07-05 09:09:31 UTC

They did that shit to us in Pikeville

2017-07-05 09:09:48 UTC

Are you in the event discord?

2017-07-05 09:10:16 UTC

The minute we brought out a fucking sound system, I am pretty sure at least one of them cut themselves.

2017-07-05 09:10:20 UTC


2017-07-05 09:10:37 UTC

Try to get in

2017-07-05 09:10:50 UTC

What is it?

2017-07-05 09:11:09 UTC

Just a channel to get updates and shit

2017-07-05 09:11:26 UTC

I mean what is this discord and such? You can PM me it

2017-07-05 09:11:33 UTC

Unless I need to be approved

2017-07-05 09:11:46 UTC

You need to be approved I'm pretty sure

2017-07-05 09:11:51 UTC

Ah okay dude

2017-07-05 09:12:17 UTC

All in all, it's shaping up to be a great time

2017-07-05 09:12:30 UTC

Looking forward to the afterpartying

2017-07-05 09:13:01 UTC

Yeah, this will be very important I think

2017-07-05 09:13:16 UTC

Biggest event of the year

2017-07-05 09:22:02 UTC

So the proudboys are actually coming?

2017-07-05 09:22:13 UTC

What I heard

2017-07-05 09:22:40 UTC

Uhh yeah nevermind not even going to go.

2017-07-05 09:22:47 UTC


2017-07-05 09:22:49 UTC

God this is soooo gay

2017-07-05 09:22:51 UTC


2017-07-05 09:23:01 UTC


2017-07-05 09:23:09 UTC

pound bois are basicly neo cons

2017-07-05 09:23:22 UTC

I'm going to hold my own rally called "NIGGER HATERS RALLY"

2017-07-05 09:23:53 UTC

I wanted to go looking like Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2(3?)

2017-07-05 09:24:13 UTC

>as long as we donate to israel and have open borders and the 2end amendment everything will be fine

2017-07-05 09:24:13 UTC

Ass naked, wearing a giant "I HATE NIGGERS" sign

2017-07-05 09:24:28 UTC

20 gallon hat lmao

2017-07-05 09:24:37 UTC

I'm just kidding, I actually know a few proud boys.

2017-07-05 09:24:45 UTC

Well one of them.

2017-07-05 09:24:49 UTC


2017-07-05 09:25:01 UTC

A lot of them are woke.

2017-07-05 09:25:11 UTC

But just no wanting to be known.

2017-07-05 09:25:26 UTC

Just let Cantwell scream about jews at them for 20 minutes

2017-07-05 09:25:32 UTC

Or they have a lot of non-white friends

2017-07-05 09:26:04 UTC

I'm honestly debating wearing boots and braces to the rally

2017-07-05 09:26:13 UTC

Which the guy I know, he lives in a very diverse area.

2017-07-05 09:26:38 UTC

Dude just look fucking badass but not corny is my deal, if it looks badass but not retarded. Do it.

2017-07-05 09:27:01 UTC

Well, I know there is some debate as to the dress code

2017-07-05 09:27:35 UTC

As long as you're not wearing a fucking flag as a cape, and a fucking helmet with goggles, about 3 different shirts of different sizes, excessive amounts of gear.

2017-07-05 09:28:01 UTC

As I see it now, the rulles are look good

2017-07-05 09:28:14 UTC

I think it'd be COOL if each group had their own dress code.
i love wearing my black BDUs

2017-07-05 09:28:23 UTC

Don't look like some fucking berkley wannabe faggot there for a fight

2017-07-05 09:28:40 UTC

Dude I hate when people where that kind of fucking shit so bad.

2017-07-05 09:28:51 UTC

It's annoying as fuck

2017-07-05 09:29:06 UTC

The most I'll have is a mouth guard

2017-07-05 09:29:20 UTC

I spent 14,000 on these pearly whites

2017-07-05 09:29:45 UTC

I ain't having them chipped by commies

2017-07-05 09:29:55 UTC


2017-07-05 09:30:10 UTC

We did this for Auburn, at Richard Spencer's speech.

2017-07-05 09:30:18 UTC

THat's acceptable

2017-07-05 09:30:18 UTC

I am the dude in the middle with that helmet lmao.

2017-07-05 09:30:37 UTC

Well yeah, and for Auburn.
But I don't think we'll need that kind of stuff for this one.

2017-07-05 09:30:54 UTC


2017-07-05 09:31:00 UTC

We ain't doin that

2017-07-05 09:31:11 UTC

Now compare that, which is badass and intimidating as fuck. I think.

2017-07-05 09:31:33 UTC

As to some dipshits in multicolored fucking who the fuck knows what sporting good supplies and a goddamn cape flag.

2017-07-05 09:31:39 UTC

Fucking never wear a flag as a cape.

2017-07-05 09:31:55 UTC

as long as ur not in like all black it looks good

2017-07-05 09:32:07 UTC

all black looks less like a party and more like a gang

2017-07-05 09:32:20 UTC

plus its hard to see you in the bodies of antifa

2017-07-05 09:32:21 UTC

I wouldn't wear black on the basis of it being Virginia in August

2017-07-05 09:32:27 UTC

We always do all black my dude. TWP at least.

2017-07-05 09:32:45 UTC

Too damn hot

2017-07-05 09:33:05 UTC

Not always lmao
But when needed.

Yeah we wore all black to Pikeville, which is hilarous because antifa had to switch their dress code up.

2017-07-05 09:33:52 UTC

I don't think there is a dress code for it, is it?

2017-07-05 09:34:28 UTC

THe dress code, thus far, is if you come with a group, look put together

2017-07-05 09:34:33 UTC

Look good

2017-07-05 09:34:46 UTC

Fair enough

2017-07-05 09:35:03 UTC

Lemme look again

2017-07-05 09:36:03 UTC

I personally wonder if we could put something in there about not looking Berkley-esque.

2017-07-05 09:37:08 UTC

I think there is sort of an unwritten rule

2017-07-05 09:38:29 UTC

Also don't look like antifa, no masks whatsoever or the cops will fuck you up

2017-07-05 09:38:57 UTC

Good, I fucking hate when people wear mask.

2017-07-05 09:39:28 UTC

Yeah, it's easier to shave, wear sunglasses and a hat

2017-07-05 09:39:45 UTC

At least wearing it to an event with no reason to wear it.

2017-07-05 09:40:52 UTC

Hell yeah, I'm going to look fucking dank.
The one good thing about being fascists is we generally look good.

2017-07-05 09:41:07 UTC

>white men

2017-07-05 09:41:09 UTC


2017-07-05 09:41:19 UTC

Man you ever seen an oathcuckers rally?

2017-07-05 09:41:28 UTC


2017-07-05 09:41:40 UTC

We should just dress up like we're going to battle.

2017-07-05 09:41:52 UTC

And talk about free speech

2017-07-05 09:42:18 UTC

Free peaches rally

2017-07-05 09:42:39 UTC

I was at a freeze peach rally the other day

2017-07-05 09:42:47 UTC

Just stumbled upon it

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