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2018-12-13 03:26:16 UTC

@cosmicprank nah man it was a joke I was not inferring anything

2018-12-13 03:26:27 UTC

oh haha

2018-12-13 03:27:23 UTC

We discuss all manner of subjects here. Politics, philosophy, religion, science, economics, history etc.

2018-12-13 03:36:25 UTC

I fapped. I did a 10 day streak. Super pissed. Probably the most fought attempt so far. My goal now is to finish out the rest of the month in no fap.

2018-12-13 03:37:14 UTC

If your concerned about how to channel your sexual energy, there are ways to channel it without fapping.

2018-12-13 03:38:34 UTC

For example, when you get the "itch", go do a set on free weights if you possess them or for a run

2018-12-13 03:39:16 UTC

Supposedly I hear some guys channeling there sexual energy into their work, but I suppose that just makes them workaholics?

2018-12-13 03:39:18 UTC

I exercise and game. But idk. I found the porno to interesting and i caved

2018-12-13 03:40:23 UTC

I did not fight hard enough today.

2018-12-13 03:40:25 UTC

Like real porn or hentai?

2018-12-13 03:41:56 UTC

Real. I used the anime babe channel to distract me for the most part. That helped take away my desires.

2018-12-13 03:43:44 UTC

Usually when I think of porn having a story it's hentai.

2018-12-13 03:43:48 UTC

hentai just dont do it for me man

2018-12-13 03:43:50 UTC


2018-12-13 03:43:52 UTC

gotta see the irl stuff

2018-12-13 03:44:15 UTC

Although that movie Pirates that came out many years ago was fantastic

2018-12-13 03:44:33 UTC

I used to like irl but couldn't stand the excessive moaning, hentai is still bad with that but tolerable and sexier

2018-12-13 03:45:01 UTC

Better waifus who dont need make up or have roast beef sandwiches for vags

2018-12-13 03:45:42 UTC

I kept telling myself no as i kept reaching for the fleshlight

2018-12-13 03:47:02 UTC

Now im like @MadConq 's profile pic

2018-12-13 03:47:23 UTC


2018-12-13 03:47:35 UTC
2018-12-13 03:51:37 UTC

yeah, cuz every girl in porn has a roast beef sandwich pussy

2018-12-13 03:51:48 UTC

be realistic u can find endless amount of tight pussy 18 year old porn

2018-12-13 03:52:30 UTC

I was generalizing

2018-12-13 03:52:43 UTC

word i mean i know what you mean

2018-12-13 03:52:53 UTC

ive just done some dirtier shit than the average mgtow it would seem lmao

2018-12-13 03:53:34 UTC

I think we've all done some dirty shit

2018-12-13 03:53:43 UTC


2018-12-13 03:53:48 UTC


2018-12-13 03:54:00 UTC

in 3 countries lmao

2018-12-13 03:54:18 UTC

Only in Panama where its government regulated

2018-12-13 03:54:29 UTC

i did in costa rica. pretty much the same.

2018-12-13 03:54:45 UTC

i did in tokyo too but it was way overpriced cuz im a filthy gaijin

2018-12-13 03:54:54 UTC

Still pure so sad. but I don't regret it

2018-12-13 03:56:09 UTC

I thought JN hookers didnt fuck gaijin

2018-12-13 03:57:04 UTC

they normally dont

2018-12-13 03:57:34 UTC

The brothels are typically run by the Yakuza

2018-12-13 03:57:36 UTC

but i got approached and was drunk. tbh it could have gone horribly. but it was a real, actually hot 25 year old or so japanese chic. not like a thai or chinese.

2018-12-13 03:58:13 UTC

Awesome. I would have loved to gotten balls deep in some sideways vagina when I was in Japan

2018-12-13 03:58:37 UTC

disappointingly, it's as vertical as white chics

2018-12-13 03:58:47 UTC

i banged a non-hooker too but that wasn't as good

2018-12-13 03:58:49 UTC


2018-12-13 03:59:03 UTC

she was like the typical japanese girl whose obsessed with disney

2018-12-13 03:59:31 UTC

No surprise there

2018-12-13 04:03:27 UTC

i wanna go back so bad

2018-12-13 04:03:32 UTC

2020 olympics would be amazing

2018-12-13 04:04:40 UTC


2018-12-13 04:04:56 UTC

I'm planning on saving up 10k for a month long sabbatical

2018-12-13 04:10:52 UTC

Lmao, watching star trek tng episode where a woman seems to be in charge of an anachronistic colony. Of course theyre agrarian, lol

2018-12-13 04:11:31 UTC

I think I remember that episode

2018-12-13 04:11:47 UTC

Isnt she a staunch traditionalist for the sake of traditionalism?

2018-12-13 04:12:03 UTC

Shes basically a pig farmer

2018-12-13 04:12:17 UTC

"up the long ladder"

2018-12-13 04:12:46 UTC

Picard was mgtow as fuck

2018-12-13 04:12:52 UTC

Riker was a pua

2018-12-13 04:12:55 UTC


2018-12-13 04:13:41 UTC

Riker gets a pass though because he was a badass chad

2018-12-13 04:15:45 UTC


2018-12-13 04:16:38 UTC

Cisco was badass mother fucker too

2018-12-13 04:16:59 UTC

He took shit from no one

2018-12-13 04:21:29 UTC

Where would cute things go to?

2018-12-13 04:31:29 UTC


2018-12-13 04:33:09 UTC


2018-12-13 04:35:16 UTC

Define cute things

2018-12-13 04:36:07 UTC

Cute anime girls in anime babes Everything else in shitposting. Unless it's like a dank meme

2018-12-13 04:36:38 UTC

Twitter video

2018-12-13 04:37:23 UTC

I guess in funny vids. But be warned. Twitter is cancer

2018-12-13 04:37:24 UTC


2018-12-13 04:37:52 UTC

Don't get leukaemia from twitter fam

2018-12-13 04:38:35 UTC

One of my friends has a cute posting channel

2018-12-13 04:41:19 UTC

@ToastMcGhost really...

2018-12-13 04:41:32 UTC

Your friend = **big** ***gay***

2018-12-13 04:49:05 UTC

Whats worst Instagram or twiter?

2018-12-13 04:51:24 UTC

Instagram has an artistic purpose and twitter has comedic purpose if you like laughing at idiots

2018-12-13 04:55:30 UTC

I like laughing at my self... What am i?

2018-12-13 04:56:28 UTC


2018-12-13 04:56:55 UTC

I actually use instagram time to time, twitter is just to see why the power is out

2018-12-13 04:57:14 UTC

I don't use neither.

2018-12-13 04:57:24 UTC

I use youtube alot.

2018-12-13 04:59:57 UTC

I've been bitten by the battle royale bug. Send halp.

2018-12-13 05:01:09 UTC

@Djehutyz (Jaz) 🔫 nothing personnel, kid

2018-12-13 05:05:18 UTC

peep the stream all

2018-12-13 05:07:11 UTC

pokemon mystery dungeon was a good series

2018-12-13 05:07:24 UTC

I never played the myster dungeon games

2018-12-13 05:07:41 UTC

My first Pokemon was Emerald.

2018-12-13 05:07:53 UTC

I'm told the pokemon mystery dungeon series is rife with feels

2018-12-13 05:08:04 UTC

Emerald >>> Ruby or Sapphire

2018-12-13 05:08:20 UTC

from what I remember, yes

2018-12-13 05:09:03 UTC

btw mentioned pokemon mystery dungeon cause i think thats where the thumbnail of the video in <#471935841665810463> is from

2018-12-13 05:16:41 UTC


2018-12-13 05:23:58 UTC

its supposed to be active during the stream

2018-12-13 05:24:10 UTC

why chat still ded

2018-12-13 05:24:45 UTC

@Happy Humble Hermit. Dammnnn that dude got you set up!!! Jealous... But its bad ass! Keep up the good work!

2018-12-13 05:25:58 UTC

We are going to get humble into anime.

2018-12-13 05:27:20 UTC

i was the one who made fun of him for posting in general

2018-12-13 05:27:33 UTC

ive been noticed

2018-12-13 05:39:47 UTC

look fam. you dont want to be noticed again. unless you enjoy being trap chan

2018-12-13 05:40:01 UTC


2018-12-13 05:40:06 UTC


2018-12-13 05:40:25 UTC

if you dont put the gay tag on me its ok

2018-12-13 05:40:35 UTC

but no fucking gaytag

2018-12-13 05:40:55 UTC

@shadowlessnexus is this free channel?

2018-12-13 05:41:30 UTC

no it costs like 50 dollars for entry. if you give me your credit card number and the three digits on the back and the expiration date ill process your charge

2018-12-13 05:41:50 UTC
2018-12-13 05:41:58 UTC


2018-12-13 05:42:51 UTC

aight ill tell you what. ill waive the entry fee if you say ahri is best waifu and she belongs to nexus

2018-12-13 05:43:28 UTC

How much money is enough to find happiness sir? @shadowlessnexus

2018-12-13 05:43:35 UTC


2018-12-13 05:43:38 UTC

your not saying the thing

2018-12-13 05:43:53 UTC

enough money to buy ahrti merch

2018-12-13 05:43:55 UTC

ugh. i cant have no fun on this server anymore

2018-12-13 05:44:14 UTC

me neither

2018-12-13 05:44:15 UTC

How old is the mgtow?

2018-12-13 05:44:18 UTC

its your fault

2018-12-13 05:44:20 UTC

@metan according to these study's ive read after like 75k a year the amount of happiness you get stops

2018-12-13 05:44:36 UTC

how old is the mgtow? what do you mean by that

2018-12-13 05:44:47 UTC

The movements

2018-12-13 05:45:05 UTC

its not a movement

2018-12-13 05:45:10 UTC

mgtow has existed forever

2018-12-13 05:45:15 UTC

mra is a movement. mgtow is a philosophy

2018-12-13 05:45:32 UTC

but idk how long the modern mgtow has existed

2018-12-13 05:45:32 UTC

also yea what retarded name said. its been around for as long as society

2018-12-13 05:45:52 UTC

modern mgtow i think really started in like the 50's with the confirmed bachelor lifestyle imo

2018-12-13 05:45:52 UTC

So 5-10 years?

2018-12-13 05:46:03 UTC

Z told me it was during Roman times also.

2018-12-13 05:46:11 UTC


2018-12-13 05:46:14 UTC


2018-12-13 05:46:14 UTC

it was around durning then for sure.

2018-12-13 05:46:25 UTC

No it's a reaction to every closing point to society.

2018-12-13 05:46:40 UTC

@shadowlessnexus what if mgtow stop reproducing, won't that be problem?

2018-12-13 05:46:46 UTC

not our problem

2018-12-13 05:46:47 UTC

its probably more common around then

2018-12-13 05:46:54 UTC

Its not our problem.

2018-12-13 05:46:55 UTC

if society wants us to reproduce then give us something

2018-12-13 05:47:05 UTC

I got booty.

2018-12-13 05:47:06 UTC

who cares

2018-12-13 05:47:08 UTC

sell it to me. i dont need you. you need me thats the stance i take

2018-12-13 05:47:16 UTC

im gonna die before it has an effect

2018-12-13 05:47:17 UTC

Well damn.

2018-12-13 05:47:25 UTC

until they manage to d that. imma stay a loser virgin with my waifu

2018-12-13 05:47:28 UTC

im perfectly fine

2018-12-13 05:47:40 UTC

society can eat a dick

2018-12-13 05:47:51 UTC

@shadowlessnexus but future society will have more subservient cucks who support feminism. Won't mgtow die out?

2018-12-13 05:47:52 UTC

Your not virgin if you lose it to sex dall.

2018-12-13 05:48:13 UTC

@metan if mgtow existed in ancient rome with no internet then mgtow aint going nowhere

2018-12-13 05:48:16 UTC

sex dolls dont count

2018-12-13 05:48:32 UTC

They can pop your cherry.

2018-12-13 05:48:37 UTC

if sex dolls and sex toys count then im already "not a virgin"

2018-12-13 05:48:42 UTC

Don't be a dallist.

2018-12-13 05:48:47 UTC

i dont care about virginity

2018-12-13 05:49:16 UTC

lul nerd virgin

2018-12-13 05:49:19 UTC

He our mgrow virgin marry.

2018-12-13 05:49:19 UTC

@shadowlessnexus but don't mgtow worry about being culture outcast?

2018-12-13 05:49:37 UTC

and also again. i dont care. thats future society's problem. its not my problem how cucked society is

2018-12-13 05:49:58 UTC

I went from goth to gamer to mgtow. I've always been an outcast

2018-12-13 05:50:02 UTC

@shadowlessnexus is our mgtow virgin mother marry.

2018-12-13 05:50:14 UTC

Pray to the mother marry

2018-12-13 05:50:23 UTC

think about it. i was born. 100 years into feminism. the debt is insane. cucking is crazy levels. and you want me... to worry about it. i was born 23 years ago. society can fuck off.

2018-12-13 05:50:31 UTC

like im supposed to just fix this shit

2018-12-13 05:50:40 UTC

fuck off thots

2018-12-13 05:50:53 UTC

Fix us please.

2018-12-13 05:50:56 UTC

@shadowlessnexus what's thot sir?

2018-12-13 05:50:56 UTC

@shadowlessnexus i'll pay you 20 potato

2018-12-13 05:51:09 UTC


2018-12-13 05:51:10 UTC

i only accept payment in ahri pics

2018-12-13 05:51:12 UTC

🅱 gone THOTs!

2018-12-13 05:51:21 UTC

That hoe owes taxes.

2018-12-13 05:51:29 UTC


2018-12-13 05:51:34 UTC

Oh cool.

2018-12-13 05:51:39 UTC

Which definition?

2018-12-13 05:51:48 UTC

That is how the childrens say it these days, right?

2018-12-13 05:51:51 UTC

It cost me 50 potato to make 1 ahri meme

2018-12-13 05:51:52 UTC

Both it evolved.

2018-12-13 05:52:08 UTC

Thats alot of potatos.

2018-12-13 05:52:09 UTC

And yes.

2018-12-13 05:52:22 UTC

I am using both definitions of THOT

2018-12-13 05:52:32 UTC

@ToastMcGhost thats not my problem fam

2018-12-13 05:52:37 UTC


2018-12-13 05:52:42 UTC

How can mgtow force women back in line?

2018-12-13 05:52:49 UTC

And obey men again.

2018-12-13 05:52:53 UTC

It doesn't.

2018-12-13 05:52:54 UTC

thats not the point of mgtow

2018-12-13 05:52:56 UTC

we dont care

2018-12-13 05:53:07 UTC

We go our own way.

2018-12-13 05:53:09 UTC

thats the mra's and pua's problems

2018-12-13 05:53:18 UTC

that is mens rights activists and pick up artists

2018-12-13 05:53:29 UTC

@shadowlessnexus so if we let women roam free, they will destroy everything with emotional dissaray.

2018-12-13 05:53:33 UTC


2018-12-13 05:53:38 UTC

society let them not me

2018-12-13 05:53:59 UTC

the governments of the world bowed down to the pussy. its not my responsiblity to fix it

2018-12-13 05:54:12 UTC


2018-12-13 05:54:13 UTC

What is waifu?

2018-12-13 05:54:18 UTC

Mgtow is more for self focus.. On your goals and wants.

2018-12-13 05:54:18 UTC

@ToastMcGhost you have 30 fucking seconds to delete

2018-12-13 05:54:31 UTC

thats what i thought

2018-12-13 05:54:34 UTC

Pls no ***B A N***

2018-12-13 05:54:38 UTC

thats abuse of power @shadowlessnexus

2018-12-13 05:54:48 UTC

waifu is magic, waifu is life

2018-12-13 05:54:49 UTC

stop being geicat

2018-12-13 05:54:49 UTC

thats not abuse of power. this is abuse of power

2018-12-13 05:54:58 UTC

Hey I jist relize its my trap friend.

2018-12-13 05:55:06 UTC

@legendpinnen hello trap friend.

2018-12-13 05:55:07 UTC

Is my name changed again?

2018-12-13 05:55:12 UTC

Ok good

2018-12-13 05:55:15 UTC


2018-12-13 05:55:22 UTC


2018-12-13 05:55:23 UTC

@shadowlessnexus will love doll displace real. Women?

2018-12-13 05:55:32 UTC


2018-12-13 05:55:36 UTC

I'll pay you **300 Gustav**

2018-12-13 05:55:37 UTC


2018-12-13 05:55:45 UTC

@ToastMcGhost for wwhat

2018-12-13 05:55:45 UTC

it already has for me. i already strongly desire to get one. i have no desire to worry about thots

2018-12-13 05:56:01 UTC


2018-12-13 05:56:11 UTC

@shadowlessnexus but are they real feeling and move robotics?

2018-12-13 05:56:11 UTC

@legendpinnen ill give you your powers back. if you promise not to flood anime babes with your weird historical paintings

2018-12-13 05:56:13 UTC

I have dead body in my closets... Thots are last year.

2018-12-13 05:56:22 UTC

No robotics, but real feeling

2018-12-13 05:56:26 UTC

@metan the dolls right now. they dont do anything. just like real women

2018-12-13 05:56:28 UTC

good enough for me

2018-12-13 05:56:44 UTC

also im pretty sure everybody knows im a loser virgin at this point

2018-12-13 05:56:47 UTC

How can a man avoid false accusations and destroy life? @shadowlessnexus

2018-12-13 05:56:48 UTC

hang on

2018-12-13 05:57:01 UTC

@metan masturbate

2018-12-13 05:57:08 UTC

Im loser baby so why dont you kill me.

2018-12-13 05:57:19 UTC

@shadowlessnexus if you dont flood it with wierd ahri pics i might grace this server with my beautiful pics

2018-12-13 05:57:22 UTC

@metan you can go monk mode like me. that means no dating. no nothing. you could only have sex with women in other country's that can help

2018-12-13 05:57:36 UTC

how much risk you take on is up to you

2018-12-13 05:57:37 UTC

Is there good body cam product you may recommend? @shadowlessnexus. Just for precaution.

2018-12-13 05:58:03 UTC

Just have sex with cam chicks.

2018-12-13 05:58:05 UTC

Conceal that can stream to cloud hook with mobile?

2018-12-13 05:58:21 UTC

@shadowlessnexus nah there was a dude who got accused cuz the girls at his highschool didnt like him

2018-12-13 05:58:32 UTC

@The woken child no for safety around woman. To avoid future issues.

2018-12-13 05:58:39 UTC

you cant prevent risk from being there. only minimize it.

2018-12-13 05:58:48 UTC

you could get hit by lightning too.

2018-12-13 05:58:50 UTC

whos watching the stream? 😮

2018-12-13 05:58:50 UTC

@metan sandman had a vid about bodycams

2018-12-13 05:58:53 UTC

just do what you can

2018-12-13 05:59:03 UTC

Just hide a camera where ever you fuck

2018-12-13 05:59:04 UTC

@legendpinnen sandman?

2018-12-13 05:59:07 UTC


2018-12-13 05:59:15 UTC

its a mgtow channel

2018-12-13 05:59:16 UTC

i know nothing about body cams

2018-12-13 05:59:22 UTC

Some one is horny 8 year old.

2018-12-13 05:59:22 UTC

The SQ11 mini camera is very cheap but it doesn't upload to the cloud

2018-12-13 05:59:25 UTC

why does everyone think im some kind of fucking guru

2018-12-13 05:59:42 UTC

Because your daddy.

2018-12-13 05:59:55 UTC


2018-12-13 06:00:01 UTC

Correction zaddy

2018-12-13 06:00:07 UTC


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