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2018-01-19 02:52:16 UTC


2018-01-19 02:52:45 UTC

pavillion for agriculture and livestock is where it is being hosted

2018-01-19 02:53:28 UTC


2018-01-19 03:03:49 UTC

this is actually perfect

2018-01-19 03:04:24 UTC

projections work perfect as far as contrast ratio on plain white flat surfaces

2018-01-19 03:04:45 UTC


2018-01-19 03:05:16 UTC

that is the main entrence exit, the view from the parking lot

2018-01-19 03:05:42 UTC

the event ends at 6:30 pm, thats when everyone will be leaving the venue or soon after

2018-01-19 03:05:50 UTC


2018-01-19 03:06:01 UTC

sun sets at 6:27 march 5th

2018-01-19 03:06:46 UTC

I expect every road will be swarming with police and dotted with checkpoints.

2018-01-19 03:07:17 UTC

if we park where at white car is, we could project out the back of a pickup filling that entire left side of the building at a 4:3 aspect ratio

2018-01-19 03:07:43 UTC

police will be good. its not illegal to project on surfaces so long as it doesnt obscure an advertisement

2018-01-19 03:08:05 UTC

if anything the police could potentially prevent people from attacking the projector team

2018-01-19 03:08:09 UTC

The issue will be parking there.

2018-01-19 03:08:20 UTC

yes, which means getting there very early

2018-01-19 03:08:41 UTC

if we get there early we can garuntee the spot we want

2018-01-19 03:09:25 UTC

im going to allow for the station to be mobil, even outside a car with a 400 amp hour deep cycle marine battery and inverter

2018-01-19 03:09:37 UTC

It may be designated parking, being so close. At Gainesville the police filled up at least 3 parking lots with their myriad of vehicles. I'll ask what lots may be open.

What's the plan with the projection?

2018-01-19 03:10:12 UTC

i will go over some ideas with Rocky Place

2018-01-19 03:10:25 UTC

i want to do some animations with the pf logo

2018-01-19 03:10:43 UTC

im up for suggestions on the content, since it will be video we can cycle through tons of images

2018-01-19 03:10:58 UTC

or videos obviously

2018-01-19 03:11:03 UTC

I feel like it may rub Spencer the wrong way to toss our logo over his speech. Don't want to act like we're stealing thunder.

2018-01-19 03:11:17 UTC

well we can keep the pf name off of it

2018-01-19 03:11:31 UTC

but man

2018-01-19 03:11:37 UTC

it would be after spencer was finished

2018-01-19 03:11:44 UTC

people would see it walking out

2018-01-19 03:11:54 UTC

maybe we could do its okay to be white

2018-01-19 03:12:20 UTC

like i said im open to suggestions from everyone.

2018-01-19 03:12:52 UTC

You were thinking of doing this AFTER the speech correct?

2018-01-19 03:13:15 UTC

i have this image in my head of antifa trying to run at the vehicle as we drive off, and we could have someone with a camcorder in the back getting a shot of them trying to run after the car. that would be fucking priceless content

2018-01-19 03:13:19 UTC

yes after

2018-01-19 03:13:41 UTC

That sounds like a zombiepocalypse movie...

2018-01-19 03:13:42 UTC


2018-01-19 03:14:13 UTC

rabid ANTIFA chasing a car

2018-01-19 03:14:15 UTC

im going to start brain storming content ideas

2018-01-19 03:14:47 UTC

videos of black on white violence

2018-01-19 03:14:52 UTC

immigrants punching women maybe

2018-01-19 03:14:57 UTC

Thomas has a good point, we don't want to steal Spencer's thunder

2018-01-19 03:15:15 UTC

yeah i dont think we will if it's after the event

2018-01-19 03:15:33 UTC

If we do it, we'd have to pick a solid, symbolic location

2018-01-19 03:15:56 UTC

What's the range on it?

2018-01-19 03:15:56 UTC

dude, the images would easily make national news

2018-01-19 03:16:24 UTC

Remember, about it being 40 against 3,000. May want to not try to draw as much attention to your guys and location as physically possible.

2018-01-19 03:16:38 UTC

i can easily do 80 feet before we lose the contrast ratio quality, since im getting a 6,000 lumen projector

2018-01-19 03:16:44 UTC

Would it not be a safer bet to do the projecter idea somewhere downtown somewhere sometime else?

2018-01-19 03:16:58 UTC

On the front of a massive bank, or city hall, skyscraper, sports arena.

2018-01-19 03:17:06 UTC

80 ft, not much, your average nog runs 100m in 13 seconds...

2018-01-19 03:17:07 UTC


2018-01-19 03:17:28 UTC

deimos's truck has a cover on the back, in the event of an emergency we could just close the hatch

2018-01-19 03:17:41 UTC

^^That's what I'm thinking, some other part of Ann Arbor an hour or two after the speech, not right after

2018-01-19 03:17:52 UTC

its not at ann arbor

2018-01-19 03:18:15 UTC

if we do it in downtown east lansing it wont get the potentially national coverage

2018-01-19 03:18:28 UTC

but i say we do both

2018-01-19 03:18:43 UTC

ill scout for locations in down town east lansing as well

2018-01-19 03:18:46 UTC

Ah, forgot we're talking about Lansing, I'm still surprised that went through

2018-01-19 03:19:17 UTC

dude, the position of the parking lot, the size/color/flatness of the surface in proximity to the entrance/exit

2018-01-19 03:19:23 UTC

its too perfect to pass up

2018-01-19 03:19:29 UTC

As for media attention, it's 50-50, they might either lump in our projection with Spencer's visit, regardless of where we project it OR they might focus solely on Spencer and ignore us, that's not really anything we control

2018-01-19 03:19:43 UTC

Spencer would be a big enough story for them to ignore us

2018-01-19 03:19:58 UTC

either way it would be worth it

2018-01-19 03:20:11 UTC

also it would be a great trial for future projections

2018-01-19 03:20:13 UTC

Definitely worth a try, change it up

2018-01-19 03:20:33 UTC

We should probably trial BEFORE Spencer though

2018-01-19 03:20:43 UTC

yes the night before preferably

2018-01-19 03:20:55 UTC

with a benign image of the same aspect ratio/resolution

2018-01-19 03:20:57 UTC

The day of, there will be a lot of cops in the city and ANTIFA, we don't want any problems or delays

2018-01-19 03:21:35 UTC

We don't know if we'll be able to get that close. The entire campus was sectioned off with barricades in Gville. I expect the same here. I would bring the equipment, just in case, but expect to try something somewhere downtown afterwards.

You're picking the most hostile area imaginable to try something we've never done before.

2018-01-19 03:22:09 UTC

i dont think we will be expecting nearly the same number of protesters as gainsville

2018-01-19 03:22:23 UTC

but we can get a feel for it

2018-01-19 03:22:31 UTC

the day of, especially if were early.

2018-01-19 03:22:54 UTC

Right, definitely test it a few weeks beforehand, 80 ft is not much to work with

2018-01-19 03:22:56 UTC

also, they had a ton of stuff barricaded off for gainsville because it was at the main campus. this pavillion is 7 miles from the main campus

2018-01-19 03:23:07 UTC

i can get more than 80 feet

2018-01-19 03:23:18 UTC

we'll have to be tactical with placement and timing

2018-01-19 03:23:22 UTC

Oh, good!

2018-01-19 03:23:41 UTC

its just 80 feet before we start to slightly lose contraast ratio. i bet we could do almost double it and still have solid images id just have to enlarge them

2018-01-19 03:23:59 UTC


2018-01-19 03:25:32 UTC

@Patrick MI For future planning this, we should limit it to Goy Scouts Command Chat or something more selective for OPSEC

2018-01-19 03:26:25 UTC

i understand, but i wanted thomas's opinion on things. we will create a report once we have more things sorted out i guess

2018-01-19 03:26:52 UTC

Yea, we'll make a private channel with Thomas, that won't be a problem

2018-01-19 03:27:28 UTC

also lets add rocky place to the private control as hes a vid goy

2018-01-19 03:27:44 UTC

also hussar

2018-01-19 03:27:56 UTC

Have no idea why I wrote "control" instead of "channel," weird

2018-01-19 03:28:32 UTC

You guys are giving me a shit ton to catch up on. Any info on how to get tickets yet?

2018-01-19 03:28:52 UTC

@Patrick MI I'm surprised you want to ride in my truck again, crikey, even I don't like to ride in that thing

2018-01-19 03:28:57 UTC

Not that I'm aware of

2018-01-19 03:29:13 UTC

Cameron Padgett, does he have a twitter?

2018-01-19 03:30:15 UTC

Also, down town Lansing is a dated shithole. No skyscrapers.

2018-01-19 03:30:33 UTC

I remember for Gainesville, they posted updates on twtter

2018-01-19 03:31:02 UTC

Holy fuck, idea bubble just went off. Big league.

2018-01-19 03:31:36 UTC


2018-01-19 03:31:39 UTC

i had a few too

2018-01-19 03:32:27 UTC


2018-01-19 03:32:32 UTC

Hear me out...

2018-01-19 03:32:45 UTC

Guaranteed butthurt and media coverage.

2018-01-19 03:33:00 UTC

heres the first one i had. lets say we dont project anything too provacative, just this

2018-01-19 03:33:12 UTC


2018-01-19 03:33:16 UTC

You can literally park on the street, directly infront of it.

2018-01-19 03:33:37 UTC

Eh, its sorta old news. Important, but old.

2018-01-19 03:33:56 UTC

im trying to think of things we could project that would make them look bad if they attacked us

2018-01-19 03:34:02 UTC

Not a bad idea, but I think even "its okay to be white" would be better.

2018-01-19 03:34:39 UTC

again, we can scroll through as much imagery and video as we want

2018-01-19 03:34:55 UTC

we can edit it into one continuous video

2018-01-19 03:34:56 UTC

Let's brainstorm, but between the capital building, the famous muesem in East Lansing, and even that main drag on campus... its a golden opportunity.

2018-01-19 03:35:18 UTC

the only issue with the capital building is the geometry

2018-01-19 03:35:19 UTC

Lets discuss this further in DMs.

2018-01-19 03:35:25 UTC


2018-01-19 03:35:44 UTC

Voice chat, general, MIGS, 10 mins.

2018-01-19 03:36:01 UTC


2018-01-19 03:46:10 UTC
2018-01-19 03:46:41 UTC

So goys, looks like we're going to Kent State May 4

2018-01-19 03:47:16 UTC

fucking sweet

2018-01-19 03:47:23 UTC

Important twitters to follow for updates: https://twitter.com/KyleBristow

2018-01-19 03:47:38 UTC
2018-01-19 03:47:48 UTC

2018-01-19 03:48:04 UTC

another projection oppurtunity

2018-01-19 03:48:35 UTC

Jumping on voice now?

2018-01-19 03:48:43 UTC

You got one helluva hard on for those projections πŸ˜„ πŸ‘Œ

2018-01-19 03:48:56 UTC

MIGS voice

2018-01-19 16:10:17 UTC

Any Antifa activity on social media regarding this event yet?

2018-01-19 16:28:02 UTC

Some, nothing terribly specific as of yet. We will be monitoring social media and gathering information, checking the facilities, etc... We will share more when the date is closer, but if you see anything please DM it to me.

2018-01-19 16:58:32 UTC

Roger that.

2018-01-19 19:02:06 UTC

So, Whats this about Richard Spencer saying CP js ok so that pedophiles dont act on their urges?

2018-01-19 19:02:16 UTC

Any substance to that?

2018-01-19 21:06:41 UTC


2018-01-19 21:10:17 UTC


2018-01-19 21:43:25 UTC


2018-01-19 21:44:30 UTC


2018-01-19 21:45:12 UTC

What's CP?

2018-01-19 21:45:34 UTC

Child pornography

2018-01-19 21:45:49 UTC

Have fun getting your door kicked down, m8.

2018-01-19 21:46:09 UTC

Roger, I am locked and loaded.

2018-01-19 21:46:13 UTC


2018-01-19 21:46:32 UTC

I'm sure he didn't say that must have been a miss qoute

2018-01-19 21:46:54 UTC

Party v&

2018-01-19 21:46:54 UTC

Wait before u respond

2018-01-19 21:48:36 UTC

Have u seen some of the vids where Spencer can barely get to answer a question and the cut him off ALL the damn time if I were to say hey I think pedos need help and black dude inturupts and infers that i mean by pornography that doesn't not mean tests what I ment

2018-01-19 21:48:43 UTC


2018-01-19 21:48:54 UTC

Yeah, it was taken out of context. He does need to stop putting his foot in his mouth.

2018-01-19 21:48:54 UTC


2018-01-19 21:49:28 UTC

He needs to talk over people and stop being nice to aggressive people and aggressive to nice people

2018-01-19 21:50:48 UTC

Same set of questions dfferant debate he was beating a black but nice man who meant well and he was unnessarly being a Dick I don't care and i know none of us do but it makes us look unsympathetic and cold

2018-01-19 21:51:14 UTC

But when I jigaboo is asking for it he kinda just takes it

2018-01-19 21:53:22 UTC

God I hate auto correct I meant debating a black man

2018-01-20 16:03:20 UTC


2018-01-20 16:13:11 UTC

Anything under 4:1 odds, bring it buddy

2018-01-20 16:13:39 UTC

These people think their living lives like video game characters

2018-01-20 16:14:02 UTC

They're NOT the heroes and we're NOT some boss programmed to lose

2018-01-20 16:14:14 UTC

It's actually the complete opposite

2018-01-20 16:59:03 UTC

thats hilarious

2018-01-20 19:33:34 UTC


2018-01-20 20:15:21 UTC

Daquans back at out

2018-01-20 20:21:43 UTC


2018-01-20 20:27:16 UTC

Im free later goy.

2018-01-20 20:28:13 UTC


2018-01-20 20:39:02 UTC

Yeah, probably after 8.

2018-01-20 20:39:20 UTC

Works for me

2018-01-20 22:28:57 UTC

@Jelly MI did you call into the Radical Agenda lol?

2018-01-20 22:29:11 UTC

Some dude called in saying he was Daquan.

2018-01-21 04:09:30 UTC

Dude, how many muhfugging Daquans do we got in the Altright? πŸ˜‚

2018-01-21 05:03:29 UTC


2018-01-21 20:23:44 UTC

So as of now, are we the only group planning on attending this event?

2018-01-21 20:24:00 UTC

Im sure there are more, but has anyone else confirmed this?

2018-01-21 20:48:19 UTC

Not sure, but we should take some initiative and contact bristow for tickets.

2018-01-21 20:48:50 UTC

I already did. No response yet.

2018-01-21 20:50:14 UTC

+1 248-838-9934

2018-01-21 20:50:33 UTC

His office opens tomorrow, closed on Sundays

2018-01-22 14:02:20 UTC

Has Npi been contacted yet?

2018-01-22 14:28:15 UTC


2018-01-22 14:35:01 UTC

@Thomas Ryan , have you spoken to them?

2018-01-22 14:35:12 UTC

@Deimos-MI what did they say?

2018-01-22 14:40:06 UTC

Nothing yet

2018-01-23 02:30:48 UTC

Oh yeah, forgot about this

2018-01-24 00:45:23 UTC

I have an update. U of M will not happen anytime soon. Approximate timeline is Summer, 2018.

2018-01-24 00:45:49 UTC


2018-01-24 00:51:08 UTC


2018-01-26 18:43:40 UTC

Well thanks
Keep is posted

2018-01-27 08:05:02 UTC

2018-01-27 08:05:47 UTC

Hey. Thanks for the invite.

2018-01-27 08:06:45 UTC

No problem man. Looking forward to seeing you Ohio goys at the Spencer event.

2018-01-27 08:08:59 UTC


2018-01-27 11:28:09 UTC

2018-01-27 11:36:33 UTC


2018-01-27 14:19:26 UTC

2018-01-27 14:19:47 UTC

Hey guys

2018-01-27 14:19:51 UTC

I invited Ablesmith from PF GA who's planning on attending.

2018-01-27 14:27:36 UTC

@Deimos-MI what did you mean by this "I have an update. U of M will not happen anytime soon. Approximate timeline is Summer, 2018."

2018-01-27 14:27:52 UTC

did something happen?

2018-01-27 14:31:41 UTC

Yep, the are rescheduling the event

2018-01-27 14:32:10 UTC

well that sucks, already got my work all swapped around

2018-01-27 20:11:35 UTC

Nah he's taking about Ann arbor

2018-01-27 20:11:50 UTC

Richard is confirmed for MSU March fifth

2018-01-27 20:12:12 UTC

oh MSU is dif than U of M?

2018-01-27 20:13:09 UTC


2018-01-27 20:13:19 UTC

We're are using this channel for both events

2018-01-27 20:13:40 UTC


2018-01-27 20:47:33 UTC


2018-01-28 10:02:02 UTC

Attendance roll. Who here is coming for sure?

2018-01-28 15:31:28 UTC

I will be there.

2018-01-28 16:21:06 UTC


2018-01-28 16:34:50 UTC

I am unsure at the moment.

2018-01-28 17:10:18 UTC

I will be there

2018-01-28 17:35:27 UTC

Sorry, what is date of event & all again?

2018-01-28 17:37:52 UTC


2018-01-28 17:43:26 UTC

I will be there about

2018-01-28 19:19:27 UTC

No guarantee for me but I'll definitely try to.

2018-01-28 19:27:28 UTC

I'll be there

2018-01-28 20:12:26 UTC

@Ryan OH yo call me 2484603008

2018-01-28 21:08:19 UTC

I will be there

2018-01-28 23:50:30 UTC

I'm going to try to make it up there. Need to work out the logistics

2018-01-29 04:05:50 UTC


2018-01-29 04:16:13 UTC

lol @Daquan!!

2018-01-29 04:18:01 UTC

Some updates:

2018-01-29 04:20:57 UTC

Date for U of M still incoming, but expected to be Summer.

2018-01-29 04:22:07 UTC

March 5, Spencer speech at MSU. But there will also be a two-day conference in Detroit, Mar. 4-5 for $40/person.

2018-01-29 04:22:32 UTC

Preliminary schedule is provided.

2018-01-29 04:23:28 UTC

Well shit.

2018-01-29 19:41:37 UTC

We need @everyone that can and will attend the event to do roll call and notify us by the end of the week. March 4th is optional, however the speech and majority of events will be March 5th. Again, only let us know if you're certain you can go.

2018-01-29 19:41:42 UTC

2018-01-29 19:42:13 UTC

I am certain.

2018-01-29 19:42:48 UTC

I have 4th and 5th off. Not too interested in the FMI conference.

2018-01-29 19:44:12 UTC

I won't be in Detroit but I will be there for 3/5.

2018-01-29 19:46:29 UTC

2018-01-29 19:46:46 UTC


2018-01-29 19:47:17 UTC

2018-01-29 19:47:21 UTC

2018-01-29 19:48:14 UTC

Operation Wolverine aka Operation Heil to the Victors

2018-01-29 19:49:20 UTC

Hello folks.

2018-01-29 19:49:49 UTC

Verify me dad

2018-01-29 19:51:11 UTC

Never forget, I activated Jell's trap card on 1/29/2018 at 2:47pm

2018-01-29 19:52:37 UTC

I already forgot

2018-01-29 19:57:04 UTC

but, but, but, what about my feelings

2018-01-29 19:57:26 UTC


2018-01-29 19:57:35 UTC

<---- antifa is that way for feelings shit

2018-01-29 19:57:44 UTC


2018-01-29 20:37:55 UTC

I'm in.

2018-01-29 21:09:13 UTC

I am πŸ’― for 3/5 speech. Not too sure about FMI.

2018-01-29 21:09:25 UTC

I should be able to let you know by tomorrow or Wednesday.

2018-01-29 21:16:16 UTC

I plan on doing both. Anyone else going to the conference?

2018-01-29 21:18:17 UTC

If i go id like to do the conference.

2018-01-29 21:18:40 UTC

I am pretty sure I am hitting up both.

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