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2019-03-09 04:49:36 UTC

Drink some oj and kill it like oj

2019-03-09 04:49:41 UTC

Go for 17

2019-03-09 04:49:45 UTC

No quitters here

2019-03-09 04:49:54 UTC

no plz

2019-03-09 04:50:13 UTC

Eat a sammich drink some whey

2019-03-09 04:50:17 UTC

can someone die from mastubating a lot?

2019-03-09 04:50:20 UTC

Get back in there soldier

2019-03-09 04:50:31 UTC


2019-03-09 04:51:01 UTC

yeah see no way imma keep on going

2019-03-09 04:51:11 UTC

brb imma join NoFap

2019-03-09 04:51:22 UTC

Gonna have a hard time beating 42 times

2019-03-09 04:51:31 UTC

Not recommend

2019-03-09 04:51:51 UTC

@0supahgatovian11 its impossible to die if your on super male vitality 24/7

2019-03-09 04:52:01 UTC

kek xD

2019-03-09 04:52:54 UTC

@0supahgatovian11 if you really want to stop, ease it out slowly, it's fine to do it time to time, but keep it balanced

2019-03-09 04:53:00 UTC

I mean imo fapping is not worth the effort

2019-03-09 04:53:26 UTC

Man that sucks

2019-03-09 04:53:50 UTC

what @afieq408 said don't cold Turkey just wind down

2019-03-09 04:53:59 UTC

I just chuck on my favourite episode of everybody loves Raymond and rub one out in 2mins before bed

2019-03-09 04:54:22 UTC


2019-03-09 04:54:24 UTC


2019-03-09 04:54:59 UTC

If it's that much and yr asking for help it's like smoking you can't just stop bc in some cases you could die

2019-03-09 04:55:13 UTC

But not to that skale

2019-03-09 04:55:28 UTC


2019-03-09 04:55:37 UTC

Fuckijg phone can't type for shit

2019-03-09 04:56:11 UTC

@afieq408 fr you can die if you stop smoking? cigarettes right?

2019-03-09 04:56:19 UTC


2019-03-09 04:56:19 UTC

so how do you guys feel about sydney mgtow getting eliminated?

2019-03-09 04:56:25 UTC


2019-03-09 04:56:30 UTC

He wasn't

2019-03-09 04:56:35 UTC

He did it himself

2019-03-09 04:56:39 UTC


2019-03-09 04:56:44 UTC


2019-03-09 04:56:55 UTC

He got a business offer for potentially 7 grand a month and took it down while they negotiate I guess

2019-03-09 04:57:05 UTC

He said he may have to put his content behind a paywall

2019-03-09 04:57:23 UTC

A mans gotra do what he gotta do

2019-03-09 04:57:26 UTC

huh okay

2019-03-09 04:57:34 UTC

speaking about money

2019-03-09 04:57:44 UTC

any of you guys follow MGTOW Money?

2019-03-09 04:58:09 UTC

Not me in particular

2019-03-09 04:58:28 UTC

no, but I think TFM's money series is good

2019-03-09 04:58:39 UTC

imma check it out

2019-03-09 05:00:22 UTC

I was personally interested in the monkeynomics and mgtow jobs series recently but mainly because finances are things I actually need to know to live.

2019-03-09 05:01:55 UTC

yeah, I originally went to college for computer science then changed majors, to become an accountant, but then saw how many females were already in accounting so in the end i dropped out of college

2019-03-09 05:02:09 UTC

What do you do now?

2019-03-09 05:02:30 UTC

work and gonna start an ecom business but dont know what type

2019-03-09 05:03:06 UTC

start trapping my guy

2019-03-09 05:03:26 UTC

dang. was the net negative of collage harsh or did you come out of it without debt

2019-03-09 05:03:31 UTC

lol *fetty wap starts playing*

2019-03-09 05:03:42 UTC

When you say "start trapping", what do you mean?

2019-03-09 05:03:46 UTC

@DankChum i was going to community college

2019-03-09 05:03:51 UTC

Selling drugs

2019-03-09 05:03:56 UTC

I started out in Comp Sci too and ended up being an accountant

2019-03-09 05:03:56 UTC

I asked before

2019-03-09 05:04:23 UTC

Accounting is just....ugh

2019-03-09 05:04:32 UTC

yeah sell cannabis if it's legal in your state/country

2019-03-09 05:04:35 UTC

@LOGICWINS how do you like it? I've been debating to go back to school for that

2019-03-09 05:04:39 UTC

but idk

2019-03-09 05:04:44 UTC

Replicant Fish is teaching me about black culture.

2019-03-09 05:04:56 UTC

But I use the money to buy toys for myself and buy things for significant people in my life

2019-03-09 05:05:07 UTC

Apparently, those trash niggas are Pookie and Ray Ray and any man of class is called a Lame.

2019-03-09 05:05:38 UTC

I'm not sure how it happened, I started with 0 sympathy for these cunts, but it has somehow gotten lower.

2019-03-09 05:05:48 UTC

I don't "like" accounting, I like the fact that I'm making an honest living and I have enough freedom to be content and do nice things for the people I love

2019-03-09 05:06:03 UTC

@LOGICWINS Are you a wage slave or an entrepreneur?

2019-03-09 05:06:13 UTC

Wage slave

2019-03-09 05:06:40 UTC

Entrepreneurship is where the money is.

2019-03-09 05:06:48 UTC

But being an entrepreneur is in my future

2019-03-09 05:06:55 UTC

lol imma be both a wage slave and an entrepreneur

2019-03-09 05:07:00 UTC


2019-03-09 05:07:02 UTC

And if you're a CPA, you could sell your services to folks with money or get in with a lawyer.

2019-03-09 05:07:10 UTC

Actually, yeah, make friends with lawyers.

2019-03-09 05:07:53 UTC

And doctors and dentists.

2019-03-09 05:08:15 UTC

I tried the CPA exam. Failed each time, came close once though. It ultimately worked out as I would've dropped out of public accounting anyways.

2019-03-09 05:08:39 UTC

Oh, so, really, your name should be "Logicwins but I don't"

2019-03-09 05:09:16 UTC

Into the ring

2019-03-09 05:09:27 UTC

Different strokes for different folks. I make a comfortable living and I don't have to do overtime or work on weekends

2019-03-09 05:09:50 UTC

how much do you make per year

2019-03-09 05:09:55 UTC

If I fail the PMP exam, you are allowed to wreck my shit.

2019-03-09 05:10:16 UTC


2019-03-09 05:10:31 UTC

@LOGICWINS how much do you make per year?

2019-03-09 05:10:59 UTC

^^LOL, let's just say I could afford to live comfortable in NYC.

2019-03-09 05:11:07 UTC


2019-03-09 05:11:18 UTC

how bout in cali?

2019-03-09 05:11:29 UTC

Project Management Professional

2019-03-09 05:11:39 UTC

Who would want to live in Cali?

2019-03-09 05:11:46 UTC


2019-03-09 05:11:57 UTC

@Xychotic That's sounds interesting

2019-03-09 05:12:17 UTC

Because it's home. And I can't find a decent torta or tacos al pastor in Ohio.

2019-03-09 05:12:22 UTC

is it even possible to live comfortably in urban cali?

2019-03-09 05:12:27 UTC


2019-03-09 05:12:39 UTC

@Xychotic really, California is horrible, I live there

2019-03-09 05:12:42 UTC

pupusas are the bomb too

2019-03-09 05:13:35 UTC

Like, specifically, because you could stumble over a hobo, fall on a needle, and instantly get herpaghonnasyphilaids and addicted to heroin at the same time, and while you're down, the gov't will tax you dry and then use it to give that same hobo a nicer place than you and more heroin and needles.

2019-03-09 05:13:54 UTC

Welcome. To. California.

2019-03-09 05:14:05 UTC

@Xychotic Have you considered moving to Mexico?

2019-03-09 05:14:15 UTC


2019-03-09 05:14:19 UTC

cartel nation

2019-03-09 05:14:22 UTC

You see, I don't fancy getting decapitated.

2019-03-09 05:14:31 UTC


2019-03-09 05:14:43 UTC

I'm more a "receive head" person than a "lose my head" person.

2019-03-09 05:14:50 UTC


2019-03-09 05:15:02 UTC

@Xychotic whats your favorite Mexican food?

2019-03-09 05:15:04 UTC

That's particularly ironic because I don't really even care to get head.

2019-03-09 05:15:12 UTC

tacos al pastor, but only when made right.

2019-03-09 05:15:21 UTC

And I'm very particular.

2019-03-09 05:15:33 UTC

no pineapple

2019-03-09 05:15:38 UTC

yo, do you guys think we got any roasties here on discord?

2019-03-09 05:15:46 UTC

what's a roastie?

2019-03-09 05:15:57 UTC

^^Nope. I need pineapple in my tacos...or else it's not a taco

2019-03-09 05:16:09 UTC

You're allowed to be wrong.

2019-03-09 05:16:27 UTC

I really want to test my luck in Texas but I don't want the stigma of fleeing a sinking state to collapse theirs. I don't vote for the regressive stuff I'm just trying to get away from it

2019-03-09 05:16:28 UTC

nice, I like carnitas the most, so soft

2019-03-09 05:16:36 UTC

aight <#553806231588831232> is up

2019-03-09 05:17:22 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 I understand that, but the soft texture puts me off, and the mediocre flavor is boring to me. Al pastor, when made right, is goddamn glorious.

2019-03-09 05:17:42 UTC

Man, when I was growing up the US was really admired and looked at as the promised land

2019-03-09 05:18:05 UTC

It was (and, technically, even now, still is).

2019-03-09 05:18:30 UTC

the promised land, not the admired part

2019-03-09 05:18:45 UTC

I do think a lot of people still see America as the promised land.

2019-03-09 05:18:58 UTC

Including indian and middle eastern engineers.

2019-03-09 05:19:01 UTC

@Xychotic I do agree it still is btw. Especially when you look at the alternatives in Europe where I am from

2019-03-09 05:19:17 UTC

@Happy Humble Hermit why you so determined to get kurois approval?

2019-03-09 05:19:22 UTC

@@Xychotic I'm watching PMP videos on YouTube right now. Interesting stuff. People skills are a big part of it.

2019-03-09 05:19:37 UTC

i gave him the hentai ambassador role already.

2019-03-09 05:19:50 UTC

maybe i should make it displayed seperately..

2019-03-09 05:19:55 UTC

kuroi is good civilization

2019-03-09 05:19:58 UTC


2019-03-09 05:20:09 UTC

Those poor idiots think women are going to throw themselves at them. They are imagining brittney spears, and... you know... other hot chicks of yore are throwing themselves on their dicks because they're amazing engineers.

2019-03-09 05:20:19 UTC

Oof pineapple on tacos

2019-03-09 05:20:37 UTC


2019-03-09 05:20:42 UTC

I'll tell you this: they are a variety of engineers (they run the gamut) and American women are neither the famous hotties nor even remotely interested in those guys.

2019-03-09 05:20:57 UTC

@Xychotic That never happens

2019-03-09 05:21:13 UTC

so is engineering a good mgtow job?

2019-03-09 05:21:34 UTC

Yes and no.

2019-03-09 05:21:44 UTC

It's a good job, it's not a mgtow job.

2019-03-09 05:21:48 UTC

@DankChum In my experience, yes

2019-03-09 05:21:50 UTC

Unless you're an entrepreneur.

2019-03-09 05:22:03 UTC

If you want to be an engineer in the mines it gets more mgtow points

2019-03-09 05:22:07 UTC

Really, entrepreneurship is the quintessential mgtow path.

2019-03-09 05:22:45 UTC

@Xychotic I agree to that, be as independent as possible

2019-03-09 05:22:58 UTC

k. I was looking into electrical engineering and thought I'd ask.

2019-03-09 05:23:08 UTC

I'm going to go for electrical engineering next.

2019-03-09 05:23:38 UTC

I think electrical engineering is a good path

2019-03-09 05:23:42 UTC

ASU has a program and I already have an MBA, so I just need to get my math back up to par and then I can knock it out.

2019-03-09 05:23:54 UTC

Look at the starting wages and the work you'll end up doing.

2019-03-09 05:24:22 UTC

And, of course, median wages and all that. There's a video on youtube where they go into detail about the sorts of things you'll be doing as an electrical engineer.

2019-03-09 05:24:35 UTC

Lots of software, it seems.

2019-03-09 05:24:39 UTC

@DankChum btw ur the worst undertale villan ever. ur not even in undertale.

2019-03-09 05:24:53 UTC

That's a pretty shabby undertale villain.

2019-03-09 05:25:09 UTC

lancer is a good boy though :(

2019-03-09 05:25:15 UTC

Villans have to be shabby

2019-03-09 05:25:21 UTC

@shadowlessnexus stop answering your own questions

2019-03-09 05:25:38 UTC

that doesnt answer my question

2019-03-09 05:25:54 UTC

what is the best type of dog?

2019-03-09 05:26:03 UTC

why ur trying so hard to bromance kuroi and steal him has nothing to do with him being good society

2019-03-09 05:26:31 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 depends on what your getting one for

2019-03-09 05:26:32 UTC

otherwise youd do that with everyone

2019-03-09 05:26:45 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 Fila Brzileiro

2019-03-09 05:27:27 UTC


2019-03-09 05:28:07 UTC

for companionship and play with

2019-03-09 05:28:49 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 Absolutely, and the Fila will also keep anyone away from your house

2019-03-09 05:29:20 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 from personal experience golden retrievers are the best overall pups if you can get one, but small dogs are also great after a long day of work

2019-03-09 05:29:38 UTC

@DankChum lancer is not a good boy. lancer cant even catch frisk. and frisk literally doesnt know how to fight

2019-03-09 05:30:54 UTC

I like spitzes and German Shepards

2019-03-09 05:31:04 UTC

Anything but Dalmatians cuz they dumb

2019-03-09 05:31:07 UTC

@shadowlessnexus but frisk isn't in deltarune 🤔

2019-03-09 05:31:15 UTC

come on. its frisk

2019-03-09 05:31:28 UTC

you cant just take the character, rename him and pretend its not frisk

2019-03-09 05:31:33 UTC

its frisk

2019-03-09 05:31:41 UTC

A Fila require you have a bit of experience with dogs though, they can be a bit hard to handle

2019-03-09 05:31:48 UTC

gtfo toby we know what ur doin

2019-03-09 05:31:55 UTC

cheeky cunt

2019-03-09 05:32:14 UTC

yeah i've never owned a dog, always wanted to though, and I feel like I'd be a great dog owner

2019-03-09 05:32:23 UTC

@shadowlessnexus but kris is more like chara than frisk

2019-03-09 05:32:38 UTC


2019-03-09 05:32:46 UTC

in fact at the end chara took over

2019-03-09 05:33:04 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 Then you are better off with a retriever, a fila is not for new beginners

2019-03-09 05:33:05 UTC

so they are two seperate people

2019-03-09 05:33:08 UTC

see its just frisk

2019-03-09 05:33:14 UTC

and toby fox lied to us

2019-03-09 05:33:29 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 Depends on what size of dog you want

2019-03-09 05:33:36 UTC

@shadowlessnexus the humans are shallow anyway. lancer is best boy

2019-03-09 05:34:10 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 have you had any pet experience before?

2019-03-09 05:34:40 UTC

any of you guys play Apex Legends yet? I'm playing right now. HMU if you guys want to play.

2019-03-09 05:34:46 UTC

naw man. humans are right. monsters suck. they cant even cook spaghetti good

2019-03-09 05:34:53 UTC

I couldn't get into it

2019-03-09 05:35:03 UTC

havent actually tried it yet

2019-03-09 05:35:21 UTC

and its funny cause i know thats gonna trigger hermit cause he wants me to play every game ever

2019-03-09 05:35:26 UTC

with him and andrew

2019-03-09 05:35:35 UTC

a dog that isn't too big would be perfect, I'm thinking something like a retriever or a poodle

2019-03-09 05:35:35 UTC


2019-03-09 05:35:48 UTC

Poodles are a lot of maintenance

2019-03-09 05:35:52 UTC

.. nigga those two dogs are very different in size

2019-03-09 05:35:53 UTC

and no, no pet experience

2019-03-09 05:36:16 UTC

I used to have a Cocker Spaniel, but I personally don't like them too much

2019-03-09 05:36:23 UTC

I understand poodles are hypoallergenic.

2019-03-09 05:37:02 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 if you want easy pets then go for low maintenance dogs or try other animals if you are really unsure of your skills

2019-03-09 05:37:16 UTC

well there's medium sized poodles as well

2019-03-09 05:37:21 UTC


2019-03-09 05:37:28 UTC

They are the best low maintenance pets.

2019-03-09 05:37:51 UTC

cats are the lowest for maintenance but are also a lot more impersonal

2019-03-09 05:37:55 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 Keep in mind the amound of fur, ther shorter the fur the less hassle

2019-03-09 05:38:00 UTC

My cats pretty personal

2019-03-09 05:38:11 UTC

My cat is very personable.

2019-03-09 05:38:11 UTC

it can depend

2019-03-09 05:38:20 UTC

ive had aloof cats and clingy cats

2019-03-09 05:38:23 UTC

I call him a ho cat because he goes for pets from anyone.

2019-03-09 05:38:43 UTC

and it depends on the cats but most won't be jumping at you for attention of that's what your after

2019-03-09 05:38:51 UTC

one cat i had would once she learned my schedule. lay in front of the door before i left for work and refuse to move

2019-03-09 05:38:54 UTC

But, Shinobi is extremely well socialized. Camo not so much.

2019-03-09 05:39:05 UTC

but i had a roomate. so she wasnt alone all that much

2019-03-09 05:39:21 UTC

Shinobi thought he was people until I got Camo.

2019-03-09 05:39:29 UTC

my roomate worked nights i worked days. so one of us was always home

2019-03-09 05:39:39 UTC

He literally tried to open doors and got frustrated when he couldn't reach the handles.

2019-03-09 05:39:49 UTC

my cat leanred how to open doors

2019-03-09 05:39:52 UTC

might get a Labrador Retriever, a brown one

2019-03-09 05:40:01 UTC

so i had to lock the door when i used the bathroom

2019-03-09 05:40:03 UTC


2019-03-09 05:40:10 UTC

honestly pets are only really ideal if you live suburban or rural.

2019-03-09 05:40:13 UTC

Mine can open doors it's very annoying

2019-03-09 05:40:18 UTC

@Leif_Ericksson99 I think that might be a good choice

2019-03-09 05:40:30 UTC

@DankChum They become livestock in rural.

2019-03-09 05:41:10 UTC

@Xychotic I wouldn't really call a barn cat or a hunting dog livestock

2019-03-09 05:41:27 UTC

Would you call a plow horse livestock?

2019-03-09 05:42:28 UTC

idk I've never dealt with horses. I just don't see how geographical location turns them into commodities and not pets

2019-03-09 05:42:36 UTC

That's a lot of typing for a yes or no question.

2019-03-09 05:42:53 UTC

I didn't say commodity. I said livestock.

2019-03-09 05:43:09 UTC

That's because, in a rural setting, a "pet" is a value add to your homestead.

2019-03-09 05:43:17 UTC

I am from a rural area and I agree with @Xychotic

2019-03-09 05:43:21 UTC

In an urban/suburban setting, a pet is a luxury.

2019-03-09 05:44:30 UTC

I grew up on a farm and always considered the dog/cat/goats pets

2019-03-09 05:44:37 UTC

The cows and horses livestock

2019-03-09 05:44:57 UTC

yeah that's what I was thinking

2019-03-09 05:45:30 UTC

Dogs didn't heard or anything

2019-03-09 05:45:35 UTC

@Whats gay anymore We used to treat cows as pets too when I was a kid, but they gave of some milk

2019-03-09 05:45:35 UTC

@Whats gay anymore how was that?, one of my goals is to move to a semi-rural area and have a small family farm

2019-03-09 05:45:42 UTC

Still livestock

2019-03-09 05:45:50 UTC

Loved it

2019-03-09 05:46:03 UTC

is livestock and pet mutually exclusive?

2019-03-09 05:46:08 UTC

Well our dogs gave us company and that was it 🤷 I'll call them pets

2019-03-09 05:46:25 UTC


2019-03-09 05:46:43 UTC

A hunting dog though, I wouldn't call a pet

2019-03-09 05:46:46 UTC

livestock has real utility; pets are a luxury

2019-03-09 05:46:49 UTC

@DankChum No, lambs where treated like pets too, still ate them though

2019-03-09 05:46:58 UTC

Granted, you would probably love the shit out of your hunting dog.

2019-03-09 05:47:10 UTC

No one I know with a hunting dog loves it

2019-03-09 05:47:15 UTC


2019-03-09 05:47:15 UTC

They go down to boars all the time

2019-03-09 05:47:20 UTC

They're tossed away

2019-03-09 05:47:22 UTC

It's sad

2019-03-09 05:47:24 UTC

like I'd love a friend but that doesn't mean I wouldn't run his pockets when he dies

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