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2018-02-03 17:07:27 UTC

That's the new logo guys, ditch the old one

2018-02-03 17:08:50 UTC

Lol preddy gud

2018-02-03 17:08:58 UTC


2018-02-03 17:36:05 UTC


2018-02-03 17:36:20 UTC

Put some gay deer on it and I'll use it.

2018-02-03 17:37:01 UTC

No Ruth Chris for me :(

2018-02-03 18:59:03 UTC

Next weekend will be the banner in A2

2018-02-03 19:02:42 UTC


2018-02-04 00:02:14 UTC

@everyone voice?

2018-02-04 00:02:37 UTC

i can be on in a couple minutes

2018-02-04 00:02:48 UTC

my cookies are about to come out of the oven

2018-02-04 00:03:33 UTC


2018-02-04 00:04:00 UTC
2018-02-04 00:05:24 UTC

Phone is gay.

2018-02-04 00:18:46 UTC

i looove snacks

2018-02-04 00:52:03 UTC

I need snacks

2018-02-04 00:52:22 UTC

Gluten free living leaves me hungry for snacks

2018-02-04 00:52:35 UTC

I crave junk food. I don't like it.

2018-02-04 00:54:55 UTC

have some jerky

2018-02-04 00:58:16 UTC

im about to smash some greek food

2018-02-04 00:58:46 UTC

shaved lamb on pita with red onion and tomato, the entire smothered in a titsiki flavored sauce, the sauce just oozing out of the wrap

2018-02-04 00:58:58 UTC

a shameless amount of sauce like a fuckcing sauce bauce

2018-02-04 01:02:39 UTC

in preparation for the projector getting here on monday im making some fun images we could project onto buildings

2018-02-04 01:02:50 UTC


2018-02-04 01:15:15 UTC


2018-02-04 01:15:23 UTC


2018-02-04 01:16:27 UTC

Love it bro

2018-02-04 05:04:44 UTC


2018-02-04 05:08:51 UTC


2018-02-04 05:09:14 UTC

How are you?

2018-02-04 05:09:32 UTC

I've been better. Really shit week at work.

2018-02-04 05:09:35 UTC


2018-02-04 05:09:43 UTC

I'm good. Just relaxing with some bourbon.

2018-02-04 05:09:58 UTC

I had vodka with tang.

2018-02-04 05:10:11 UTC

It was good.

2018-02-04 05:11:53 UTC

I'm reading a book and watching the discord. Thomas got into the anti-siege drama making the rounds today, and I couldn't resist jumping in.

2018-02-04 05:12:27 UTC

What happened?

2018-02-04 05:13:24 UTC

Anglin went on a poorly informed rant about siege on gab.

2018-02-04 05:13:44 UTC

so all the personalities piled on to counter signal siege and by proxy awd

2018-02-04 05:14:19 UTC

but none of the commentary suggests that the commentators have ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK.

2018-02-04 05:14:31 UTC

It is very silly.

2018-02-04 05:15:20 UTC

so, when persons who have read the book jump in and make some serious points, it turns into strawmanning and such from those countersignalling.

2018-02-04 05:16:31 UTC

I'm pretty put off by the whole thing.

2018-02-04 05:17:08 UTC

I'll probably go for a walk in the woods tomorrow to get away from everything.

2018-02-04 05:17:28 UTC

Sucks when brothers fight.

2018-02-04 05:17:42 UTC


2018-02-04 05:18:43 UTC

I'd like to go shooting, but I haven't lined up any shooting buddy.

2018-02-04 05:19:05 UTC

If I lived just a little bit closer man.

2018-02-04 05:19:09 UTC


2018-02-04 05:19:34 UTC

Small game season is still open. Maybe I'll go out for squirrel.

2018-02-04 05:23:37 UTC

I'll probably go dark for a day or two.

2018-02-04 05:26:24 UTC

Always good to unplug now and then.

2018-02-04 05:27:32 UTC


2018-02-04 05:28:37 UTC

I'll be back around in a couple of days. I have family, books, and guns that I've been missing.

2018-02-04 05:28:53 UTC

Good, we need someone to carry our radios.

2018-02-04 05:28:55 UTC


2018-02-04 06:22:02 UTC

This kind of drama comes and flies by, at the end of the day, we just remember that we're all in it for the same goal.

2018-02-04 06:27:11 UTC

None of it is personal.

2018-02-04 10:59:30 UTC

I won't be attending today. I have postering to do locally and I don't have intel stuff with some other goys from different states to do this afternoon. Have fun, be safe goys.

2018-02-04 14:46:33 UTC

How are the roads?

2018-02-04 14:47:22 UTC

near me they arent bad, but its still snowing.

2018-02-04 14:47:58 UTC

I've just been doing push ups and situps while doing diff eq's

2018-02-04 14:48:10 UTC

Near me isn't plowed yet. Lake was pretty sketch last night.

2018-02-04 14:48:18 UTC


2018-02-04 15:01:35 UTC

They look pretty bad for me so far. I'm still coming, about the leave the house for the print shop. Patrick's not responding to my calls.

2018-02-04 15:01:44 UTC

@Himmler MI I forgot, did you say you were coming?

2018-02-04 15:02:17 UTC

Let's get a roll call.

2018-02-04 15:02:26 UTC

Who the fucks gunna be there

2018-02-04 15:03:04 UTC

So far, me, Steve, Whip, Jay and should be Patrick

2018-02-04 15:03:34 UTC

Idk, I should probably study for my exam tomorrow. When are you thinking about leaving?

2018-02-04 15:03:54 UTC

Go study bro, don't worry about it.

2018-02-04 15:04:45 UTC

@everyone we're meeting noon at Victoria court park

2018-02-04 15:17:02 UTC

Correction: Valley Court Park

2018-02-04 15:30:23 UTC

@everyone We're cancelling Lansing. Weather is looking real bad, it's supposed to snow for the next 4-5 hours on the East side of the State. Roads are not plowed yet and most people have something planned for today or are sick, no need to take chances. Keep everyone safe to fight another day.

2018-02-04 15:31:27 UTC

@everyone We'll be doing Lansing either next weekend or the weekend after. Patrick will have the projector by then and it'll be closer to the Spence event, so it might garner more media attention.

2018-02-04 15:32:10 UTC

Snow day Nationalism

2018-02-04 15:35:01 UTC


2018-02-04 15:42:52 UTC


2018-02-04 15:48:00 UTC

I still have three assignments and a test to study for

2018-02-04 15:48:36 UTC

And my lungs are still full of fluid too, fucking sucks

2018-02-04 15:51:10 UTC

Probably for the best really, I have a shitload of podcasts to catch up on

2018-02-04 15:51:45 UTC

i fucking hate studying

2018-02-04 15:51:49 UTC

i know the feels pat

2018-02-04 16:02:25 UTC

Super Bowl anyone?

2018-02-04 16:22:41 UTC

oh thats today?

2018-02-04 16:22:45 UTC

i hope all the niggers lose

2018-02-04 16:22:49 UTC

if possible

2018-02-04 16:39:02 UTC

Patriots are going to win

2018-02-04 16:39:44 UTC

You guys gotta go hard on some snacks. You know like some dips and some chili.

2018-02-04 16:39:48 UTC

I hate professional sports, but its a good excuse to hang out.

2018-02-04 16:40:07 UTC

I'm going to be doing homework all night.

2018-02-04 16:41:43 UTC

But you guys need to smash snacks all night

2018-02-04 16:42:49 UTC

Like some queso dip, and some corn fritters, or some spicy Chex mix.

2018-02-04 16:43:59 UTC

Hamburger pizza, spinach dip, loaded potato skins, ranch drizzlers, but lite

2018-02-04 16:44:08 UTC

I don't watch football, but I hear the Patriots are like the whitest team in the NFL so I'm backing them.

2018-02-04 16:44:26 UTC

Yeah the Patriots have always stood for the flag.

2018-02-04 16:44:38 UTC

It's more or less a race war tonight.

2018-02-04 16:45:13 UTC

They will reign supreme over the negro felon league

2018-02-04 16:48:03 UTC

I would, but hw and shitt. Sorry mate

2018-02-04 16:48:12 UTC

enjoy the black on black crime

2018-02-04 16:50:44 UTC

Buffalo chicken dip.

2018-02-04 16:58:48 UTC

You know some triple fried pizza dough, vegetable medley, German chocolate cake, one and a half maybe two pounds black forest ham, Dijon mustard spread, you can't go wrong with sir
Sour cream and onion so long as you being ridged chips

2018-02-04 17:00:05 UTC


2018-02-04 17:00:18 UTC

Anyone up for voice?

2018-02-04 17:01:11 UTC

Yeah, id be down for a bit. If i look at this diff eq any longer, i might die

2018-02-04 17:06:51 UTC

Dude differential equations are fun

2018-02-04 17:06:59 UTC

At least they have practical application

2018-02-04 17:07:45 UTC

I will fight you right now

2018-02-04 17:07:50 UTC

Integrals are even more funnerer

2018-02-04 17:07:52 UTC

yeah thats true

2018-02-04 17:08:01 UTC

yeah anti-ders are fun

2018-02-04 17:08:07 UTC

but the way my professor teachees

2018-02-04 17:08:11 UTC

is fucking stupid

2018-02-04 17:08:16 UTC


2018-02-04 17:08:20 UTC

only group work

2018-02-04 17:08:22 UTC

no teach

2018-02-04 17:08:35 UTC

Does he have a heavy accent

2018-02-04 17:08:43 UTC

no he's a goy

2018-02-04 17:08:45 UTC


2018-02-04 17:08:52 UTC

i like the guy

2018-02-04 17:08:55 UTC

but the fuck is this

2018-02-04 17:08:59 UTC

That's good man

2018-02-04 17:09:24 UTC

Calculus was always really pleasing to me

2018-02-04 17:09:37 UTC

And it's applications to physics

2018-02-04 17:09:45 UTC

Really puts dew on my lily

2018-02-04 17:11:02 UTC

give me a problem and let me choose the programing language, my dick is hard. Tell me to solve these problems, bording

2018-02-04 17:11:33 UTC


2018-02-04 17:13:20 UTC

You know what would be a fun computer program to write? One that finds places online that sounds you up for junk mail and phone calls, so if you enter in some retard info they get like a mountain of junk mail every day, and a telemarketer calling them every eight minutes.

2018-02-04 17:13:51 UTC

That would be really funny

2018-02-04 17:13:53 UTC


2018-02-04 17:13:56 UTC

yeah it would

2018-02-04 17:14:31 UTC

as soon as im done with this exam im going to start playing with the website

2018-02-04 17:15:11 UTC

Right on

2018-02-04 17:15:36 UTC

I think simplicity is the way to go, maybe with a home menu sorry if like the stormer

2018-02-04 17:16:09 UTC

yeah, were going to need to discuss that

2018-02-04 17:16:27 UTC

maybe we could talk in the next few days about how and what we want on it

2018-02-04 17:16:43 UTC

For sure.

2018-02-04 17:19:33 UTC

Im probably going to use Python and Flask

2018-02-04 17:19:36 UTC

i was going to use Django

2018-02-04 17:19:37 UTC


2018-02-04 17:19:44 UTC

it reminds me of that nigger movie

2018-02-04 17:19:45 UTC


2018-02-04 17:19:47 UTC

fuck that

2018-02-04 17:20:51 UTC

I'm getting on now.

2018-02-04 17:21:53 UTC


2018-02-04 17:22:55 UTC

Deep in mein bunker.

2018-02-04 17:23:46 UTC

one sec

2018-02-04 17:25:31 UTC


2018-02-04 21:48:18 UTC

Fuck me, still snowing 7 hours later, even worse than expected. Good thing we called it off.

2018-02-04 21:49:14 UTC

We got a new guy?

2018-02-04 21:57:08 UTC

They added Daniel into pf

2018-02-04 22:01:51 UTC

Imagine this

2018-02-04 22:03:13 UTC

So your walking down the street, probably having a pretty good day, when out of nowhere a bald eagle swoops down and starts viscously attacking you. Your screams for help fall on deaf ears as bistanders watch in absolute horror.

2018-02-04 22:03:29 UTC

That's kind of the direction I think we should take the website in.

2018-02-04 22:04:13 UTC

More like standing in shock & awe, overwhelmingly fascinated.

2018-02-04 22:04:20 UTC

So a picture book website right, no text? πŸ˜„

2018-02-04 22:04:25 UTC


2018-02-04 22:04:32 UTC

Written blogs are so 2016

2018-02-04 22:04:38 UTC

No, listen

2018-02-04 22:04:42 UTC

First of all

2018-02-04 22:04:49 UTC

We'll just post flashy memes πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ

2018-02-04 22:04:53 UTC

Think of how cool a bald eagle is

2018-02-04 22:05:06 UTC


2018-02-04 22:05:27 UTC

They better be good memes.. Im not posting sub-par memes to the site

2018-02-04 22:05:27 UTC

Bald eagle master race

2018-02-04 22:05:52 UTC

Now imagine a bald eagle that is weaponized, has a fash haircut, owns siege, and is ripping through the skin on your face

2018-02-04 22:05:52 UTC

If I were to species transition, I'd identify as a bald eagle.

2018-02-04 22:06:10 UTC

Lol! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

2018-02-04 22:06:39 UTC

more like slav doggo

2018-02-04 22:06:41 UTC

Like we should take that image and turn it into a website for people who also dwell on similar imagery

2018-02-04 22:06:55 UTC

I actually like the idea of an eagle with a flashy feathercut

2018-02-04 22:07:04 UTC


2018-02-04 22:07:40 UTC

Whenever you post a message on our board, it makes the eagle screech

2018-02-04 22:08:02 UTC


2018-02-04 22:08:08 UTC

I think we need a video of eagle attacks

2018-02-04 22:08:22 UTC

Like some pear shaped dude shuffling down the side walk

2018-02-04 22:09:01 UTC

And he looks up and an eagle is divinh on him. And he's like " no no nonononoNONONO!!!!"

2018-02-04 22:09:24 UTC

Here's like wrestling with the eagle, mindless and flailing

2018-02-04 22:09:50 UTC

I want a video of the fashy eagle coming down and fucking up thots

2018-02-04 22:10:05 UTC

Plucking their eyes out

2018-02-04 22:10:23 UTC


2018-02-04 22:10:26 UTC

Like, this is what the people want dude

2018-02-04 22:10:52 UTC

I am going to carry this vision into the computer relm

2018-02-04 22:11:20 UTC

People naturally flock to videos about eagles attacking humans, that's a fact

2018-02-04 22:11:36 UTC

There are mountains of data to start that claim

2018-02-04 22:11:50 UTC

I like to think of myself as a sorry of visionary

2018-02-04 22:11:54 UTC

we need tier 1 memes

2018-02-04 22:11:54 UTC


2018-02-04 22:12:22 UTC

tier 1 memes & tier 1 goys

2018-02-04 22:12:48 UTC

Dude I had another painfully complex idea

2018-02-04 22:13:00 UTC

lay it down

2018-02-04 22:14:00 UTC

What if we had an eagle made out of chocolate, but it's hollow and full of lowered caramel. There's a hole in the beak so we can pour the gooey center out of the bird and into the mouths of smaller chocolate eagles

2018-02-04 22:14:15 UTC


2018-02-04 22:14:28 UTC

only if its white chocolate

2018-02-04 22:14:39 UTC

snack posting

2018-02-04 22:14:45 UTC

Like, a lot of people getting into the movement don't understand what it's about

2018-02-04 22:14:59 UTC

It's our job to show them

2018-02-04 22:15:07 UTC


2018-02-04 22:15:20 UTC

Hello nibbas

2018-02-04 22:15:32 UTC

What's up Ryan

2018-02-04 22:15:39 UTC


2018-02-04 22:15:40 UTC

howdy nigglet

2018-02-04 22:15:54 UTC


2018-02-04 22:15:56 UTC

Roll out

2018-02-04 22:16:06 UTC

All white nationalism

2018-02-04 22:16:30 UTC

But are Italians even white?

2018-02-04 22:16:40 UTC

I mean I guess

2018-02-04 22:16:50 UTC

I'm ten percent southern European

2018-02-04 22:16:53 UTC

Fuck off

2018-02-04 22:16:56 UTC

you niggers

2018-02-04 22:17:04 UTC

Pasta Nationalism

2018-02-04 22:17:18 UTC

hand made meatball nationalism

2018-02-04 22:17:33 UTC

We should go down to Detroit and pay hobos to say fascist shit on video

2018-02-04 22:17:41 UTC


2018-02-04 22:18:07 UTC

"Ayo foreal tho muh mane Hitler dindu nuffin"

2018-02-04 22:19:09 UTC

real nigga

2018-02-04 22:19:10 UTC

Get a homeless sheboon to put on a twp t shirt and scream white power

2018-02-04 22:19:46 UTC

Anglo Rolls-Aston-Bentley master race.

2018-02-04 22:20:18 UTC

250k miles Geo metro master race

2018-02-04 22:20:43 UTC

Lets not leave @Deimos-MI out

2018-02-04 22:20:44 UTC

Its cold as fuck out here my dudes.

2018-02-04 22:20:52 UTC

Yugo master race.

2018-02-04 22:23:10 UTC


2018-02-04 22:23:31 UTC

Pick up my aunt from bingo nationalism

2018-02-04 22:24:02 UTC

Mfw when Lincoln niggas didn't take me seriously.

2018-02-04 22:27:21 UTC

Can you buy a bald eagle on the dark web

2018-02-04 22:27:37 UTC

Google's train an eagle to stack people

2018-02-04 22:27:44 UTC


2018-02-04 22:27:44 UTC

yeah id bet so

2018-02-04 22:27:52 UTC

The last hour of comments has been amazing

2018-02-04 22:28:01 UTC


2018-02-04 22:28:06 UTC

Rob a zoo.

2018-02-04 22:28:14 UTC


2018-02-04 22:28:16 UTC


2018-02-04 22:28:28 UTC

There's literally glorified rope keeping the ones caged in Toledo.

2018-02-04 22:28:54 UTC

I should get a bald eagle egg so I can roost and incubate it until it hatches so it thinks I'm the mother

2018-02-04 22:28:56 UTC

>Siege-posting bald eagle kidnapping
>We wuz Feds.

2018-02-04 22:29:01 UTC

we should become one with nature and the Bald eagles with fly to us

2018-02-04 22:29:10 UTC


2018-02-04 22:29:13 UTC

itll be easy

2018-02-04 22:29:50 UTC

DNR-posting, got you goys.

2018-02-04 22:29:53 UTC

Imagine being at a wn rally and you put your arm out and a bald eagle lands in it

2018-02-04 22:30:21 UTC


2018-02-04 22:30:41 UTC

and they also have lasers attached to their heads

2018-02-04 22:30:41 UTC

Bald eagle-German Shepard hybrids.

2018-02-04 22:30:53 UTC


2018-02-04 22:31:07 UTC

Mercedes logos to be safe.

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